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    Hope you enjoy your visit to Forthbank on Saturday. Their is the Binos Bar in the West Stand (Main Stand) which will be open before the game. Town Centre try Morrisons and either walk or take the Park and Ride to the stop outside the Peak for Forthbank. Only one stand will be open for this game the West Stand all seated and you can pick the seat of your choice, they put the away supporters down at the end of this stand. The Morrison end is usually the busiest part of the stand just as you come into the ground. Hope you enjoy the game and see the Mighty Binos get off to a winning start to the season.
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    There's always the fear of having a one off nightmare season and dropping out of the league which would be cataclysmic for Stirling Albion, I don't think that is likely this season although, with the best will in the world I can't see this squad winning the league, a play off place at best I suspect but, say this at the beginning of every season, it's high time this club found a way out of this league...in an upwards fashion of course. The (relative) stability and financial restructuring of the club in the last decade has been welcome, despite occasional instances of bitching and self interest fuelled vendetta, but it is now time to start developing and moving forward on the park, at the very least this club should be a third tier of Scottish football level side with ambitions and capabilities of occasionally challenging to be a Championship club, to be plodding along in the bottom league for the best part five years now is simply not good enough.
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