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    Before the game kicked off, I was telling anyone who would listen that I would take a win of any kind, as long as it was a win and i’m absolutely delighted tonight. There has been talk of KR having lost the dressing room, well that’s quite frankly pish, everyone that was on the park were working hard for him and their team mates. Despite it being very much a game of two halves and a game that Elgin would have been well worthy of a point, I think there were so many positives today that it was the first time this season where I have left a game ‘buzzing’. Josh Peters goal was superb and I thought with him and Bikey playing off Duffy, we looked dangerous and every time we broke forward, something looked like it was happening. Bikey was roasting David Wilson, the Elgin Right Back, and everything was going great. Duffy is an upgrade on Peaso for me, he worked hard again and created loads of space for others to run into, whilst retaining the ball. Danny Jardine was back in his more natural Centre Midfield position and was making things happen, and with Thomson and Wilson supporting him, it really worked, and we were playing some good stuff. Our problems came when Peters went off but in general I thought we were comfortable at Half Time and probably should have had at least 1 more goal to our name. The Second Half, we sat off them and that’s when the nerves came through. Our Centre Midfield was being totally over run, and we were really crying out for Kevin Nicol, but the back 4 come to their own and were as solid as a rock. McGregor got the sponsors Man of the Match, and although I could put a few other names forward to challenge his, I think his display definitely merited the praise that he would have received upon picking up his award. I’ve been critical of Banner at times, but he was also composed and the 2 of them battled for everything and kept the head, especially when Kane Hester was losing his. Sutherland & Hester are a good strike partnership at this level but I thought they were totally ineffective due to those 2 at the back. I’ve always preferred McGeachie at Right Back rather than in the Centre and again, he couldn’t be faulted and looked comfortable after returning there. I couldn’t believe KR brought James Creaney back to the club in the summer, but more games like that then me, along with others, will have to eat our words because I thought he played really well and Jordon Lowden will struggle to get back into the side, as will Paul McLean. Is this KR’s “I told you so” moment, no, he’ll have to win a few more games to prove the doubters wrong but it was a massive result for him and one that I am hopeful, will now see us turn the corner. We proved we were a good team today, yip let’s not get carried away, it wasn’t perfect, but compared to the games against Queens Park and Cove then we showed that we are indeed, on our way. Final word goes to Bikey, it was great to see him back “at home”. KR seemed to get frustrated with him as the Second Half wore on, but I think that had more to do with his Defensive positioning rather than what he was doing on the ball. During the First Half his team mates got him on the the ball loads and I thought he was excellent and the performance that he and Thomson put in in the wide positions, is something we have missed. Bikey is clearly not fit but I hope this is just the start of another successful chapter for the lad, he certainly had me excited again. Well done today Stirling, proud of you lads 👏🏻
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    About 6 years ago, I met Declan Gallagher in Prison. He wasn’t a Warder or a worker, in fact he was a prisoner on remand and awaiting sentencing. He was involved in a violent altercation with friends at a house party, I can’t remember the ins and outs of the incident, but ultimately his contract at Livingston FC had been terminated and he found himself behind bars, which despite what the media tell us, is somewhere you really don’t want to be. I worked in the gym in this prison and one Saturday, after finishing a workout, Declan was sitting on the cross-trainer watching the scores come in via Sky Sports News. He was devastated and spoke of how his life was in ruins and that he had let so many people down and he didn’t know how what he was going to do. I’d heard sob stories a million times over the years, but I could see (and hear) that what this lad was saying was true, and from the heart. I remember saying to him that his life was now at a crossroads, he could go on to be another young footballer who flew with the crows and was shot with the crows and he could continually do that, or he could do the best that he possibly could, to stay out of all the nonsense that goes on within prison and do his best to get his life back on track when he got out, but ultimately, learn by his experience and never take the position that he was is in, prior to the incident, for granted. He already knew that, I didn’t tell him anything he hadn’t heard a million times before, or that he hadn’t already told himself a million times. Over his time on Remand, Declan did everything he possibly could, to show that he was sorry for what had happened and actually, for the time I knew him, came across as a really good young lad with his head screwed on. He went to court after about a month of being in Remand, maybe slightly longer, and from memory the judge gave him a suspended sentence of a few years. Upon returning to society he was re-signed by Livingston FC, who were hugely criticised on social media and in the national media at the time and 3 years later he has been called up to the Scotland squad and has arguably been the best Defender in Scotland so far this season. So what can we take from this story?? I would say that ultimately, from the individual point of view, never think your life is over. No matter how dark it is or how bad it gets. We all make mistakes, some are huge and seem like the end of the world, others are not so, however if you have the right attitude and show remorse and prove to people you are a good person, then things can work out. You may not get back what you lost, but you can still have a happy ending and doors will open for you. Furthermore, be remorseful. I know from what Declan had said over his weeks in prison that he was, and I know from media reports that he did everything he could to apologise and make it up to the victim, who will probably never forget what happened, but also, never give up showing people and proving to people that you have learned from your mistake. From a society perspective, give people a second chance, if they are working hard to show they are sorry then they deserve that. You know when someone is a good person. If the people at Livingston FC had never allowed him a second chance, or any other club in Scotland, how would his life have ended up? It could have been a downward spiral for the lad that could have ended horribly. Good luck to Declan, it’s great see that he was sincere in what he was saying during this time and it’s great to see that he has managed to put that behind him and hopefully his career doesn’t end here and he he goes on to get more caps for the nation and maybe even go onto bigger things at club level.
