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    You are confusing the Trust Board and and the Club Board again. Your comments are so misinformed that they devalue any point you may have had to start with. The Club Board put in an amazing amount of work behind the scenes and calling for them to go will leave a vacuum that very few would be prepared to fill considering the amount of hours that need to go in. The club board have backed our managers with good budgets for League 2 but the manager spending it wisely is the key. The Club Board do not sign players, set wages etc. The manager does all that stuff and if he does it unwisely then he is “mutually agreed” as they call it these days. I personally have a great big Fear developing as the lack of an effective attacking threat is a great worry but the manager cannot be sacked after two league games. Who the hell would take the job to replace him that would actually be better than Kevin?
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    if a manager recognises a shortcoming and reacts by signing another player i’m not going to criticise him. I would rather that than have him doing nothing.
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    Pete’s ramblings actually put me off coming onto here or actually discussing anything when I am on. I posted last night and logged off thinking I wouldn’t return, however waking up this morning to an email saying someone had PM’d me, brought me back in. The good thing (from my point) about being an admin on Rave On was that some of the posts and nonsense you read, you could make disappear before others read them, so threads weren’t always turned into verbal diarrhoea. I have nothing against Pete as a person, I don’t know him (despite not sitting too far from him when he does come to games), and I’ve been using the last 3 forums enough to know that he obviously has his own problems, and I genuinely sympathise with that and if I could help in any way then I would, but this doesn’t excuse the incessant ramblings that we have to endure on a continual basis. So many people have advised him in the past, I was actually at a game 3-4 years ago when Gorilla physically spoke to him about it and offered help, I myself have posted to stop listening to “his sources” and have tried to reason with him, make him think about the things he posts, however it continues and you know what, and maybe it’s become life is not smelling of roses for me at the minute, but i’m just not reading it anymore. Football for me is a release, whether it’s through watching, coaching or playing, it’s a release from every day life. I fucking love football!!!! LIKE EVERYONE, and I probably include the board, coaching & playing staff in this, i’m disappointed and want better for Stirling Albion, and these forums were always a good way to have good debate about the goings on, games, signings, managers etc etc. However, to the end of Rave On and now no here, the debate, in my opinion, is now saturated to the point that I think, what’s the point of coming on? Yes, many posts are made which are critical of the club/team, but there is a way to be critical. I think i’m an extremely level headed guy, and i’m fairly laid back, but even i’ve had my moments on here where I have been critical of managers and players, but at the end of the day that’s because these platforms should be used for fans to discuss concerns, but in a constructive way, not rant on half facts, made up facts, interpretation on tweets thrown in with personal vendettas with people you just don’t like. Rant over, but i’m honestly fed up with it. I agree with a lot of what @Ray Vaughn said in his post, and I totally agree with this, but what is actually sadder is, sections of the support called for his head on the opening day of the season. Madness!! I hope KR can get this right, just as I hoped every manager before him could, but he has to be given time to get things right, calling for his head a couple of games in just doesn’t sit well to me. Yip, a Stuart McLaren v East Fife or a Dave Mackay v Albion Rovers type performance and result on Saturday might see no way back for him, but until that point you have to give the guy a chance. I questioned some of the resigning’s and new signings, and predicted us to have a 6th or 7th places finish this year due to the recruitment, but actually, as Ray states above, we’re probably not a million miles away from getting some points on the board, but I do feel, at this moment in time, we are some distance away from being in a position to challenge for promotion but I have been wrong before and will be again i’m sure. We can see where the problems lie (no goals, no width, poor supply to strikers) but I think Duffy could address some of this, and who knows, continual work with the players on the training ground to get more opportunities for our creative players to get on the ball, opportunity for a loan signing (???) and maybe our short comings can be addressed, whatever the answer might be, KR deserves the time to get us out of the situation imho. How long that time should be, for me depends on what answers he is giving behind the scenes, not on SATV camera, but I do believe it’s only right to give him a wee bit longer.
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    I f....d my back up doing gardening again, so I wasn't there and can't comment on what I didn't see. I can comment on the relayed fact that Dylan was played up front as a lone striker. Since his biggest strength is holding the ball and laying it off, what kind of tactical buffoonery is it, to provide him with no partner to lay the f.....g ball off to? I would follow that with a comment made by KR last season, that playing with one striker up front at home in league 2 is a joke. Yes, it is a joke, so why did he do it and create his own personal scenario of a team beat before it got on the park? No wise words mate, Just the constructive suggestion that if KR kicks any arses over that result, that he might start with his own.
