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  2. today sees the most pointless international ever staged at hampden . i hope the fans give it the thumbs down and players run out in a empty stadium im sure the diehards will be there . but day alll wrong timing all wrong and the idiots in their ivory tower will continue to push pens and count paper clips till someone with a modicum off sense and not a freeloader . have lots off them ?.comes along to change things maybe before i kick the bucket . will i see a team that has a bit off pride in the jersey sadily thats lacking
  3. My Great Uncle and Aunt are both buried in Logie Turtle. John will be in good company. It’s a lovely spot.
  4. John was married to my cousin Theresa, his funeral is at Logie Kirk on Wednesday at 10.30am and then up to the King Robert on Glasgow Road afterwards.
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  6. Having once read Graeme Souness's book No half Measures, he certainly viewed some international fixture's as an inconvenience. In his view, nobody was interested in a midweek fixture against Northern Ireland. Especially him! Just the people who paid to see it really and he didn't give a flying fech about that. I doubt he was the only one with the attitude of no glamour, no fechs given back then, or since.
  7. Confidence will soar after tomorrow’s demolition of what the late ian archer described as “a hill in Italy” Lawrence of the Arabs to score at least two and be immediately hailed the saviour of the country we then use the swelling national pride as a springboard to pump Cyprus and the Kazakhs before wiping away whoever we are presented with in march! ’mon the scots easy! Easy! EASY! happy clapper my arse 🤪
  8. We have better players than northern Ireland and wales although wales have the diving bale and Ramsay. We seem to be riven by a collective lack of self belief. We've never been great and have always had the ability to lose to pishy teams. But we used to have the ability to get the occasional result against the big boys. And that kind of fuelled the fans' hope. Now we've lost that too. Our really good players at the moment are also not in the spine of the team eg robertson and tierney. If we could unearth a striker and a decent centre half we might be able to be a bit more competitive
  9. Must admit that this last few years has been the lowest in terms of club and national support for me. Both have turned into something as a punishment and it’s turning me into one of those negative nellies that I have despised for years, but the national team follows the same cycle as our beloved Stirling Albion. The usual pundits churn out the line “it’s the hope that kills you” and actually it’s true. When I was a child, we used to look enviously at England but accepted that they had a greater population than us so would of course have better players, but for the last few years I have looked at Wales and N.Ireland and thought, well if they could do it, then why can’t we? Take out the obvious exception of Bale and would you have any of the other players in each of there squad in ours?? I don’t think I’d be clambering for any of them in honesty, so why can’t we do it? As I say, I’m off to the game tomorrow night but I’m fed up and don’t see it changing any time soon. Why do we as supporters do this to ourselves?
  10. France 98? So 22 years come the start of euro 2020
  11. Whist I don’t think it’s an inconvenience to play for Scotland the fact remain some of our players simply aren’t good enough at the International level and get found out against the better teams Lets hope we play better in the playoffs and with a bit of luck we might just scape into the Euro finals. If we fail again then it does nothing for the game in Scotland to have us miss another international tournament. How long has it been since we last qualified for a major tournament over 20 years if my memory is right sad times indeed.
  12. hope we dont qualify by the back door . shambolic from start to finish . we live in the 21st century . but sfa stuck in the 1950s does steve clarke actually have a input on who plays or is the usual suspects off orange order and dodgy handshakes in charge . theirs no point in qualifying for a major tournament to get shown up i didnt watch it last night nor will i again . point is though i have grave doubts about these players we pick .i actually believe being picked foryour country now is a inconveince to these so called higly paid players . there not intrested if they get injured they dont get a penny from the beaks .game on sunday will probably attract the lowest crowd in history id rekon about 6 000 theyl need to fill a awful lot off seats with cardboard cut outs and use sound effects to mask out the apathy . lesser hampden anyone?
  13. Echo what others have said. Everyone gets a second chance and delighted it's worked out for the guy. And kudos to you too @Buster...
  14. I may have imagined this but I was sure he almost signed for us on loan around the time one of our managers were sacked! Great post Buster. I know there are people who find the idea of a convicted criminal playing for their team difficult & id probably have asked questions had we been Livi, but this is young man who has been lucky to have a second chance but has grabbed it with both hands.