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    Point taken Craigy. By way of explanation, I’ve agreed a trade off with Active Stirling. Last season we had three regular users of Forthbank; ourselves, Stirling Uni and Motherwell Reserves, which meant that for a good number of weeks throughout the winter there were three games on the pitch - Saturday, midweek, Saturday. With Motherwell having been removed from the equation, finances had to be balanced. A smaller number of high profile UEFA/SFA/SWFA fixtures more than achieves that and is very likely to mean we don’t have additional fixtures between November and at least mid March, when the weather is at its worst and there’s no grass growth. Not ideal but finance has to play a part and I’m confident we’ll be in a much better place with the pitch this season than last. Stuart
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    was lovely to be back on the supporters bus today. among friends and the newer more calm pete . agrees that to bin the manager now would be a mistake i never thought id here myself say that but there you go . i honestly dont believe were far from turning this situation around .thee was nothing in the opening half between the sides . we got off to the worst possible start conceding 90 secs into the second half when mcmanus was given the the freedom off glebe park to head the opener . for 15 mins or so we where a bit punch drunk . and being honest standing where i was kr did look defleted and had the look off someone who suspected his time might be up . as there was little response . but thankfully paul mcleans header which looked to be going over dropping in the far corner threw us a lifeline . and from then till the final whistle should have gone on and won the game . in injury time the keepers produced a miracle to palm a cammy thompson shot which was going in no question on to the crossbar so 90 mins its finished 1-1 . and in truth for majority like last week we where the better team the longer the match went on . its not as if the players are not trying . support for kr from the players is there no question only fault i can find with the side today was the selection off lewis hawke who had a shocker . and contributed next to nothing . case off what looked like old pals act from the manager from their previous time at morton . dominick docherty surely would have been a better option must be thinking just now what have i got to do to get a game . my man off the match today kevin nichol did all that was asked off him and did little wrong . im certainly not comfortable with our current situation but see cause to think were not far from dragging ourself clear off this mire where in just now . il wait till we have a full squad to pick from then if it doesnt get better then that situation might have to be looked at till then im happy to let things continue as they are till their cause not to
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    Match winning save. Looks even better than the brilliant stop it looked at the time. In fact based on that no idea how he kept that out. Local lad as well. Previously with Falkirk & Stenny
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    The manager is hardly likely to come out and have a pop at the players in public. Hawke worked hard but was generally quite ineffective. You can't fault him for effort though. You can tell that Duffy has played at a higher level as he is much more aware of possibilities around him. Unfortunately, he is stricken with the same lack of confidence bug that everyone else has. He and others are maybe trying a bit too hard at times and lacking in composure. My personal choice would be Duffy and Peters to start up front with Heaver coming on for the last twenty minutes or so. I really like Heaver but I think at this stage he is better used as an impact sub. Can't help feeling he would have run riot against a knackered Brechin defence if he'd come on later in the game. Duffy and Peters looked to have a good understanding going in the Albion Rovers game - before the sendings off - and I think we might get some goals out of that partnership so I would be persevering with it. The keeper and defence are generally pretty solid - although I thought our defence was posted missing far too often on Saturday. Midfield is still a bit of a problem although Nicol - and to some extent Wilson - came onto a bit of a game in the second half. If we had everyone back fit, I would probably be looking at a midfield 4 of Nicol and Jardine/Wilson in the middle with Bikey wide right and Cammy Thomson on the left. Danny has gone off the boil in recent weeks and maybe needs a rest although I do think he is better playing through the middle rather than out wide. What is pretty clear to me is that there is easily enough talent in the squad to be up at the other end of the table. The guys just need to have a bit more self-belief and show a bit more composure in the final third.