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    Nullifying the first half threat. Subs on with ten minutes to go. For 14 years
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    That was probably my son and me @DavidA, we went to the gala this morning, watched my daughter dance and then headed straight to Forthbank. I ended last season totally and utterly despondent, and i’ve kicked off this campaign exactly the same. I just want to put on record once again, that’s KR is the first manager since Allan Moore that I have bought into and I appreciate every single thing that the people behind the scenes do for Stirling Albion and that’s what makes days like today even harder to bare. Yeah you can argue that there wasn’t much in the match for long periods of time, however before the goal, Queens had a couple of half chances while we just did what we did, but to go another 90 minutes without creating as much as a half chance is just not on. Louden, McLean, Thomson & Jardine all put crosses into the box today and not 1 of them did anything, they were all over hit or put into area where someone should have been, rather than where someone actually was. Then the Second Half arrived and we did seem on top, Thomson had a shout for a penalty, must say it looked soft where I was sitting but i’ve seen them given and then sloppiness cost us a goal. I’m not going to have a pop at Nicol for giving away the ball, these things happen, but for Gait to run from the half way line to the edge of the box unopposed, that's child like. Simple Defending is that some one has to press the ball, whistle someone covers. After that, the game descended into a farce, granted, but it wasn’t the ref who lost us that today, we did! I class myself as a fair guy, one who gives chances, a fair crack of the whip and I don’t tend to jump to conclusion but looking at a few of those new players today, even i’m struggling to see it. I don’t want to see it and also don’t want to dig people out on day one of the season but maybe i’m struggling because we’ve seen this script written time and time before. Some of you will be reading this thinking 1 of 3 things, either “chill mate, it’s the first game of the season”, “here’s another doom and gloom merchant” or “this guy’s a fud” but those of you who know me know i’m not doom and gloom or a fud, i’m actually very positive and I would love nothing more than someone showing me this post at Cove on the last game of the season saying how wrong I was about the current team. I spend all week, selling this club and how great it is to kids and at times parents, in the hope that they get the bug for it as well, but when you are playing 90 minutes off football and never looking like creating a chance, how can parents and therefore kids get the bug?? I’m going to end my post now, i’m sober and i’ll probably regret posting publically a lot of what I am feeling, but as I say, i’m totally scunnered, despondent and want to get excited again but fear this will be another campaign of having to make out how great we have been, to my son and to others, but not believe it myself. I want KR to succeed, I want players like Ross McGeachie, players where this club means a lot to them to succeed and I want the back room team and everyone involved with the club to succeed and a lot less Saturday’s like this! If you were in the “chill mate, it’s the first game of the season” camp, as stated above, then I honesty hope you are right. Sorry for the rant and negativity folks, I hope you all know it’s not like me.
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    I don't often post BUT like a few of you (despite the dreadful referee performance - I believe it was his first senior match - that said he did not get a lot of help from his stand linesman) I agree our chances very very limited. We lost our discipline - even my sponsored player Captain Ross did. His dad George is one of the fairest individuals I have ever met and he could see things develop before they happened. Kyle sometimes gets a tough time - he did well today. Disappointment all round but let's mot panic. Frustration was obvious by EVERYONE associated with the club and hard to see the positives today however let's keep getting behind the team.
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    Sorry to hear you're being made redundant Buster, hope you find something else soon.
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    Just a short message from me in support of Beautiful Sunday having been made aware that some former Rave On! members may be reluctant to sign up because of concerns re the motives of the Site Owner in filling the void left by unfortunate and unavoidable closure of Gorilla’s Forum. I can confirm that Beautiful Sunday’s owner is a good guy and his motives are entirely honourable! Please spread the word and fill yer boots! Stuart
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    My halcyon days are the Brogan years dovetailing into the Drinkell era. Perhaps it would be better described as the Mark McGeown decade. A solid ten years of excitement and memories I shared alongside my late Grandpa. Maybe the game has changed so much we'll never see a return to these glorious times at Forthbank. I really hope we do. Living in Cheshire these days, I live for the SATV highlights. Seeing the Binos in the flesh is a rarity these days for me; so when I do I want to see the players chasing every ball and trying to carve out a win. It's why I was so gutted at the performance I saw against Queen's Park - there just seemed to be a lack of hunger together with what I perceived as a lack on urgency in the dugout. Mon the Binos! Let's hope this season turns around.
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    It's a bit fucking rich for you to say that when you're the biggest fanboy of each new manager only to turn on them after a bad run of games.
