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  1. We played well for the first ten minutes. A goal up and rattled the post. The officials seemed to be doing a good job too, punishing Brechins cynical fouling. Then the penalty award for what looked like a blatant dive. We lost our composure despite retaking the lead and the game slipped away from us. Conceded at the start of the second half and then the sucker punch was the speculative punt by their keeper that should never have found its way into the net. The substitutions were, let’s say, puzzling and I think the manager needs to explain them especially why he waited till the 87th minute take Wilson off. A bad day at the office 😕
  2. We rode our luck today. 3 points without being great. Duffy red carded for kicking out at the Annan player.
  3. Wasn’t even a foul. Elbow on Jardine was far worse minutes later. called the ref a prick to his face as he went up the tunnel.
  4. The introduction of Cammy Thomson and Craig Truesdale gave us some success down the flanks but, as many have said, it was too little too late. Until then we didn't have anyone that was capable of delivering a cross to trouble the Cove defence. We should be playing from the start in the manner we finished the game. It's clear from the post match interview that KR knows that another defeat against Albion Rovers will see his tenure end. Ironic in a way..
  5. Good news. It’s only 0-1. Cove have looked dangerous since the goal but until then there was little in it. Quite an open game really but we need to press them more when they have the ball. Fyvue is all over the pitch from cb to mid & cf.
  6. I felt sorry for Mackin getting hooked but I can’t help thinking he needs to lose weight. We are a disjointed mess at the moment. Both full backs continually launch balls that cause us to lose possession. Danny Jardine works hard but tries to do too much but I don’t see any one else capable of going past defenders. no more away days for me until this is fixed.
  7. I know we've only played one game, but, on todays performance we'll finish mid-table at best. Difficult to see what KR can do differently with the squad but Mackin up top on his own is not the answer. I don't think we have a match winner. I agree with Chuckit, Banner played well. It looks like Cove will have the season sewn up by Xmas.
  8. I'm all for using this competition to try different players/formations/tactics but we need to come through this with some hope/confidence for the season ahead. Not just for the players but the fans. The number of goals leaked in the last 2 games is concerning.
  9. Forthbank as it should be. Beautiful day and a great atmosphere. Keep your eye on the mascot!
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