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    A bit off topic here, but I was delighted to read that Sean Heever has now signed a professional deal with the club. Like most supporters, I didn’t know what kind of deal he was on when he signed, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out he would be one of the lower paid first team players. It’s credit to the lad on how hard he has worked, that he has come in, ceased his opportunity and has become an important part of the first team. Hopefully this deal now brings him in line with other members of the squad (I’m sure it does) and from a supporters position it’s great to see, as there is no doubt he has impressed me when I have watched him this season. Well done Sean and hopefully it’s not the last professional contract you get at The Albion.
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    Dr Veronica McBurnie is the Club Doctor who tended to the unconscious Annan Player. A gem of a lady who’s passionate about her role and is a real asset to the Club.
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    I just go with what @Offside tells me
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    No question in my mind penalty kick, Ref got it wrong, Clyde player hardly makes any contact with the ball but catches Bikey. and takes him out.
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    I agree with what's being said and on the ref would even push it further. I'd question his neutrality more than his competence. I say this because Clyde were clearly intent on pushing, barging, holding and tripping Jardine to try and neutralize him, from start to finish. The player got zero protection from the ref and that's one reason why he looked more like an accomplice than an incompetent to me. There were others. Clyde didn't need to stop Bikey, the ref did it for them. Fair challenges winning the ball given as fouls again and again. That's two key players by action or inaction the ref was complicit in stifling. The defence caught napping by a throw taken ridiculously forward from where the ball went out. A clear hand ball preventing a break ignored. A penalty given for a player deliberately running into Currie and throwing himself down in a no danger situation. The video could prove me mistaken, but it's that ref's neutrality I question. The foul given against Mackin, where a Clyde player climbed on him then went over him as he was pushed down frankly defied belief??? The result did us no justice at all. As far as I'm concerned we were the better side throughout. Clyde didn't have one clear cut opportunity in 90 minutes, other than the fast break caused by a dodgy throw in, which DLS finished well. Other than that they had nothing. The team had them nullified and all credit to them. Where we fell down, was in failing to create clear cut chances ourselves against a packed Clyde penalty box. The crucial killer pass or cross just never came in. There was one notable exception to that in the first half. Heaver brilliantly set up by Willis, but a fine stop from an alert keeper kept him out. Last week I said I wasn't impressed by Willis out wide. Today I have to say I thought he was outstanding for most of the match. Well played lad, I'll take that right up me. I also have to admit to real progress, but hampered by the lack of a final ball for chances. Sort that out and we could storm up this league. Despite the result I am encouraged by that performance.
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    Haven’t listened to interview yet & should do before commenting. But if that’s what he said then he absolutely needs to follow the words through with actions. Dave Mackay said pretty much the same thing ... but then did feck all about it. Was beginning of the end for him
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    At the very least you can't say that until you see the next couple of games. Including today's game we've lost 2 in the last 10 League games and hadn't lost in the League at Forthbank since August. We lost as many goals today as we had in the last 9 League games! Bad results happen - this is football. It happens to the best teams and best managers. But we've got a rookie manager learning his craft so give him some slack. Ferguson probably wouldn't have even got to the FA Cup Final against Palace had he joined Man U in 2016 instead of 1986. To be calling for the manager's head today is at best an overreaction. As I laid out earlier, we've got a run of four games which will carry us over into the new year - after the Albion Rovers game on the 4th January will be the next marker when to reassess things. By then, maybe you'll be right - maybe you'll be wrong. But today as things stand, you're wrong.
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    Here are the form tables for the last 6 and 8 games. Substantively the strongest defense in the League apart from Cowdenbeath - and they are now looking weak up front. Our goal scoring probably still needs improved consistency if we're to actually challenge for promotion; but all the signs are pointing in a positive direction. I'd suggest Brechin won't be looking forward to their trip to Forthbank and they'd be right. If there was ever a game to chalk up some goals, next week is the week to do it. Mon the Binos!