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    Looks like, that when we go a goal behind, we're not capable of fighting for an equaliser, never mind a winner. I'm beginning to think that this bunch of players that KR signed early in the transfer window. were punted by their former teams as they were no bloody use to them, hence their availability so early. If we can't have a "team" of players representing Stirling Albion, who are not trying or not good enough, then they don't deserve us, as loyal supporters for many years, following them around the country, spending lots of money to see them fail week in, week out. I know it's early in the league season but I haven't seen anything that makes me think they are capable of turning the poor form, around. KR. has to get them playing for the sake of the club and the supporters. Players coaches and managers can easily bugger off, at the end of the season, and find somewhere else to extend their careers, but if we finish up bottom of the league, with possible demotion to the Lowland League, its the loyal fans that will suffer, while they can get Stirling Albion out of their system somewhere else. Earlier this season the forum had a poll for our finishing position, in the league, and I put 8th. Boy, if we do finish 8th, I'd be very relieved. I know that in recent seasons we've been concerned about finishing bottom, and around this time last season KR. came to our rescue and dug us out of a similar position, well Kevin now is the time to prove "your magic" last season wasn't a fluke, and you can do it again.
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    Sore one to take today. First half was full of incident with Edinburgh hitting the woodwork 3 times and spurning a few chances. Henderson was especially profligate. But we hung in there and grew into the game, hitting the bar and having a thumping header ruled out for offside. It didn't look offside to me. The conditions were terrible with a strong wind and a bouncy pitch making the ball difficult to control. Lost count of the number of times a simple pass skidded away out of play. But it was the same fir both teams and in the second half when the wind got stronger and changed direction Edinburgh adapted better. Our cause was not helped by McLean going off injured at half time. Looked like he overstretched trying to get to a ball that bounced away off what passes for a pitch at ainslie park. KR sent on Wilson and moved nicholl to makeshift centre half replacing mclean who had looked ok in that role up to his injury. The loss of nicholl from midfield meant that Edinburgh gained control with Harris (number 33) looking especially dangerous. He got behind the full backs umpteen times. After we lost control in the middle we resorted to lumping it up the park. The wind and the hard pitch did the rest. We could easily have nicked a point but a bit of bad luck especially with the enforced change meant another 1-0 defeat. Positives - we played some nice stuff in the first half when Nicholls presence allowed Danny jardine to run riot. Sadly it was to be short lived Negatives - we never looked like scoring once the goal went in and I don't know why we insisted on the long ball in the latter stages in those conditions. Narrow defeats can be turned around so let's hope the strikers can come into a bit of form soon.
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    Danny Ashe scored for Kelty Hearts as they knocked Annan out of the Tea Cake Trophy on penalties after a 1-1 draw
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    Pete, I think everyone connected with the Club is disappointed with the season so far. No exceptions mate.
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    The last 18 games have yielded - one win, 5 draws, and 12 defeats. Convert that into points (8), extrapolate for a whole season of 36 games and we have 16 points. Less than what Berwick Rangers had at the end of the season (19). The win? That was 1-0 at home to the hapless Rangers. This really does put things in perspective IMHO.
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    At least KR went with two strikers this time. Two if you're not of the school of thought, that if you stuck a pair of legs on a mince round it would no less effective than Lewis Hawke. We may not be getting pumped, but if you can't score goals the hard fact is that you're anybody's. At this point in time, anybody's is what we are. KR needs to get this sorted out damned quick, before we end up adrift at the bottom. If he doesn't, all the platitudes in the world aren't going to prevent panic and if the fans panic he's toast. Pete's in a panic meltdown already. I'm not going to slag him or anybody else crapping themselves, because for all I know they could turn out to be right to. I'm very concerned right now and I don't want to hear about having faith. Faith is the most devalued currency at Forthbank. Get it sorted!
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    My memory rarely serves well. I remember our hero getting us promoted with a steady stream of 1-0 wins. I think we then finished 4th in division 2 of three with another load of 1-0 wins. Unfortunately by the next season we had fully adopted the Smithy 9-1 formation and it became an unending tale of 1 and 2-0 losses. Of course you missed that part during your extended holiday at the Betty Ford Clinic.
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    If memory serves, it was the same guy who was Manager during the halcyon day’s of 76/77 👌
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    It’ll have been Serious Foul Play, not Violent Conduct. Carries an automatic 2-game suspension Not 100% sure, but I think it applies to ANY competition- in which case, 2nd game will be v EF in Ch Cup so Ross would be back for the Lg game v Cove
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    He's thinking about it. Gie him peace tae write it doon.
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    To be fair as a neutral I agree with KR. My first trip to Forthbank and it won't be the last. Even the wife enjoyed it. Oh don't get me started on the officials, it seems the west coast bias extends to league two. I enjoyed my second half conversation with one of your directors who seemed to agree.
