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    My halcyon days are the Brogan years dovetailing into the Drinkell era. Perhaps it would be better described as the Mark McGeown decade. A solid ten years of excitement and memories I shared alongside my late Grandpa. Maybe the game has changed so much we'll never see a return to these glorious times at Forthbank. I really hope we do. Living in Cheshire these days, I live for the SATV highlights. Seeing the Binos in the flesh is a rarity these days for me; so when I do I want to see the players chasing every ball and trying to carve out a win. It's why I was so gutted at the performance I saw against Queen's Park - there just seemed to be a lack of hunger together with what I perceived as a lack on urgency in the dugout. Mon the Binos! Let's hope this season turns around.
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