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  1. Should get some mouth wash for that.
  2. Corporal Jones, give it a rest. You had crowned him the messiah a few weeks back now he’s after three league games he’s a very naughty boy. Life is not binary and he will get more time than three league games into the season. We were relatively ok until they scored, albeit that they hit the woodwork a few times, and the pattern of Heids go Doon as soon as we go behind repeated itself. Our defence is not a shambles but the three goals we have conceded in three games have not been to unstoppable. Midfield is not right yet but my personal opinion is that the right playing system to get the best out of the current crop of players has not been discovered but we will get there. Up front Duffy is an improvement. We need someone along side him to finish chances. Is that Peters, Mackin or A.N.Other? I would be surprised if Hawke is that man though. He looks like he has much to learn. This team hasn’t gelled instantly and time must be given time to show what they can do. Calling for the manager’s head at this stage is bonkers. If we get a right Royal pumping off Cove instead of a 0-1 defeat though ........
  3. You are confusing the Trust Board and and the Club Board again. Your comments are so misinformed that they devalue any point you may have had to start with. The Club Board put in an amazing amount of work behind the scenes and calling for them to go will leave a vacuum that very few would be prepared to fill considering the amount of hours that need to go in. The club board have backed our managers with good budgets for League 2 but the manager spending it wisely is the key. The Club Board do not sign players, set wages etc. The manager does all that stuff and if he does it unwisely then he is “mutually agreed” as they call it these days. I personally have a great big Fear developing as the lack of an effective attacking threat is a great worry but the manager cannot be sacked after two league games. Who the hell would take the job to replace him that would actually be better than Kevin?
  4. Queens Park definitely upped the cheating after they scored. Still convinced the sending off was influenced by the whole back line of QP racing up the park immediately on the tackle that McGeachie got sent off for. Booking aye, straight red not for me. The big lump was running fine a minute later after looking like he had been shot. The goalie going down was laughable. still doesn’t look like a penalty to me. Looked like he was going down before the contact (if there was any)
  5. No chance our forward line will score enough goals this season for us to do well. Can’t see us getting off to a good start. Maybe it’s me being all gloomy to match the current politics but Elgin has depressed the hell out of me. Manager has some in-depth coaching ahead to turn us into an attacking machine.
  6. Bottom if there is nobody else shit this season. if you can’t score goals you will be bottom half. if you ship loads of goals you will be bottom half. if you have both you are bottom.
  7. Gareth Rodger, Dom Docherty, Sean Heaver, Paul Willis and Josh Peters all looked out of their depth at Elgin with Lewis Hawke coming on and was no better for the last 30 minutes. i fear the manager has not an eye for a signing and this season will be a right off again.
  8. Not going. Might have gone at a tenner but going at £18 is only going to help Mulrarey in his quest to launder more cash (allegedly of course)
  9. I sincerely doubt that the ref would have awarded the Albion that penalty had the situation been reversed.
  10. Does anyone know when the rounds beyond round 2 are being held. Can’t find them online.
  11. Are you one of the Twins fae The Broons as you don’t seem to have an actual name! Transparency is important here given some out those with agendas out there and reassuring us that you are not one of them isn’t enough for me. For the record, twice you have ducked the question from me now.
  12. Still don’t know who runs this site. After all the nonsense of recent years, I think it is important for the person who runs this site makes their identity known to all as the last four forum owners have done (Scott, Paul, MIF and Gorilla). it would be unacceptable if a Boab Malcolm-type was running this forum and if their identity is not revealed then a replacement would need to be set up to ensure everything is above board.
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