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    Pete, go on the break (from this forum) that you promised yourself. The fortunes of Stirling Albion can be serious to your health. The club is in it's present position because that's where their displays, good, bad or otherwise, over the last decade, have put them in. ALL Binos fans are unhappy and to be honest, take each match as the come. I go to matches now and expect nothing. If it's good, fine and if it's bad, so what. Get some rest and keep well.
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    There's always the fear of having a one off nightmare season and dropping out of the league which would be cataclysmic for Stirling Albion, I don't think that is likely this season although, with the best will in the world I can't see this squad winning the league, a play off place at best I suspect but, say this at the beginning of every season, it's high time this club found a way out of this league...in an upwards fashion of course. The (relative) stability and financial restructuring of the club in the last decade has been welcome, despite occasional instances of bitching and self interest fuelled vendetta, but it is now time to start developing and moving forward on the park, at the very least this club should be a third tier of Scottish football level side with ambitions and capabilities of occasionally challenging to be a Championship club, to be plodding along in the bottom league for the best part five years now is simply not good enough.
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    Fans are on a fan-run forum having a constructive discussion about concerns with the team. We aren’t the ones actually playing the games. We all support the club and we all put money in. Whether I personally forecast us to finish 1st or 10th on here will have literally zero bearing on where the team finishes this season. On here — and I’m grateful to whoever set this forum up — we are allowed to have a sensible discussion about everything to do with SAFC, good or bad, preferably without our “attitude” being questioned.
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    Ach well, we may as well not bother turning up with all these clairvoyants about 🤷‍♂️ Jeez - I’m thinking you reap what you sow. The fickleness of fans is unbelievable at times. When do you actually start to believe in what you want to fight for? Or if it’s too hard, maybe we shouldn’t try? It’s not that we can’t improve or be overly optimistic, but it’s harder to motivate a team of people when you’re beaten before you begin. As well as handing an advantage to your rivals - if your own fans think that, what do your opposing fans think. We question the attitudes of players when they don’t perform. Perhaps holding the mirror up to our own attitudes is harder still? I’m accused of being a dreamer and an optimist so perhaps I should be more realistic about things? Perhaps begin to accept we’re beaten before we start? But then again, I don’t feel that’s an acceptable public attitude for the representative of a club. As a trust member, and a club board member, I suspect that attitude wouldn’t cut it to those it’s actually a privilege to serve.
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    I’ve kept hoping that an experienced striker would be added to the underwhelming replacements for the upfront losses, but it ain’t happening. By comparison, Mackay’s recruitment into last season has been derided on the forums but adding Mark Stewart to Peaso and DLS looked promising, and if all of these had been fit to play, the outcome should have been better. Even the League One season, where the commonplace is that Greig Macdonald’s mistake was to keep his promoted team, he brought in Doris, Moult and G Smith. These show how things can fail to work out, but at least the intent was clear. Like others, I don’t see where more than occasional league goals will come from and can’t see past bottom half for this season. I just hope the Berwick situation is avoided.
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    After 3 games in, clearly results have not gone the way we wanted, so does that mean we sack the manager and go thru all the process again in finding someone else. ? Lets give the team time to gel and after 9 games if the team is still at the bottom and it looks like we are going to remain their, then is the time to act not now after just 3 games. We cant just keep binning managers and hoping that the next one thru the doors at Forthbank is going to be the one to lead us to Paradise. Our Board`s record on managerial appointments has not been to great in the past and who is to say they wont muck it up again. Lets give him time to turn things around even if we do lose on Saturday.
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    Also agree, but there needs to be a return in points for that time and sooner rather than later.
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    Post match interview is like Groundhog Day. Please stop saying ‘not much in it’ when there was! Only variation is now squad ‘is down to bare bones’. The squad is huge! If you can’t keep players fit then you need to look at training techniques, the physio, and the Forthbank Astro. Also when Pete compares us to Alloa and Arbroath, the size of the crowd doesn’t dictate the success of a club. If it were true then the old firm would be big teams on the world stage. The success of the club requires a good internal structure from board down. We simply don’t have the business model to go beyond this league.