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    Strikes me we are now a very solid, dependable team. There seems to be a consistency of performance and we are very tight defensively. Elgin have been on a great run recently so that is a top result. Happy times, at long last.
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    What? It’s Clyde, it’s only the Clyde We drew with the Hibees, just look back in pride and that was before Bikey was in our side the gap between us isn’t that wide. not my best but the sentiment is there!,,
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    Paul McLean was excellent again yesterday. Always goes about his business quietly and effectively, and looks very assured at centre half next to Jordan. The two of them and Currie in goals have been the solid platform that much of our defensive solidity has been built on. And the fact that Nade barely got a sniff yesterday was because of the way he marshalled him (the elbow in the face apart, obviously).
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    "Grant Morrice has joined the Board as Community Engagement Director and will take the lead on all of the Club’s community engagement." http://www.stirlingalbionfc.co.uk/new-member-joins-safc-executive-board/ A number of fans, myself included, have said in the past we need to do all we can to boost engagement with the local community. So hopefully Grant's appointment can help build on the work that's already been done and boost the profile of the club in the city. All the best Grant!
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    The players didn't play well and we know they are capable of better. We've seen that over the last few weeks. Its one game. Personally, I would have brought banner on in the second half to sit in front of the defence or gone 3 at the back. But it's the manager's call. I'm sure he will learn from it and I'm sure the players know they have underperformed. Perspective.
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    We played well for the first ten minutes. A goal up and rattled the post. The officials seemed to be doing a good job too, punishing Brechins cynical fouling. Then the penalty award for what looked like a blatant dive. We lost our composure despite retaking the lead and the game slipped away from us. Conceded at the start of the second half and then the sucker punch was the speculative punt by their keeper that should never have found its way into the net. The substitutions were, let’s say, puzzling and I think the manager needs to explain them especially why he waited till the 87th minute take Wilson off. A bad day at the office 😕
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    KR had just as big a shocker as the players today. Felt sorry for danny today as he got feck all support in midfield. Nicol would have loved that game today, Wilson and Willis were passengers for most of it. Even our defence and goalkeeper were honking. I need a beer.
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    Whilst I’d love to get on the 3 or 5 goal win bandwagon, & a comfortable victory is certainly possible, I’m not convinced . I’d be grateful for 3 points however they come I can’t back my gut feeling with facts or stats, but I’m far from convinced Brechin will end the season in 10th place. I still think they’ll turn it round: hope it doesn’t start on Sat
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    It's more important that KR builds a team capable of getting promoted and staying up than winning the league. If it takes another season in this division then so be it - as long as we see genuine progress I'm sure people will be happy. The team is coming together quite well after a poor start. We have a good mix of experience and youth, we've got guys like Danny Jardine and Cammy Thomson who have unbelievable levels of fitness and stamina and a really solid keeper and back four. We're also not relying on loan players which I think is quite a shrewd move on KR's part. It's about all of us holding our nerve and not getting too carried away if we hit a spell of bad (or good) results. I've said before that we are maybe a creative midfielder or striker away from being a decent team. If Josh Peters can get back in the groove and build on his cameo performance from Saturday - and avoid injury - then maybe that's one of those problems solved too.
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    Can't argue with three points, well done. Nice return for Josh and Bikey gets his first league goal. I hope it's the start of better things for both players and the rest of us for that matter.
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    He was injured in midweek and missed the East Fife game entirely.
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    In Current Form Lg, last 5 games, we're joint 2nd with Edin & Elgin. Cove top obvs
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    no pal just revel in the feelgood feeling and let others have thei say suffice im happy 1 loss in 10 , big well done to everybody at the club for steering us threw a dreadful start and restoring pride for everyone at this great club
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    Brilliant result but I’m even more pumped for a volley of happy Pete posts throughout the evening.
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    GET iN THERE josh peters wins the match for stirling with a 93rd min goal so happy for once weve lost twice at ekgin to last min goals happy balls on the other foot for once onwards and upwards made my day
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    Confident for some reason therefore £10 on us at 13/5. Can't go so just makes it even more interesting.
