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  1. It's a terrible start but's still only 3 league games into the season. Remember the season Moore's team got 3 points from the first 10 or so games, then went on a great run to get us close to promotion? No idea if something like that will happen, but to write off the team after 3 league games is just silly.
  2. Yes, I think we probably we will win at least one of them.
  3. You seriously think there's a chance KR will be sacked after 2 league games of the season?
  4. Take out the word near and you're bang on.
  5. Thanks, I did a double take when I saw you as an Albion top is rare enough in Stirling, nevermind somewhere else! Shame about the game.
  6. I saw a young boy with what looked like his dad, both wearing Albion tops, in Bonnybridge at around 11.30 this morning. Was that anyone on here?
  7. At best? What's the prognosis at worst?
  8. As it says on the tin. Anyone know?
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