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    Officially the weekend has started, it’s not really the weekend until I read Pete posting this. Lets party everyone 🙌🏻
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    going by the posts tonight so far . brutal take on the game this is kevins team , so im afraid p45 is for me the only option , majority of opinion is we cant leave making a change much longer. its never to early to make changes when its prudent to do so . our season three games in is allready at the point off being written off . 7 points off the top no goals 2 shots on target in 3 games for me enough is enough
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    taxi for kr and il personally pay for it myself . if anyone comes on this forum tonight to defend whats going on at the club . right now your all living in denial . this is a complete and utter shambolic car crash off a football club. who dont deserve to have the fans support it like they do if the manager had any dignity . hed walk before he was shoved , hes out off his depth like the captain off the titanic . hes making dave mackay look good. no forget that greig mcdonald. can we not just once get a manager who is actually competant to do a job properly id be advertising the position tomorrow and have someone in place before cove make hay next week
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    Yeah you're right to say that it was great to watch. Could have been about 6 - 2 to us, but I'll settle for 2 - 0. Duffy's goal was similar to Jordan White's goal for us, in the same net, 5 years ago. Great result, on a fine night, for what sounds like a good crowd of Binos fans. Let's hope that this form continues.
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    St Mirren twitter says it's at St Mirren Park
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    Happy to see KR "Hobnob" with success.
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    Great result! Looking forward to the highlights.
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    You never know we might just surprise ourselves on Tuesday night and come away with a win ( That’s when you score more goals than the opposition ) Wont be going, Saturday was bad enough without travelling back into Fife and to Methil of all places. Wish the team well and if they keep the score down it will be something.
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    just spoken by email with a very disgruntled fan . who believes that the trust board at the club . are wholly to blame for the current situation at the club at the moment . so whats new . i find it utterly baffling that board members would hold back potential investors . for the sake off giving up their penguin suites seems the usual suspects are at the forefront maybe need a petition going to get some off the deadwood out the door while we still have a club to support
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    Come on, let’s get this party started! Who’s with me? The road to being 2019/20 champions starts this weekend! Disclaimer: This may or may not happen and I can not be held accountable in any way, shape or form if this is achieved or not achieved.
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    It's going to take more than that to make me and a few others happy Bob. I could live with a draw yes. What I won't be happy to live with, is another 90 minutes with hardly a shot to show for it. I've had more than enough of that, season after season, as have others. It's always ended the same way and usually after about another 6 games of it. I'm not saying that's how it will turn out. I am saying I'll have zero patience with it if it does.
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    Yeah from the angle I had at the match it looked like he put his leg across him, however it’s clear from the footage that it was reckless and he wasn’T in control. However, let’s not go OTT in castrating Ross for this red, from memory he has played a lot of football for us over the past 7-8 years and I can’t remember him being sent off previously. We all make mistakes and i’m sure Ross will know that he let himself down with that.
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    Ask offside who the manager was during it, he'll like that.
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    Afternoon @admin. Couple of things I have noticed, there is no edit facility to go back and change typos etc etc and is a delete post button a good idea to have installed?
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    One of many irritations about yesterday is that the first home league game is a shop window: there’s always casual fans who come more in hope than expectation. That game is the manager’s chance to write the narrative, to display something exciting that peopel can get behind, so that the team aren’t playing in front of a half-empty home stand until next August. But if you go with one guy on his own upfront for most of that game – and fail to create chances to trouble their keeper – what does that really say about judgment in recruitment and formation?
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    I've supported this club a long time. I've seen many a promotion campaign. I have to say, I've never seen one decided on winning or losing the first game at home. In fact I remember quite a few where we suffered a disappointing opening loss at home in the opener, hit the front about January, then romped home thereafter. I understand why morale could do with a boost on Saturday, but it's a long campaign and I'm not going to hang all my hopes on the opener, win or lose. I'm anything but complacent. I have the same gnawing fears as everybody else about getting off to a bad start. One win doesn't foretell a promotion and one loss doesn't foretell relegation though. There's a lot of football to be played before the writing on the wall shows up either way. I'd like three points to settle me down too. It's not the end if it doesn't happen though. Tempting to feel like it right enough.
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    Agree Buster, we tend to chew on the last result. I am sure KR has done that in spades and is doing what he can to make sure the team produces against QP.
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    To be fair I’m looking more at the relative strength of Edinburgh and Cove’s squads rather than judging them purely by results. I expect them both to fight for the title. It would feel better if Lewis “Goals” Hawke had banged in a couple. Even in the friendlies. But I don’t think him, Peters or Wright have scored in 3 friendlies plus 4 competitive matches yet? And yes it’s early days but it you look at their scoring record, the 3 strikers mentioned above scored a *combined* total of 9 goals last season. It’s night and day from Smith and McDonald. Strikers who don’t score are like defenders who can’t defend. Luckily we have Mackin who knows the way to goal. I really, really hope I’m wrong of course. Just worried as things stand.
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    In you pop....🔴⚪️🇵🇪 2C03BD14-6630-4538-97C4-BE5C71ADC4DA.MP4
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