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    Maybe it’s my blinkered view but there is absolutely no debate about Bikey being fouled before ball is played. He clatters into the back of him, absolute stone wall imo. As for their pen, Currie’s leg is there and Goodwillie obliges by Kicking it and going down, the wrong call again imo. As touched on by a few others, I’d don’t buy the ref was a cheat stuff, just absolutely useless. Happily take the run of the green with decisions in a league game at some point, although we seem to be due a few!
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    He throws himself into Bikey's leg to get to the ball Bobs. Bikey's already fouled before he even makes contact with it. Barely touches the ball so gets his other foot to make sure he goes down. It was a penalty and a professional foul to boot.
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    Two certainties here. I have seen penalties awarded for far less innocuous tackles and, he certainly took Bikey out. Comes down to how much contact he made with the ball before he felled Bikey. The ball certainly changed direction so it’s a matter of judgement but, on balance, I would say it was far more of a penalty than the one which was given to Clyde.
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    Here's the thing. When ref blew for HT, KR waited for him at edge of pitch. He waited a fair amount of time. Players had all gone up tunnel. In that situation, KR is never gonna get a positive outcome. KR went looking for a confrontation - how is that possibly gonna end in his favour? His job is in the dressing room with his players during that crucial 10-15 minute period. How can it possibly benefit the team when KR's 1st focus at HT is on the ref rather than his players? Whatever any us think of ref's decisions (& I thought his decision making was rotten & his man management even worse), KR's disciplinary record is poor, 1R & 2Y's I think. Cumulative effect of that will come back & haunt us when he's banned for crucial games. Also disappointing that nobody in dugout (eg Martin, Kenny, Kevin B) stepped up & got KR huckled up the tunnel before ref got off the park & KR inevitably talked himself into trouble. Ironically, I think KR spoke well after the game. Could tell he was seething, but he didn't miss Heaver's game-changer either. & whilst I'm moaning ... up at Cove, DD missed a 1-on-1 sitter. Post match, most of our focus (fb, Forum, etc) was on the shitey pen decision against us. To me, the story of both games was v similar. Play v well. Solid at back. Miss great chances when they come. End in defeat, then focus on ref decisions. So easy to point the finger in the wrong direction.
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    Martin was booked during the game but KR was booked right at the beginning of the second half when the teams were coming out. Ref didn't like KR gesticulating.
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    No idea how to prove it, but I'd bet you a bottle of your favourite throat charmer that ref lives in Cumbernauld. I know that would prove nothing, but I'm confident I won't have to visit the off licence. I think it Was Martin the plonker booked, not KR?
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    Not sure I'm wholly in conspiracy theory territory but as Darth says there were some very strange decisions given against us yesterday. And KR being booked for waving his arms about just adds to the strangeness. It was all very odd. I just assume that we were yet again subject to the incompetence/inexperience/inconsistency that riddles our level of football But leaving all that aside, theres a lot to be positive about. Defence again looked pretty good and that goal from DLS was the first we've conceded in open play since brechin away in october iirc. The effort and energy was tremendous yet again We just lack a goal threat so if we can somehow deal with that...
