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  1. Having once read Graeme Souness's book No half Measures, he certainly viewed some international fixture's as an inconvenience. In his view, nobody was interested in a midweek fixture against Northern Ireland. Especially him! Just the people who paid to see it really and he didn't give a flying fech about that. I doubt he was the only one with the attitude of no glamour, no fechs given back then, or since.
  2. Agree. Unbeaten run yes, which is why KR survives. A pattern though of digging yourself a hole in the first half and battling to get out of it in the second. No evidence to support an end to that, just hope. Chucking points away in games we need to win. There can be no complacency that this pattern will end, because the opposition is from a lower league. Our shit still needs sorted out.
  3. Positivity is based on the assumption that results will improve. At this point I am not confident in that assumption. I may be wrong with that, so I am not calling for KR's head. I do think he's damned lucky still to be in the job, given 1 win out of 9 and his position may be untenable within a fortnight. I'd like to be proved wrong with that, but we'll see....
  4. Good to see you calmer Pete. As I said mate, how you feel about you, can't be dictated by how well or bad this team is doing. I'm calm, but I'm not happy. 8 games in and we still spend over 60 minutes digging a hole for ourselves and what's left trying to dig ourselves out. That in my view can't go on much longer and KR needs to get his tactics and set up working, a lot earlier than we're still seeing. Next Saturday would be a good time to show he can do that. Some will think I'm harsh saying he should go if he doesn't in the next match. I get that. I'd prefer not to be hunting a new manager at this stage and I understand the board would prefer to avoid that as well. In a match as big as the one coming up though, I don't think more of the same is good enough, or a pointer to progress. I want to see competence on the field for 90 minutes not struggling for most of the match. 3 points and evidence of progress in a result. If that doesn't happen, I'd be lying if I said the manager retained my confidence. I won't demand he goes, but that will be my opinion. As ever, my opinion could prove to be right or wrong. For God's sake get it sorted Kev, it's still not good enough.
  5. PS. It must have been a Sydney Ruffdiamond from Carry on up the Khyber then Mate. When it was all going to pot out there, the governor was having tiffin.
  6. How could it be 4-3-3 with Bikey out wide mate?
  7. How about this one. If he gets a draw his best sequence will be 1 win in 4. Unbeaten in it yes, but 6 points dropped for every 6 won. You don't get promoted like that. You also have to assume that other teams will improve as the season goes on. Even early strugglers. If you do a Berwick and you don't assume that and you don't improve yourself, then not getting promotion is the least of your worries.
  8. You don't get promoted winning 1 game out of every 9. If he can do better than that, he can prove it on Saturday. If he can't, then no mate, I don't think it's wrong to bin him.
  9. Why did he not start Bikey out wide? Why did he start Danny out wide? Why did it take so long to do anything about it, or recognize that Wilson wasn't doing a job? Why? why? why? why? To be fair to Kevin Nicol, he generally tries to find a man with the ball rather than just hoof and hope. That occasionally results in the ball getting pinched off his toe. Always more likely when Stenny excelled at giving us no time on the ball all over the park. I don't see us getting any closer either mate, which is why bums are entitled to twitch.
  10. It's getting like waiting for Godot. Much chat, but he ain't coming. More time for more of the same isn't an option. Prove he can at least win that one away from home, or start packing.
  11. I can help with that. Either he comes back from Brechin with 3 points, or he walks. No excuses.
  12. It went pretty much as I expected it to go. You could say we should have got a penalty. You could say we weren't getting a break of the ball, until we finally did and Heaver stuck the equalizer away. It was largely so much of what we've been already seen. Much work to no result. The ball given away too frequently, over hit crosses and getting caught napping to go a goal down. Wilson's substitution was well overdue, as he was quite bluntly having a "mare." Heaver's determination and control on the ball was a sharp contrast to the man he replaced and it made a difference. We still only play for 15 to 20 minutes out of 90 though if even that? and that's not enough. You could say, yeah but it's 3 games unbeaten though, but it's still one win out of 8 matches. If it gets to 1 win out of 9, am I really supposed to be ok with it? I said last week it needs to get a lot better and soon. I'm not seeing it and my patience is wearing thin.