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    Good to see you calmer Pete. As I said mate, how you feel about you, can't be dictated by how well or bad this team is doing. I'm calm, but I'm not happy. 8 games in and we still spend over 60 minutes digging a hole for ourselves and what's left trying to dig ourselves out. That in my view can't go on much longer and KR needs to get his tactics and set up working, a lot earlier than we're still seeing. Next Saturday would be a good time to show he can do that. Some will think I'm harsh saying he should go if he doesn't in the next match. I get that. I'd prefer not to be hunting a new manager at this stage and I understand the board would prefer to avoid that as well. In a match as big as the one coming up though, I don't think more of the same is good enough, or a pointer to progress. I want to see competence on the field for 90 minutes not struggling for most of the match. 3 points and evidence of progress in a result. If that doesn't happen, I'd be lying if I said the manager retained my confidence. I won't demand he goes, but that will be my opinion. As ever, my opinion could prove to be right or wrong. For God's sake get it sorted Kev, it's still not good enough.
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    I can help with that. Either he comes back from Brechin with 3 points, or he walks. No excuses.
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    Can't see it happening. I suspect those who could bring about such a motion will prefer Johnson to plough on, get a deal from the EU and bring it back to parliament so it can fail. Then we will get a no confidence vote and an election. Then some possibilities - labour gets in, second referendum and a narrow leave vote. Unfortunately for the leavers, a clause in the referendum makes it null and void unless there is at least 60% in favour of one choice. We stay in. Civil unrest. Pigs spotted flying over Westminster - tories get in with help from the farage clown college. Existing legislation is repealed, we leave with no deal and the tax dodgers light cigars with 50 euro notes. I'm sure there are other possible outcomes but I suspect the latter.
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    Don’t remember him being mentioned for our job by any of the supporters, however I would have been totally against that appointment before or even now after his appointment at Partick Thistle. I’ve said before, if you are going to go down the route of appointing an experienced manager at this level, you’re going to have to appoint someone with failure on their CV and that’s fine, I can accept that however there is a way to fail, at Wigan, Chesterfield and now Partick Thistle, he has failed and come across as an arrogant, self centred man at the same time. I’m not saying his is, but there are lots of quotes and reports to back this up, I point to his recent ‘A Night Of Football Expertise’ event that he spoke about on BBC Sportsound at the tail end of last season, when his team were rooted at the bottom of League 1. At this level when fan engagement is half the battle for a club, an appointment like Caldwell is not what you need, look at the disaster Scott Booth causes at Stenny or Brian Reid at Ayr, they come across as very similar characters.....I might be wrong about Caldwell, but it’s the impression I have had over the years. Anyway, a little off topic 😂
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    Echo what others have said. Everyone gets a second chance and delighted it's worked out for the guy. And kudos to you too @Buster...
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    Thought provoking story Buster. well worth the read.
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    Doubtful we’ll need a hosing TWS but we’re hosting both Semi Finals on Sunday 😉 Rangers v Glasgow City 12:00 p.m. Hibs v Motherwell 3:30 p.m.
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    Spot on. Anybody who is taking this game as a given either wasn’t at the LTHV game or has forgotten a harsh lesson we were taught that day. Reality is that we can’t afford to take any opponents lightly. That might reflect a sad state of affairs - but right now, it is where we’re at. Of course we can/should win - but has to start with the right attitude
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    I suspect the cup tie against strathspey is just as important. A win there and a decent tie in the next round eases the financial pressures. Might even allow some personnel changes in january. A defeat puts everybody under pressure. We saw what happened last year with LTHV ..