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    Hard one to take as we were the better team for the majority of the game being undone by a smart DLS finish towards the end of the first half and a goodwillie dive to win a pen just before the final whistle Yet again we were on the end of some very odd refereeing decisions Looked a clear pen when bikey was fouled in the box in the first half. Ref was meticulous in making sure throws were taken from the right place with one single exception. The one that led to the DLS goal Goodwillie pen looked a clear dive to me but I was in hospitality today so maybe not best placed to judge If heaver had scored the good chance he had in the first half it might have been different. But again lack of goals cost us But we looked no worse than clyde and are a decent goalscorer away from being a good team So lots of positives but feeling decidedly robbed tonight Hospitality was excellent and thoroughly recommended
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    A long while since Iv got as worked up at the football, always rely on incompetent officiating to get you worked up. An decent game without much quality, with absolutely nothing between the teams. Denied a stonewall pen then undone by a brilliant goal after Heaver has a great chance saved is the fine lines. Second half they had more control but didn’t ask Currie to do much, his best save was offside and he did well near the end to tip Goodwillie’s effort over. I then felt the penalty was a dive and there is no way the ref could have clearly seen it was a pen from where he was. Disappointing to lose but another encouraging showing. Felt Jardine was outstanding and Nicol also very good. Mackin worked harder than Iv ever seen and with a run in the team will score goals. Today again showed what a cracking signing Currie has been. Clearly he was viewed as poor under crossed balls by them judging by how they put so many body’s around him at corners and he dealt with everything. Never happy to lose but think i probably prefer the fact we went out than enduring a midweek game at Broadwood that wouldv left us tired ahead of Brechin in a fortnight
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    Yeah Pete, maybe I let the bad start get to me too much and can't shake it yet. My confidence took a belting and maybe I need to get over it.
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    Good interview from KR. He's got his mojo back and is sounding much more self assured. Amazing what a few results can do for everyone's confidence He will have learned an enormous amount over that first terrible quarter of the season and it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Onward and upwards
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    Hope he's ok. Looked pretty innocuous and I actually thought he'd fouled bikey. But you could tell when he didn't move that he was in a bit of trouble. Was the lady who came out to assist our new club doctor?
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    How Nade never got as much as a yellow card amazes me, must have had a charmed life today, numerous fouls throughout the match but no card. !
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    Usual back 4 Willis left, bikey right, banner and jardine in the middle. Banner and jardine direct swaps for nicol and wilson. Heaver and duffy up top Cammy thomson unlucky not to start but I think Willis's physicality probably got him the gig today. Annan are a big old side
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    Good win with another clean sheet. We looked solid at the back although Currie made a couple of smart saves. I thought mcgregor was our best player but it was again a good team performance. Second half was rubbish as a spectacle as we lacked composure in midfield. Banner played well enough but too often hoicked the ball forwards and he was not alone in that. Nicol tries to find a pass. But that's a minor thing really Couldn't see what the duffy red card was about but the ref was sure and I saw nobody complaining much so assume he got the decision right. Big Nade seemed fortunate to escape without as much as a yellow for a couple of robust challenges too. But overall the ref seemed pretty good although a couple of decisions left me a bit baffled. Good 3 points. Not the most entertaining game especially second half but plenty of signs to suggest we are heading in the right direction. Well done to the players and staff. They might not always get it right but they never lack application and effort. Good times ahead if we can build on this
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    can we play annan every week . sixteen season and counting annan being sent back down the m74 pointless . 2 victories and a draw .and today for me never looked like breaching our backline . six points clear off that dreaded 10th place . feel we can kick on felt sorry for darryl duffy yes its a red card but where was the kick on bikies ankle when he was clear cynical and for me a red card . no consitiency . two good goals and played some tidy football at times . didnt think it was our worst performance by any means harsh . anyway well done to everyone and great to see players fighting for each other just now . thought again megeachie controlled our backline . its happy days just now allround and think theirs more to come yet . bikey back with his heaband and josh peters dylan mackin kinocking on the door enjoying it just now
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    sorry guys . not posting in a rant am calm. but we need to bring this disastrious mangerial appointment to its conclusion . kr needs taking out and hung by the balls from the nearest floodllight pylon a car crash off a performance turned on its head by a dubious penalty . and let it affect us rest off the game . should have been 3-0 up after quarter off a hour let brechin back in the game . and second half no show . compounded by taking off heaver and bikey and keeping wilson and willis on talk about empty sleeves . for me seasons over all about ticking over to aviod bottom place were not going to the play offs with this squad unable to see out games.only turning up in patches in games . today was a chance to kick on and frankly to lose to a side who hadent won in five games and frankly were there for the taking . shows how bad we are . the underlying issues are there . a blind man can see it . better to appoint a manager now . whol get six months to asses where we are , the time for appointing rookie managers is over te penalties to not do anything are to severe to contemplate
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