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  2. Agree with that. He fell and broke his fall by extending his arm. In those circumstances I don’t see how he could have avoided the ball.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Annan won 5-2 in the end both teams had a man sent off. Annan now up to 4th spot on 18 points, need to beat them on Saturday to keep in touch with 4th spot.
  5. well we wont be bottom . after sat whatever happens . brechins goose looks cooked . now conceded 9 goals and counting 4-2 down and a man down at galabank .goal difference - minus 11
  6. Last week
  7. According to my ifab app it is not a penalty if the ball touches a players hand/arm and - A player falls and the arm/hand is between the body and the ground to support the body but not extended laterally or vertically away from the body That penalty award is very harsh
  8. you have to remember that a few readers are long standing Binos and whatever happens the probability is we have seen it before. This allows us to put disappointments behind us pretty quickly. Others are of more recent ilk and need to work through adversity. In time they will come to realise that shit happens, frequently!!!! Just enjoy the good times when they come.
  9. It’s great to see that results are no longer dictating the narrative. Seems like some progress has been made off the pitch as well.
  10. my opiion too cove have been averaging 3 goal per game . yesterday they where pushed the full game to win . we have a solid defence and just need the forward options to improve with injuries clearing up . cetainly didnt look a team sitting second bottom . which makes me think /once we have a full squad to pick from we can kick on . we wont play a team as good as cove again for a few weeks annan h elgin a brechin h and queens park a before christmas gives us ample oppurtunities . up to christmas to build on recent good performances
  11. I try to think of them as "enthusistic."
  12. Enjoyed my trip up north yesterday. Felt it was an excellent defensive performance but we still managed to create a couple of very decent chances. Wasn't great to concede such a late goal but Cove had the bulk of possession and have two players in Fyvie and Glass who are easily Championship players. Kev could easily have been sent off for two bookable offences but thought he was excellent. We really need Bikey and Peters fit. Those two along with Duffy and Heaver will score and create enough chances to get us up the table. Was interesting speaking to a couple of Cove fans. They said we were the best side who have visited their ground and were glad someone was giving them a proper game.
  13. I don’t think Kevin does anything else than ROBUST challenges. 😀
  14. Totally agree with all that. Another point - re Kevin - is that we’re in a much better position when we have a mature, experienced ref who doesn’t overreact & uses man management skills to control the game - not just Y & R cards. The ref yesterday had the maturity to handle Kev, & also handle Hartley’s rants & overreactions. An inexperienced rookie ref lacking in confidence could’ve/would’ve allowed Hartley’s reaction to Kevin’s (admittedly ‘robust’) touchline tackle to have resulted in him giving Kev a R card & probably 7 days in the jail Lets hope for an experienced ref for the Scottish cup tie
  15. Yes he had a good game yesterday bit fortunate not to pick up a red card, given some of the refs we have had, also his mistake late on almost cost us a goal. Agree he needs to calm down at times and not make some rash challenges but would rather have him in the team than not playing.
  16. / penalty softtish highlights on you tube just now . feel though if darryl duffy was in more confident last seasons form he buries that chance . im not in any way taking away from performance we where solid orgaiinised and worked our socks off and endross everything kevin said so many positives to take . one player i havnt mentioned james crainey first game back afer injury was exellcent . first time ive seen him this season . he beavered away to close spaces down giving protrction to megeachie and nichol who where outstanding . what im saying about my feelings ive seen us getting skelped many times and get that awful feelng off being kicked whee it hurts . yesterday didnt deserve it . wel play worse this season and win . onwards and upwards
  17. Big Kevin played well. Fought hard, broke down a lot of their play. Could’ve/should’ve been booked 3 times. One lunge missed the Cove player completely- just as well. Hartley was having a fit of apoplexy at that point - which was rather amusing I think Kev is exactly what we need in the middle, but he needs to reign it in a wee bit at times. Odds on him getting a R in the cup tie???
  18. Was just about to say the same! Are you accusing me of mendacity, caller?
  19. Thanks. Would rather we had fought for the middle more, but I guess you really had to be there to judge this one.
  20. Most of the time - the latter. Way I saw it - they played with 1 ‘proper’ striker - Megginson - but with 5 across the middle all who were very dangerous & able to burst forward. In a way, it was actually good to watch! I thought we gave up a lot of territory & possession & let them come on to us. You’d have to be in the dressing room to know if that was the plan, or did they just force that on us. Meant more than a few nervous moments & had a feeling of inevitability- but TBF, we were solid, very organised & worked our arses off. Despite possession & territory, Cove struggled big style to break us down. We got the clear break we wanted, but Duffy didn’t bury it.
  21. Ok Pete it's disappointing, but what you take out of that is that we could compete, even if we lucked out. Rather that than a thrashing however disappointed.
  22. the crushing dissapointment is what im trying to convay . we lost 9-0 at ross county and feeling today was just as bad for different reasons . penalty aside cove hit a massive brick wall; and never looked lke scoring despite having nearly all the ball we defended manfully and never looked like being breeched penalty was only way they where ever going to score
  23. Wasn't there mate so have to ask. Did we battle for the middle of the park or fall back and give it to them?
  24. I wouldn't and they didn't. All I asked for was that they give themselves a chance at winning. They seem to have done that, but wasn't their day. Why on earth would you prefer a 5-0 defeat to that Pete, that makes no sense at all?
  25. None of those stats jump out as being unreasonable. Cove totally dominated possession & territory. We were organised, focused & put a great shift in. But didn’t see much of the ball - certainly not for any decent period of time - & same with areas of the pitch where the game was played.
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