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  1. I'll get this updated tomorrow I hope.
  2. Rest easy John, I'm not associated and have never been associated with any club, trust or supporters board nor do I regularly speak with anyone who is on or has been on any such board. I'm just a life long supporter of the club trying to do my bit to help. I noticed Rave On had gone under, and was happy to contribute by paying for a new forum that is supported, hosted and backed up fully by Invision. There really is no motive other than to keep the forum 'community' stay alive and provide a place other than Facebook where supporters can come and discuss stuff around the club. Hope that puts you at ease Admin
  3. Not our friendly but noticed Hibs took over 2000 fans to Dunfermline today for a friendly. I'm assuming we can expect all stands open for their trip to Forthbank.
  4. As per the last forum, a topic to discuss players that have recently left the club and how they are getting on.
  5. At the moment with the forum just being started, I'm looking at anything major that needs fixed. I'll get round to all the small and superficial stuff eventually but in the meantime let me know in here if you come across anything major that needs some work...
  6. Hi all, and welcome to the Beautiful Sunday Forum! With the unfortunate demise of Rave On, we decided it was important to the fans of the club to have a forum. I understand there is a few Facebook groups that offer similar community discussion, but there is no reason why both can't go hand in hand like they always have done. The main message I wanted to put out here regarding this forum is give me time! I have never ran a forum before, never used this platform and I have full time job and busy life to contend with. At the time of typing this, the forum is of course just a shell at the moment - it has basic functionality and the basic sub forums set up so that discussion can continue and members can sign up. I'm aware there is a million and one things still to implement and fix, and I'll get through them but I just wanted to get forum up and running first. I'm putting my own time and money into this and as other forum owners in the past will know, it can be a thankless task but I'm looking forward to continuing the Albion forum community in some shape or form. Anything urgent then drop me a PM or an email admin@beautifulsunday.co.uk Onwards and upwards Admin
  7. Will try to keep a link to all the highlights, radio interviews and anything else of note throughout the season
  8. A place to discuss bus times, prices, bar info etc
  9. News, results and information here when it happens....
  10. Confirmed so far: Friday 28th June - Cambusbarron Rovers (away) Saturday 29th June - Raith Rovers (away) Monday July 8th - Hamilton Accies (away)
  11. A thread for all transfer rumours and news of new players to Forthbank.....
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