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    No, it’s more fun watching you stamping your feet like a petulant child who isn’t getting what they want! I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again. If the club sack KR who do they get in that is guaranteed to do a better job with the squad that they will inherit? If you can’t answer that question then it’s not KR that’s the main problem. By the way I don’t rate KR as a manger either, but I’m not prepared to shit the bed yet based on the current situation. I don’t think changing the driver is going to make this car any better. The parts will still be the same. In response to your earlier comment about the board backing KR with the budget. The signings of Duffy and Bikey seem reactive to the situation. I’d guess both will be at the top end of the squad pay scale or certainly on more money than Peters and Hawke. So, if that money had been available since the start of the season why was it not spent then? As has been pointed out already, it is probably still cheaper for the board to find extra cash for those two players than to have to pay off yet another management team and start the cycle over again.
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    From my viewpoint everyone in this league is pish. We just judge our team harshly because we watch them every week. The league table will back this up. Despite not winning we are close to where we expect to end the season ( top four) the last manager had me thinking we were doomed, miles off the pace and second best in every game. I defy even mr grumpy to say the same of this season. At the risk of being called a happy clapper ( and bearing in mind I missed today’s game ) give it time. Changing horses mid stream again might be so disruptive we end up worse off.
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    No we won’t because if nothing is done we will be in the lowland league. Yes the club structure needs fixed, and this needs addressed at board level to take the club forward. But the board have supplied the extra funds for Duffy and Bikey, so we cannot use the budget excuse. We have arguably the best keeper in the league but are in last place. KR is a crap manager. If anyone backs him, they need to stop drinking
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    The team are not really much worse off than before this game was played. Still not lost a game by +2 goals. 27 games still to play and 81 points up for grabs.
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    The team looked like it wanted to start 4-3-3, but shifted to a 4-diamond-2 very quickly with Bikey behind the forwards. It then changed to a flat 4-4-2 (Bikey wide) before finally going 4-3-3 then finishing 4-2-4. I’m not sure how many of these changes were manager led and how many were players doing it themselves though.
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    You don't get promoted winning 1 game out of every 9. If he can do better than that, he can prove it on Saturday. If he can't, then no mate, I don't think it's wrong to bin him.
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    Why did he not start Bikey out wide? Why did he start Danny out wide? Why did it take so long to do anything about it, or recognize that Wilson wasn't doing a job? Why? why? why? why? To be fair to Kevin Nicol, he generally tries to find a man with the ball rather than just hoof and hope. That occasionally results in the ball getting pinched off his toe. Always more likely when Stenny excelled at giving us no time on the ball all over the park. I don't see us getting any closer either mate, which is why bums are entitled to twitch.
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    People might want to start taking an interest in Queens Park results. They could go bottom some point soon.
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    It went pretty much as I expected it to go. You could say we should have got a penalty. You could say we weren't getting a break of the ball, until we finally did and Heaver stuck the equalizer away. It was largely so much of what we've been already seen. Much work to no result. The ball given away too frequently, over hit crosses and getting caught napping to go a goal down. Wilson's substitution was well overdue, as he was quite bluntly having a "mare." Heaver's determination and control on the ball was a sharp contrast to the man he replaced and it made a difference. We still only play for 15 to 20 minutes out of 90 though if even that? and that's not enough. You could say, yeah but it's 3 games unbeaten though, but it's still one win out of 8 matches. If it gets to 1 win out of 9, am I really supposed to be ok with it? I said last week it needs to get a lot better and soon. I'm not seeing it and my patience is wearing thin.
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    Some brexit party person on the telly was saying that a poll predicted that swathes of labour leave voters would be prepared to vote tory as a one off thing to deliver brexit if farage 'instructed them to do so' This is the pish we have to deal with in a post-truth world. Say it on tv. Repeat it on twitter and fb and get a whole load of people to echo it on to their followers, aided and abetted by the surveillance capitalists and arch liar Clegg Before we know it, there will be swathes of labour voters putting their cross in the tory box If we learn one single thing from this omnishambles it should be the requirement to regain control of our own data. We wont though and we only have ourselves to blame
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    As an ex labour party member and activist I cant tell you how disappointed I am at seeing a once great party reduced to what it is today. I gave up on labour as soon as it became clear that Blair was simply a male version of Thatcher. But the current state of affairs is now an embarrassment. If they win the election, they'll send a man who wants to remain to negotiate a deal to leave. Then they'll have a referendum where they will campaign against that deal. Unless they don't. Corbyn's inability to differentiate between principles- which I'm sure he believes in and many of us would share - and the pragmatism required to get elected is staggering. He really should read Les Mains Sales
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    Well Bobs, at least the current manager hasn't sunk to blaming the fans. The politicians on the other hand......