  15. Thought provoking story Buster. well worth the read.
  16. About 6 years ago, I met Declan Gallagher in Prison. He wasn’t a Warder or a worker, in fact he was a prisoner on remand and awaiting sentencing. He was involved in a violent altercation with friends at a house party, I can’t remember the ins and outs of the incident, but ultimately his contract at Livingston FC had been terminated and he found himself behind bars, which despite what the media tell us, is somewhere you really don’t want to be. I worked in the gym in this prison and one Saturday, after finishing a workout, Declan was sitting on the cross-trainer watching the scores come in via Sky Sports News. He was devastated and spoke of how his life was in ruins and that he had let so many people down and he didn’t know how what he was going to do. I’d heard sob stories a million times over the years, but I could see (and hear) that what this lad was saying was true, and from the heart. I remember saying to him that his life was now at a crossroads, he could go on to be another young footballer who flew with the crows and was shot with the crows and he could continually do that, or he could do the best that he possibly could, to stay out of all the nonsense that goes on within prison and do his best to get his life back on track when he got out, but ultimately, learn by his experience and never take the position that he was is in, prior to the incident, for granted. He already knew that, I didn’t tell him anything he hadn’t heard a million times before, or that he hadn’t already told himself a million times. Over his time on Remand, Declan did everything he possibly could, to show that he was sorry for what had happened and actually, for the time I knew him, came across as a really good young lad with his head screwed on. He went to court after about a month of being in Remand, maybe slightly longer, and from memory the judge gave him a suspended sentence of a few years. Upon returning to society he was re-signed by Livingston FC, who were hugely criticised on social media and in the national media at the time and 3 years later he has been called up to the Scotland squad and has arguably been the best Defender in Scotland so far this season. So what can we take from this story?? I would say that ultimately, from the individual point of view, never think your life is over. No matter how dark it is or how bad it gets. We all make mistakes, some are huge and seem like the end of the world, others are not so, however if you have the right attitude and show remorse and prove to people you are a good person, then things can work out. You may not get back what you lost, but you can still have a happy ending and doors will open for you. Furthermore, be remorseful. I know from what Declan had said over his weeks in prison that he was, and I know from media reports that he did everything he could to apologise and make it up to the victim, who will probably never forget what happened, but also, never give up showing people and proving to people that you have learned from your mistake. From a society perspective, give people a second chance, if they are working hard to show they are sorry then they deserve that. You know when someone is a good person. If the people at Livingston FC had never allowed him a second chance, or any other club in Scotland, how would his life have ended up? It could have been a downward spiral for the lad that could have ended horribly. Good luck to Declan, it’s great see that he was sincere in what he was saying during this time and it’s great to see that he has managed to put that behind him and hopefully his career doesn’t end here and he he goes on to get more caps for the nation and maybe even go onto bigger things at club level.
  17. Doubtful we’ll need a hosing TWS but we’re hosting both Semi Finals on Sunday 😉 Rangers v Glasgow City 12:00 p.m. Hibs v Motherwell 3:30 p.m.
  18. Also see on sunday that it is hosing Hibs v Motherwell ladies
  19. a gentleman whol be forever remembered as someone who loved the club . regardless off times fans might have disagreed with him. particulary during our horrible season off 1981 when his brother alex managed us only managing 19 goals in the whole season . but he was there for the club when needed and put in a power off work behind the scences for scottish football to try and make things better for the game in general . hel be missed by family and friends and all the fans off the club thoughts with john and family and alex at this sad time R I P 😔
  20. fodden had a shocker . we played like big time charlies after darren smith scored in 3 mins thought we where on easy street . by the 68th min we where 5-1 down two late goals only papered over the cracks to be honest we could have got it back to 5-5 by the finish but would have been a travisty
  21. Agree but from my memory did we not start with a weakened side for this game. That did not help. Plus the fact that Mark Foden started in goals for us and did not exactly cover himself in glory that day. Seem to recall he was at fault for 2 goals in that game.
  22. Agree. Unbeaten run yes, which is why KR survives. A pattern though of digging yourself a hole in the first half and battling to get out of it in the second. No evidence to support an end to that, just hope. Chucking points away in games we need to win. There can be no complacency that this pattern will end, because the opposition is from a lower league. Our shit still needs sorted out.
  23. Watched the highlights on SATV excellent as usual but oh dear the marking for the Brechin goal was poor. The Brechin No 9 had 3 Albion players round him and still gets a free header in to score. Noticed a few times when balls were crossed into the box Brechin players seemed to have plenty of space with no one challenging them for free headers. We need to tighten up at the back and not make it easy for opposition players to get free headers in. Against a better team we would be punished.
  24. Spot on. Anybody who is taking this game as a given either wasn’t at the LTHV game or has forgotten a harsh lesson we were taught that day. Reality is that we can’t afford to take any opponents lightly. That might reflect a sad state of affairs - but right now, it is where we’re at. Of course we can/should win - but has to start with the right attitude
  25. Earlier
  26. one thing to be ;positive . in 2004 in october we where 13 points adrift at the foot off division 2 with 3 points from 11 games . and allan moore facing the chop . and looked no way back given a tuesday night trip to morton at time up a 2-1 win totally unexpected . proppeled us on a 11 game run which saw us pick up 10 win and a draw for 30 points we finished 5th . best result off the run but didnt rub their noses in it as we should have was beating Alloa at the wrek . 4-2 but considering after 52 mins we led 4-0 amid cheers off binos fans singing we want 7 sadily taking our foot off their throats didnt materilise . anyway proof we can turn things around . mind you that team takes some beating . king paddy . stuart devine chris aitken steven bell paul hay paul nugent happy days
  27. Match winning save. Looks even better than the brilliant stop it looked at the time. In fact based on that no idea how he kept that out. Local lad as well. Previously with Falkirk & Stenny
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