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  1. Doesn't really matter how much he got on the ball - it was enough to change its course. The real question is - did he foul Bikey first? And it's a really close call. Bikey certainly moves his right leg across him to try to draw the foul. It's one of those that could go either way, even after scrutinising it on homemade VAR.
  2. Very poor 2nd half. Plenty of good opportunities against inept opposition, but the decision making in around the box and the shooting were woeful. We're in the hat for the 3rd round, but with the team falling well short of Pete's 5-0 bar, surely that's game over for KR. 🙄
  3. The issue is scoring from shots on target. So nobble the opposition goalies.
  4. Yup, Bojo has sold out the DUP. I just heard on the radio that the numbers are extremely close and literally every single vote will count. It would be the supreme irony (and hilarious) if the deal gets defeated because Sinn Fein vote for first time ever to team up with DUP against it!
  5. Probably not while we're on a 4 match unbeaten run. If we lose in the next couple of games, it could well be.
  6. 1-0 up, 15 min left, Elgin down to 10 men. Eek!
  7. No it didn't. All it meant was leave or remain in the European Union. There was nothing on the ballot paper about treaties. One way of delivering on the referendum result would be to dissolve the European Union, then instantly replace it with an identical institution except with a different name, say Europe United. I'm surprised (and disappointed) no remain politician has suggested it. It's no more facile than the leavers' argument that leave means leave, no matter what the circumstances or how far they depart from what was talked about by leavers at the time of the referendum.
  8. To be fair to Pete, the board do appoint the managers, and they have appointed a succession of bad ones.
  9. As a fan of irony, this is a peach.
  10. It's a terrible start but's still only 3 league games into the season. Remember the season Moore's team got 3 points from the first 10 or so games, then went on a great run to get us close to promotion? No idea if something like that will happen, but to write off the team after 3 league games is just silly.
  11. Yes, I think we probably we will win at least one of them.
  12. You seriously think there's a chance KR will be sacked after 2 league games of the season?
  13. Take out the word near and you're bang on.
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