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  1. My offer of assistance is still available.
  2. I am nothing to do with this site. So unable to say if you should or shouldn't mention it to the club Rave On has closed completely now I will only keep the Facebook page for so long but that too will go. If you want to mention to the club about rave on being no more then feel free.
  3. If it helps I can offer help with the technical side.
  4. I wholeheartedly apologise that Rave On! went offline the way it did. I have been working since it went to try and restore it but had no luck. Essentially our hosting company closed without any warning. Our hosting company was a reseller for Stable Cloud so when our hosts never continued contract with them Stable Cloud pulled the plug. This left me in a position where I couldn't access any part of my package that I had. Now this is infuriating as I didn't just have Rave On! hosted with them. I also had my family history website, my eldests photography site and was setting up to launch a new service relating to my church where I run their website this sideline would have seen me having several other sites hosted with them and would have provided me with a way to put money back into all sites hosted. All my sites were set to do automatic backups and host them offsite which was great if the hosting company actually gave notice but they didn't so as no maintenance was due there was no need to take a copy of a backup. I would have moved to host Rave On! elsewhere if I had notice but unfortunately due to how this came about there was no way I could budget for it at such short notice. I am extremely thankful to all those who made Rave On! what it was you all made it a great community, once again I am sorry that this has happened. Thanks James Stewart
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