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    Or sadly, that of Bino supporters over the last few lean years “ Blessed are they who do not expect much for they shall not be disappointed “ We will all be glad to see the back of that particular saying!
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    I prefer the people's prayer mate. Tell them where they can go, so that they may not.
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    Darthy have you never heard of the politicians prayer? “Oh Lord, tell me where my people will go so that I may lead them”
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    What I was hoping to see was a team consistent enough to compete for the top spot. What we've got is a team way adrift of the top contenders and playing catch up for a distant 4th. (again) It's possible we could get into the top 4 with a lot of games to be played, if KR can get consistency out of that squad. If? The fact remains that catching the top two shouldn't be a mountain to climb after only 7 games. I'm not angry, I'm not screaming for heads to roll, but I am recognizing that where we are, is no where near where we should be. It doesn't make me feel positive. It leaves me feeling very flat and dubious about how this might all pan out.
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    Ah ken whit you mean. I was pleased with the result until I found out about the missed penalty. I know we're only 5 points away from 4th place, but I'm not confident that this group of players could get us promoted. I hope I'm wrong but cannae see it.
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    I know everybody wants to be positive, but I just don't bloody feel that way. I do not trust some players in that squad, not to lapse back into hoofing the ball and hit and hope rubbish. I just don't. Only one of our strikers is doing any kind of a job and without him we couldn't score again. It's been tighter at the back, fair enough, but that's not a promotion squad for me. It's got some talented players in it, but as a team they don't complement each other and It's not good enough as far as I'm concerned. KR is damned fortunate to still be in a job on 4 points out of 21. That's reality for me and it needs to get better, a lot better. On the positive side, I cut my out of control back lawn today.
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    Wasn’t there but happy enough with a point and a 2nd consecutive clean sheet. Builds on the result from last week.
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    Bet you never thought that you would say that.
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    Danny Ashe not covering himself in glory in the cup game against the bot. Watching it on tv. Mike Roncone is the referee. Must be about 10,000 auchinleck fans there too.
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    Going down on the bus with the supporters club, hopefully after last weeks win there will be a few more fellow Binos making the journey south to cheer on the lads again. Annan always a great away day, flashbacks to the 5-3 game and the 4-4 game in recent years. Going to be a tight affair I reckon, only a goal will separate the teams, 2-1 Binos, Peters and the cult hero Dylan Bikey to score a last minute winner and jump into the crowd 😁 Rave on
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    One thing is for sure. KR will have learned a lot about football management in the last 6 weeks or so. And will be the better for it. We need a wee run of positive results though just to settle the nerves.
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    Great win and delighted for the manager and players. First half should have seen us comfortably ahead but things are not quite clicking into place yet. We played some nice stuff though. Thought cammy thomson was immense today and if he could cross the ball he wouldn't be with us for very long. Banner and mcgregor were really good too and the whole back 4 looked solid. In the second half, you could see the nerves in the dugout and on the pitch and we did well to see the game out. Another goal from josh Peters - maybe he'll turn out to be a shrewd signing after all. But well done to everyone. Great team effort. Season starts here
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    No point. My MP is the type of person who bears the imprint of the last leader who sat on him
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    I didn't duck anything. Politics is a dirty game. As Hoederer said 'Moi, j'ai les mains sales. Jusqu'aux coudes' We elect MPs to represent us. The vast majority of them are interested only in lining their own pockets. Kids leaving university with a politics degree become government special advisers when they've no life experience, bugger up the country then get elevated to the house of lords when they're barely 30. The main brexit leaders are financially secure and stand to gain enormously through leaving the eu and avoiding forthcoming tax avoidance laws. None of the people involved in our future can be trusted. Leaving the EU in order to avoid undemocratic signing of treaties is fine if that's your aim but its treating a symptom and not the cause. I just accept they are all corrupt but choose pan-European corruption to little englander corruption. Same cesspool, different depth
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