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    Haven’t listened to interview yet & should do before commenting. But if that’s what he said then he absolutely needs to follow the words through with actions. Dave Mackay said pretty much the same thing ... but then did feck all about it. Was beginning of the end for him
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    At the very least you can't say that until you see the next couple of games. Including today's game we've lost 2 in the last 10 League games and hadn't lost in the League at Forthbank since August. We lost as many goals today as we had in the last 9 League games! Bad results happen - this is football. It happens to the best teams and best managers. But we've got a rookie manager learning his craft so give him some slack. Ferguson probably wouldn't have even got to the FA Cup Final against Palace had he joined Man U in 2016 instead of 1986. To be calling for the manager's head today is at best an overreaction. As I laid out earlier, we've got a run of four games which will carry us over into the new year - after the Albion Rovers game on the 4th January will be the next marker when to reassess things. By then, maybe you'll be right - maybe you'll be wrong. But today as things stand, you're wrong.
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    The players didn't play well and we know they are capable of better. We've seen that over the last few weeks. Its one game. Personally, I would have brought banner on in the second half to sit in front of the defence or gone 3 at the back. But it's the manager's call. I'm sure he will learn from it and I'm sure the players know they have underperformed. Perspective.
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    We played well for the first ten minutes. A goal up and rattled the post. The officials seemed to be doing a good job too, punishing Brechins cynical fouling. Then the penalty award for what looked like a blatant dive. We lost our composure despite retaking the lead and the game slipped away from us. Conceded at the start of the second half and then the sucker punch was the speculative punt by their keeper that should never have found its way into the net. The substitutions were, let’s say, puzzling and I think the manager needs to explain them especially why he waited till the 87th minute take Wilson off. A bad day at the office 😕
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    KR had just as big a shocker as the players today. Felt sorry for danny today as he got feck all support in midfield. Nicol would have loved that game today, Wilson and Willis were passengers for most of it. Even our defence and goalkeeper were honking. I need a beer.
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    Whilst I’d love to get on the 3 or 5 goal win bandwagon, & a comfortable victory is certainly possible, I’m not convinced . I’d be grateful for 3 points however they come I can’t back my gut feeling with facts or stats, but I’m far from convinced Brechin will end the season in 10th place. I still think they’ll turn it round: hope it doesn’t start on Sat
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    It's more important that KR builds a team capable of getting promoted and staying up than winning the league. If it takes another season in this division then so be it - as long as we see genuine progress I'm sure people will be happy. The team is coming together quite well after a poor start. We have a good mix of experience and youth, we've got guys like Danny Jardine and Cammy Thomson who have unbelievable levels of fitness and stamina and a really solid keeper and back four. We're also not relying on loan players which I think is quite a shrewd move on KR's part. It's about all of us holding our nerve and not getting too carried away if we hit a spell of bad (or good) results. I've said before that we are maybe a creative midfielder or striker away from being a decent team. If Josh Peters can get back in the groove and build on his cameo performance from Saturday - and avoid injury - then maybe that's one of those problems solved too.
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    sorry guys . not posting in a rant am calm. but we need to bring this disastrious mangerial appointment to its conclusion . kr needs taking out and hung by the balls from the nearest floodllight pylon a car crash off a performance turned on its head by a dubious penalty . and let it affect us rest off the game . should have been 3-0 up after quarter off a hour let brechin back in the game . and second half no show . compounded by taking off heaver and bikey and keeping wilson and willis on talk about empty sleeves . for me seasons over all about ticking over to aviod bottom place were not going to the play offs with this squad unable to see out games.only turning up in patches in games . today was a chance to kick on and frankly to lose to a side who hadent won in five games and frankly were there for the taking . shows how bad we are . the underlying issues are there . a blind man can see it . better to appoint a manager now . whol get six months to asses where we are , the time for appointing rookie managers is over te penalties to not do anything are to severe to contemplate
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