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  1. Given the Albion fan who is tipping us off about this is a journalist specialising in French football I think Bikey is definitely the person being hinted at! Worth a pop without a doubt.
  2. St Mirren twitter says it's at St Mirren Park
  3. They beat Dumbarton 1-0 at the Rock last night.
  4. In the 2017/18 tournament this was the position: "clubs travelling overseas will each receive a £5,000 contribution to their travel costs per overseas game, which is a 25% increase on last season’s figure" It's all moot though, we'll get Elgin away.
  5. Danny Ashe scored for Kelty Hearts as they knocked Annan out of the Tea Cake Trophy on penalties after a 1-1 draw
  6. Is the next round where the foreign teams join? 2 clubs from Northern Ireland Football League (Ballymena United & Glenavon) 2 clubs from Welsh Premier League (The New Saints & Connah’s Quay Nomads) 2 clubs from League of Ireland Premier Division (Waterford & Bohemians) 2 clubs from English National League (Solihull Moors & Wrexham)
  7. That was a very pleasant evening refreshing Twitter at work. 👍
  8. Genius signing. The Treble is very much on.
  9. Absolutely a straight red. Jumping in with both feet off the ground. Shocking lack of discipline from the captain.
  10. It is good news, but based on what people have been saying creating chances has been as big a problem as taking them. But also nice to see the club reacting strongly to a lack of goals. He may have played for Falkirk and Bristol Rovers, but he's now got the opportunity to make amends for those errors of judgement!
  11. Does anyone have the scorers and times from 6-2 over Killie? I quite fancy getting this mug made-up to commemorate it! https://www.retroclasico.co.uk/product/request-retro-ceefax-football-match-result-t-shirt-mug/
  12. I think most people would agree with you! All that mattered previously with handball was intent - were you choosing to use your hand or arm to play the ball? - if so foul. If not, no foul. I think that is much easier to understand than the recent "clarification". Even strict liability, where the ball touching the hand or arm accidentally is penalised, might be better!
  13. There has never been any leeway in the rules allowing players to handle the ball to protect themselves. If you place your hands in front of a part of the body the ball is heading for you are choosing to play the ball with your hands rather than a legal part of your body. Any player covering their delicate parts with their hands has always been at risk of giving away a free kick or penalty
  14. From the point of view of someone who wasn't there, today has to be seen as a positive, especially if you look at previous League Cup group stage results against bigger teams. It's one thing limiting a Premiership team, but another when you are expected to score and compete with an 'equal' opponent. Wednesday will be interesting.
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