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  2. Can understand that Robert, would tend to agree with you.
  3. Or it could be Landry Zahana-Oni.
  4. Well personally I would give him until the game at Paisley against St. Mirren Colts. If we can't get anything from tomorrows game, against Albion Rovers next, then against The Buddies youngsters, then I would say that we had a problem.
  5. Given the Albion fan who is tipping us off about this is a journalist specialising in French football I think Bikey is definitely the person being hinted at! Worth a pop without a doubt.
  6. This post sums up the current state of this forum. I wonder what you would prefer more, a Stirling win or a defeat so you can come on here to count your apologies? That was a rhetorical question, so there is no need for you to respond. Also, when you think the team are going to finish bottom of the league, why are you pissing and moaning when the team are exceeding your own expectations? Feel free to answer that one.
  7. Should get some mouth wash for that.
  8. To my knowledge both KR and Martin have heavily booed geese. Whatever problems they have, it aint because they're too soft to vent Pete. I'm not predicting they'll turn it round, I'm not predicting they won''t . I don't see it coming down to how loud they can bawl people out though. If it was that simple it would be fixed by now mate.
  9. Yesterday
  10. dylan bikey anyone . most exciting player i saw in a binos top in years if only lol anyway nice to hear the club board are doing all they can to get us clear off the mire were in waiting with bate breath
  11. Perhaps... But it's not too soon to call it a 'must score' game. If we don't score, it'll be 450 minutes in the League without one. The highlights have seemed to show a few more positives since the opening game of the season. Loads of folk, myself included, have talked about the team needing to 'gel'. Let's hope this is the weekend it finally happens.
  12. sad to hear the news about another albion great jimmy fleming who was in the albion side that won the title in 1952 53 season . was part of the binos side that beat rangers 2-0 at annfield in 54 when willie woodburn got the first off his two red cards that season against stirling second one saw him banned sine died lifted 4 years later
  13. We'll see, and it depends on whose idea of "an exciting striker" is.
  14. No, and neither I should. I fully expect us to lose on Saturday but I still feel that KR can turn this around, provided he is given that time. To be honest, if you have lost faith in him then fair enough, but on the flip side, 1 win shouldn’t have you changing your mind that he is the man either.
  15. our problems been hire a nice guy whos popular where does that get you . i know theirs fans out there who hate me for harping back to moore . moore was at times not popular as manager. . but by god he could handle a dressing room kr would be spat out by crambie and nugget could never handle those guys . we need a manager back whos not afraid to go in a dressing room and boot arses sorry kr for me doesnt look like he could say boo to a goose and get a response . my take a heavy loss on sat . and its bye bye for me . im coming down to watch threw closed eyes would settle for getting horsed for 90 mins go up the park and score and ref blows for time up . i no doubts they will score on sat will it be enough though dont care just get a win any win
  16. I don't feel a set number of games like that works. It depends on whether the standard picks up as you go or not. It depends if results start to come or not. For the sake of argument, imagine being on 0 points after 6 games and seeing no sign of improvement. Would you think the board were being reasonable to insist on 3 more matches, or out of their minds? I hope It doesn't have to come to another sacking. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but I don't see our board going for 9 games regardless of results or performance. They don't have a death wish.
  17. I've already said faith is the most devalued currency at Forthbank. I'm not making demands the manager go after three league games, when I know he won't be sacked at this point. I won't apologize for doubting him if he wins on Saturday, I've got reason to. I don't expect anybody who hasn't had doubts to apologize if he can't sort it out either. People have views which turn out to be right or wrong. They don't need to volunteer for sackcloth and ashes when they're wrong.
  18. After 3 games in, clearly results have not gone the way we wanted, so does that mean we sack the manager and go thru all the process again in finding someone else. ? Lets give the team time to gel and after 9 games if the team is still at the bottom and it looks like we are going to remain their, then is the time to act not now after just 3 games. We cant just keep binning managers and hoping that the next one thru the doors at Forthbank is going to be the one to lead us to Paradise. Our Board`s record on managerial appointments has not been to great in the past and who is to say they wont muck it up again. Lets give him time to turn things around even if we do lose on Saturday.
  19. Yes seen the speculation on Facebook, could we be that lucky or will our hopes be dashed, that is the question to be answered.
  20. The team drew with Hibs and beat EastFife. Two good results. Yes there have been bad losses. Football is like that. You are entitled to your opinion that KR should go. I would rather travel in hope. If the team win we can both be happy. No need to apologise.
  21. I amazed that so many still have faith that KR will turn things round. If we win tomorrow, I’ll apologise for doubting him. Will those you support him apologise for backing him for yet another week if we lose?
  22. Suggestion on facebook that an 'exciting attacking signing could be coming.
  23. I would love this to happen too, DB, but I can't see after the matches I've seen so far. When they go a goal down they play worse and haven't got a Scoobie what to do to get on equal terms. The manager is getting pissed off with it and says so after matches e.g "There was nothing in that display for us" or "we played well for 15 minutes or so but couldn't get a goal back", or some remark like these. Either the players are not doing what the manager wants and doing their own thing, or they're very poor players and aren't up for it. Displays like what we've been watching can't go on week after week until we've no chance of getting a top 4 place. KR seems to be a nice enough guy, but?
  24. Where did you find this? Or is this more more factually incorrect, totally made nonsense that you have posted, just for the hell of it?
  25. Pete I’m sure that the guy is as disappointed as us the way results have gone. I’m equally sure he feels the pressure to give us a result on Saturday. Frustration I can understand but posts like this are not the best motivational tools to help him or the team. I don’t know what the result is going to be but, I hope it’s going to be a positive one. Let’s hold our horses before we consign KR to the bin.
  26. i understand that mate . im going home losses mcdonald and mclarin were both punted after 4-0 defeats to the mentioned sides mclarin was toast by 3 25 3-0 down to elgin mcdonalds swan song was that stenny debacle when willie robertson nutted gary olliver right i front off the ref to get sent off . if its 3-0 or more sat. caretaker next week . kr is favourite right now to be nextt managerial casulty off this season in the sack race after barry smith
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