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  1. I felt sorry for Mackin getting hooked but I can’t help thinking he needs to lose weight. We are a disjointed mess at the moment. Both full backs continually launch balls that cause us to lose possession. Danny Jardine works hard but tries to do too much but I don’t see any one else capable of going past defenders. no more away days for me until this is fixed.
  2. I know we've only played one game, but, on todays performance we'll finish mid-table at best. Difficult to see what KR can do differently with the squad but Mackin up top on his own is not the answer. I don't think we have a match winner. I agree with Chuckit, Banner played well. It looks like Cove will have the season sewn up by Xmas.
  3. I'm all for using this competition to try different players/formations/tactics but we need to come through this with some hope/confidence for the season ahead. Not just for the players but the fans. The number of goals leaked in the last 2 games is concerning.
  4. Forthbank as it should be. Beautiful day and a great atmosphere. Keep your eye on the mascot!
  5. The test of any pitch will be how it looks in March/April and not before a ball has been kicked
  6. From the highlights we've been given, that was a very soft penalty and we were denied a stonewaller.
  7. Sean Dickson has joined Hurlford after his release from Stenny
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