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  1. The good thing about Gary Caldwell is that he feels he is a top drawer manager! Remember he was angry and not being considered for the Scotland job when mcleish got it (argument as to who wouldv been worse) No chance he will every lower himself to consider applying for our managers job
  2. A little, bit clearly Rice has decided he doesn’t think he is ready to play for Accies first team and wants him playing big boy football every week. on a slight side note one of the players he played against at U20 World Cup scored a hat trick in the CL for Salzburg tonight
  3. Having viewed the highlights I am further bemused as to how the ref didn’t card the guy who gave the pen away. He lunges in direction of the ball but is never getting anywhere near it! Possibly only a yellow but absolutely certain that sort of challenges will see red elsewhere this year!
  4. Young they were, 5 of them have played in the league for their first team, their keeper was one of the 2 overage players, goal scorer started two Prem games this season. Soft they were not and whilst some may read this suggesting it implies we were bullied by a young team, you do what the ref allows you away with and they got away with a lot! Last week Nicol was sent off. Opinion is split on merits of it. Letter of the law yes but I said last week I suspect we’l see many worse challenges go unpunished. LEICESTER boy after VAR, Jack in old firm, then the challenge on Jardine yesterday all as bad as Nicol’s, possibly worse and none sent off! We are in a bad place and most things aren’t going for us. Another ref wouldv sent that boy off yesterday, that clown didn’t even see a foul. Then followed by failure to even book the boy for fouling Wright in conceding the pen! Double jeopardy suggests yellow wouldv sufficed but from where he was could he have claimed to be playing the ball? On another day with a different ref we are playing 9 and score the pen. Yeh, of my maw had baws she’d be my dad but we are not getting any breaks. We should have won, anyone there could see that & had we scored the pen I’m fairly confident we wouldv won fairly comfortably. Fact is we aren’t winning and that needs to change. Under Scott, McDonald, McLaren & Makay we were a shambles and looked hopelessly lost, right now we aren’t there. I may be mad but I’m trying to remain positive. I believe once we get a win we can go on a wee bit of a run but that’s a big if, and no win in next 2/3 and regardless of how we perform it’s time for the board to act.
  5. With far from our strongest team we were comfortable the better side but lost to what was their first attack of any purpose. Banner who strolled the game with a poor clearance and boom! Fairly sure had the ball dropped to the edge of their box we wouldn’t have scored! Felt Heaver offered something and Crainey was excellent. Jardine showed some quality but like too much of our play with little end product. Max Wright finally did some good things early jn the second half but I still can’t see why he was playing, nowhere near good enough! Peters was also anonymous throughout the second half! I get that the manager wanted to try and give a few others game time but surely winning for confidence would have been useful? We aren’t far away, but we are losing every week and the longer that goes on the harder it becomes!
  6. Including one Iv just watched on MOTD which was ok’d After Var!
  7. Hard to argue but I absolutely guarantee we’l see numerous identical challenges go unpunished this season & many which are a worse.
  8. I made this point during the game. Wonder if Rutkiewicz might register himself to offer cover? We had 3 out today and our two guys who can fill in there were sent off!
  9. No Mackin in the 18 today, does that suggest he out of the plans? And will be off? With injuries and suspensions we clearly need a bit of a squad but seems there are 3 or 4 guys who offer nothing other than a place on the bench. Could be any of the fans for likelyhood of them actually getting a game!
  10. boy was booked full pulling him back. Same boy who was booked taking Peters out when jn on goal and only booked earlier. In truth what the second card was given for was fairly soft compared to a lot of other things that they got away with
  11. Having only been to one game before today I was getting worried! After watching that today I am far less so! The issue is now suspensions and injuries mourning and no points which brings more pressure but if the team can play as they did today we will be absolutely fine! Even before the red cards the ref was hopeless. Twice Peters through on goal, first time not even a foul, then when taken out as he was about to shoot only booked the boy?! Currie made great save at 0-0 but after that we couldv been 3-0 up playing 10 men before Nicol was sent off. I can see why it was given but 9/10 it won’t even be a foul & he didn’t seem like he could wait. The second red was utterly ridiculous, even with the new hand ball rule. As for the time he pulled red out then corrected it it to yellow for their boy that was a mistake, one of the more honest ones. That said given the nature of the foul, the boy Recklessly endangered an opponent, presumably the same reason nicol saw red so whilst not intentional it could’ve been a red! With a 2 man deficit we played the football and created as many of not more chances than them! Felt Banner after a shakey first 15 was outstanding. Jardline & Truesdale excellent & so impressed with Duffy. Not what I expected from a journeyman striker! No failures and Bikey twice very unlucky to being penalised for being stronger than his opponent! Facts are we have lost and are pointless 5 games but after last week people made reference to a group of players not a team and no game plan. Today the players had it all and this is not time to call for managers head. Everyone must be very frustrated after that today but we are a long way from the state we were in this time last year!
  12. Slightly off topic but Brechin have sacked Barry Smith
  13. Scott Glover has played in both their games so far, if he can get a game then ........ dare I whisper it? Given what we could have had in terms of the novelty of a trip it’s disappointing. On the other side of it in terms of progressing given who we could have drawn this has to go down as a winnable tie.
  14. I am sure the spfl had some cash for clubs who were drawn away last year after this was raised. On tk the important thing we won. Looking through their team, a mix of first team and young guys but our side wasn’t exactly a first 11, at kick off anyway. Interesting questions for management team for Saturday now, but proof we can win which I was beginning to worry about! I make it out first win on the road since the first week in March.
  15. On paper a good signing and in an area we desperately needed strengthening! Now sign a winger than can beat a man and il have a bit more optimism!
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