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  1. To my knowledge both KR and Martin have heavily booed geese. Whatever problems they have, it aint because they're too soft to vent Pete. I'm not predicting they'll turn it round, I'm not predicting they won''t . I don't see it coming down to how loud they can bawl people out though. If it was that simple it would be fixed by now mate.
  2. I don't feel a set number of games like that works. It depends on whether the standard picks up as you go or not. It depends if results start to come or not. For the sake of argument, imagine being on 0 points after 6 games and seeing no sign of improvement. Would you think the board were being reasonable to insist on 3 more matches, or out of their minds? I hope It doesn't have to come to another sacking. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but I don't see our board going for 9 games regardless of results or performance. They don't have a death wish.
  3. I've already said faith is the most devalued currency at Forthbank. I'm not making demands the manager go after three league games, when I know he won't be sacked at this point. I won't apologize for doubting him if he wins on Saturday, I've got reason to. I don't expect anybody who hasn't had doubts to apologize if he can't sort it out either. People have views which turn out to be right or wrong. They don't need to volunteer for sackcloth and ashes when they're wrong.
  4. I'd rather see us come good even if it doesn't look on the cards. There's a win in there somewhere, Saturday would be a good day to find it.
  5. Not really. I just wondered why KR never mentioned what the injury was, or how it happened. Since he had to substitute McLean due to a knock, it wouldn't make sense to make another substitution at half time if he didn't have to. A knock of some sort is the only thing that makes sense of it. I did word it poorly though. I was more thinking, if the player agreed he needed to come off, fair enough.
  6. No 1. Geordie Nicol managing to put the ball in his own 3 times in one game. No 2 George Young throwing his arm back on his goal line to chuck the ball out at 2-2 at home to Dunfermline.......and dropping it. Result 2-3. No 3 George Peebles grabbing Bobby Murdoch by the shorts as Murdoch powered away from him.......ripping them off completely and trying to hide them behind his back didn't prevent a booking.. No 4 Mickey Lawson knocking an overhit ball down with the corner flag, belting it in the net from an acute angle and expecting to get a goal for it. They just don't make em like they used to.
  7. Also agree, but there needs to be a return in points for that time and sooner rather than later.
  8. If we get presented with a horror show against Cove it could be enough for me as well mate. Some fans pointed out warning signs at the tail end of last season and I knew they had a point. I wouldn't have sacked him then though, so I'm not going to blame the board for not doing it. I believed the squad would be strengthened. I actually believe it has been, yet here we go again with another miserable start. I just sit in disbelief the same as others. 0 points and 0 goals don't lie though, so either KR gets a grip of it, or goodbye. In saying that, I haven't a scooby who would replace him who could be relied on to get it sorted. No wonder people are fed up.
  9. If he gets to 0 out of the first 15 points, giving him the chance to make it 0 out of 18 isn't something I'd support. Everyone will have their own limit on when to say enough's enough. That's mine.
  10. Thanks, indeed he did. Well if Peters is happy with that explanation, so am I.
  11. I suspect one of those players who looks good in training, but just doesn't do it on a Saturday afternoon. It does often seem to take a while before managers work out that it's what they do on a Saturday afternoon that gets you the points. The last thing the board wants to do right now is sack yet another manager. It's the last thing I want to see, but they will do it if this keeps up and you know it Pete.
  12. KR might not agree mate, I haven't exactly whitewashed him.
  13. Yep, I sure have and I'm about to do it again. So Colin and Stuart should step up to the plate? They have not only already done that, they have stepped up and bounced up and down on it with commitment and effort to give the manager everything he needs. What they can't do is stop players getting injured or suspended, or stop the manager from shooting himself in the foot with some of his own decisions. Eg. Hooking Peters for Hawke at half time. How that made sense to him I cannot fathom, but it sure wasn't a board decision. Neither is it a board decision to put giving players play time, before concentrating on getting results. In terms of league results, the opening 3 games have been a bloody disaster for getting points. There's no exonerating KR for that, because it's his job to make the right decisions and some of his decisions have been to say the least questionable. He won't be sacked after three games. He probably will be after not many more, if he doesn't start picking up points. He can start by making it crystal clear that just hoofing the ball route one is not acceptable. It's his job to motivate his players, not Colin Rowley's or Stuart Brown's. I suggest he gets on with that and you stop wanting to bring the whole house down because he hasn't been doing it mate. I want points and a performance against Cove. No excuses. If I don't get it then I'll be looking for the board to lose patience soon after. My own patience is running out fast.
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