  13. The choice between being an independent nation and a state within a completed federal superstate, where national elections have no effect in all areas where power is transferred, can only be a simple binary choice. You either want it, or you don't. You can't have the bits you like and opt out of the bits you don't once you get to that and it will get to that, because that is the goal. You cannot reform an institution, who's primary goal is to find ways to increase it's power at the expense of national governments. You either go with the flow, get out, or eventually get kicked out if you won't do either. The effects of either choice are complex, but the choice itself is not. You are either for the goal or you are not. If you are not, you leave. So who's actually in favour of the goal of a federal superstate, where all major decisions of government are decided by qualified majority voting in a central European authority? Anybody? If not, how do you stop your MPs taking you there, when they ignore referendums and think only their opinion counts? You don't!
  14. I can certainly understand your reasoning to a point, but I'm not convinced that the EU wanting to tax surveillance capitalism equates with fighting back against it. Just as wanting to tax financial services is not a fightback against bankster fraud, or casino "investment" in derivatives, or speculators. That's the EU allotting power to itself to up it's budget to fund it's goals. The main goal you refer to as pushed too far, too quickly. Is the issue really about the speed at which you cease to be a nation state, or whether you permit that at all? That is the end goal of the Euro federalists after all. Poorly hidden behind the phrase ever closer union. I don't have a problem with people who actually want that voting for it. Many though have cast their vote for the EU when they do not want the end goal, just as people have done with the SNP. Fair enough, people can keep doing that with the SNP and vote against independence in a referendum till the cows come home. Or until they finally get the result they didn't want in a game of unionist Russian roulette. It's a bit different doing that with the EU though, when our sovereign masters at Westminster don't give a rats ass if you approve of the next step or the next, towards the end goal. They'll just do as they please. That's not Russian Roulette, that's handing politicians a knife and volunteering to let them inflict death by a thousand cuts on accountability at a nation level. Not wanting this outcome, is apparently equatable with throwing the generations who'll have to live their lives with it under a bus. If there's a bus, it's a bus with qualified majority voting on the destination board and I'm not for throwing them in front of it. I don't see a lesser issue there. In fact there are already frequent calls from arch Euro federalists, that progress with the creation of a European state is too slow, That states who won't adopt the Euro, or accept qualified majority voting in every area should be booted out. The last state of the union address by Juncker included a plan to "make the EU more democratic" by making the the Council of Ministers an elected chamber.....in return for the abolition of all national vetoes and qualified majority voting. In effect, if ever ratified by yet another treaty without a mandate the end of all nation states within the EU. When you state your total objection to this, you get told, it's just an idea, like the EU army Merkel is now solid behind was....just an idea. In fact Maastricht and Lisbon were just ideas, until they weren't and nobody ever asked you if you consented and could care less if you didn't. It's only a matter of time before the big idea is pushed in another treaty and we'll get told we'll go off a cliff if we don't sign up to it, as we always are and that your MPs are there to make that decision for you. No they're not! It's either confront that now, or try to confront it when it's too late. Sorry mate, surveillance capitalism is a big issue, but it's not bigger than this. If you want Scotland, or the UK to be ruled by the voting preferences of a qualified majority of representatives from 27 other states, then by all means support your MP's. They'll deliver that for you soon enough. If you don't, then you need to vote them out, because that's the only way you'll stop it.
  15. Perhaps it's just my old age, but I question whether at any time we've ever lived in a world of "truth." Who's truth have we believed? I do sympathize, especially with your disgust with social media as just the latest tool for manipulation. Once technology is invented it never gets uninvented though and neither will the mounting reservoirs of human data. In a world where people feel it is of consequence to share with the world what they had for breakfast, clawback seems unlikely. Again, it could be just my age, but I find myself regularly questioning whether I am choosing what to think, or merely choosing who to be manipulated by? It's not a comforting thought to have and leaves very little to cling to. Is this now a post faith society, rather than a post truth one? Who or what is there to have faith in? Your bank? Your travel agent? The big brand? The BBC? Certainly not politicians. That leaves the cat I suppose. I can always count on him to behave like a cat. Good for me, not so good if you're a mouse. There's a thought....are we just mice voting for cats?
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