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  1. Yes it is. "Jerseys up for grabs" marks an understanding that inconsistent players result in this sort of outcome. A bit overdue, but he admits that himself. He can't afford to tolerate that and I'm glad he recognizes it.
  2. No Idea how I've managed to post that a second time.
  3. At 4-2 down with 8 minutes left, the phrase crashed and burned does come to mind.
  4. At 4-2 down with 8 minutes left, the phrase crashed and burned does come to mind.
  5. Can't argue with three points, well done. Nice return for Josh and Bikey gets his first league goal. I hope it's the start of better things for both players and the rest of us for that matter.
  6. Or maybe he's got issues with us after all the bad press we had. He does state himself to be "the lead professional in child protection training in Scottish league football." Is it really so outlandish to wonder if that compromises his neutrality on such an emotive issue? Particularly if he's heard a distorted version of the facts somewhere. OK, maybe hes just crap, or maybe he's got a personal beef. Either is possible, as to believe refs are above bias no matter what, is to me just as incredible as to believe they are not.
  7. I could handle that the ref may not have been sure what happened with Bikey, but for one thing. He was a hell of a lot closer to that and had a better view than with the penalty he gave, but he had no doubts there. We seem to live in a world of denial that refs can be biased. God knows why that is when Scottish refereeing has been rife with it our entire lives
  8. He throws himself into Bikey's leg to get to the ball Bobs. Bikey's already fouled before he even makes contact with it. Barely touches the ball so gets his other foot to make sure he goes down. It was a penalty and a professional foul to boot.
  9. Dunno. He comes up as a social worker in Dumfries and visiting lecturer with Dumfries and Galloway Council. By the look of that I owe chuckit his favourite throat charmer. His big thing is child protection, particularly in football apparently. Can't think why he'd have it in for the Binos.
  10. No idea how to prove it, but I'd bet you a bottle of your favourite throat charmer that ref lives in Cumbernauld. I know that would prove nothing, but I'm confident I won't have to visit the off licence. I think it Was Martin the plonker booked, not KR?
  11. I agree with what's being said and on the ref would even push it further. I'd question his neutrality more than his competence. I say this because Clyde were clearly intent on pushing, barging, holding and tripping Jardine to try and neutralize him, from start to finish. The player got zero protection from the ref and that's one reason why he looked more like an accomplice than an incompetent to me. There were others. Clyde didn't need to stop Bikey, the ref did it for them. Fair challenges winning the ball given as fouls again and again. That's two key players by action or inaction the ref was complicit in stifling. The defence caught napping by a throw taken ridiculously forward from where the ball went out. A clear hand ball preventing a break ignored. A penalty given for a player deliberately running into Currie and throwing himself down in a no danger situation. The video could prove me mistaken, but it's that ref's neutrality I question. The foul given against Mackin, where a Clyde player climbed on him then went over him as he was pushed down frankly defied belief??? The result did us no justice at all. As far as I'm concerned we were the better side throughout. Clyde didn't have one clear cut opportunity in 90 minutes, other than the fast break caused by a dodgy throw in, which DLS finished well. Other than that they had nothing. The team had them nullified and all credit to them. Where we fell down, was in failing to create clear cut chances ourselves against a packed Clyde penalty box. The crucial killer pass or cross just never came in. There was one notable exception to that in the first half. Heaver brilliantly set up by Willis, but a fine stop from an alert keeper kept him out. Last week I said I wasn't impressed by Willis out wide. Today I have to say I thought he was outstanding for most of the match. Well played lad, I'll take that right up me. I also have to admit to real progress, but hampered by the lack of a final ball for chances. Sort that out and we could storm up this league. Despite the result I am encouraged by that performance.
  12. It's Clyde. Give them something to cry about on P&B. End of.
  13. I should make clear, I would have had the same question in my mind about any defender being played in midfield for that game, not just Banner. I questioned it because I was unaware that Cammy, Nicol, Docherty and Wilson were all out from knocks so couldn't make sense of it. In questioning it, I find I was doing KR an injustice as he was doing what what was forced on him. As for Willis he just hasn't impressed me out wide. He's had good games and poor ones and isn't consistent. I had thought Truesdale might more effective there despite being a defender, as he's stepped in and done well there before. Possibly not fit either, but seems to have more about him than some past first teamers we've had. Yeah, I know, get over it and have some faith.
  14. Yeah Pete, maybe I let the bad start get to me too much and can't shake it yet. My confidence took a belting and maybe I need to get over it.
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