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    perhaps the website is funded by the TUC?
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    Can't argue with that. The board is short of a contributor who really knows football from the playing and managerial side. Something I believe they have come to accept. The problem in doing something about it is double edged. It's either got to be someone also willing to volunteer their time, or less cash for the playing budget to pay them. For the sake of an example I'm going to suggest Kevin Drinkell as a director of football. He might have the spare hours to put in, but would he do it for free? How much then would it cost to secure him, or somebody else if they want paid? If it would break this awful cycle I'd be very tempted to say it's a price worth paying, or worth trying. As my pants get wetter and wetter, I suppose trying something appeals to me more than doing nothing. Even if it has a cost coming with it and no guarantee it's a solution. Won't be this season though, unless the cash fairy flutters through a Forthbank window to pay one. I am sympathetic to people pointing out that it's narrow defeats, but if the players don't stop gifting the ball back to the opposition and make better use of possession, it's hard to see them ending. KR has got to get that through to players and they have to respond on a Saturday afternoon. That's the short term solution and they need to get it done.
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    I’m not sure how many defeats in a row I’d give him to be honest. I think I’d be more guided by the immediate teams above. I’d also would be more concerned if the defeats were more than single goals. What I do know is that the club desperately need to try and break the cycle of sacking managers in October/November. You are absolutely right about trying to be better than one more team in the league, but that ties in with my point about breaking that sacking cycle. We have all been watching the exact same film with a different set of cast for some time now. I also believe that there could be a number of alternative strategies that the club should be trying before sacking yet another manager. The board really need to be reviewing why this situation keeps occurring and what they can put in place to change the structure or organisation of the club. To hang it all on the manager is simply not good enough.
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    I’ve never been one to call for a managers head, (although I may have suggested one or two have a good look within themselves) and I’m not going to start now. This time last year I thought we were doomed, I just couldn’t see where a result was coming from. This season I feel the team is not far away from clicking. No empirical evidence to suggest this, I just think that if/when we get our first choice eleven fired up we might just string a run of positive results together. It’s not my decision though.
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