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  1. I wasn’t there! I have been in Glasgow on 3 ocassions season during our games, we have won all 3, I am putting my house on the market on Monday & moving! Delighted, relieved whatever I feel I know the coaching staff and players will feel many times over. Whether this is a turn around or not it was big and well done to everyone. Edinburgh City’s late goals were pleasing as well
  2. Agree with this 100% I’m sorry but I don’t see what Wilson gives. We bits here and there, but Iv never seen him give any more than 5-6/10 Not saying Docherty Is a world beater but on his game showed he can be very good last season. When good much better than Iv seen from Wilson, when poor arguably worse, but worth a wee change for something different imo. For whatever reason Kev seems to feel Wilson is undropable so don’t expect this to happen
  3. I’m getting worried. We are clearly as good if not better than half this league but we have won one in ten & scored 5 goals in 900 minutes of football. An early chance aside they didn’t look like scoring yet another blank and another draw! A fairly drab game, but we were the better side without creating much and again unable to convert the few chances we had. Crainey s head knock locked bad, how the ref didn’t stop play given the noise the clash of heads was beyond everyone else except the ref! In fairness given his previous I didn’t think he was that bad. A decent shout for a pen near the end but we would have likely missed it. The sooner that Peters & Bikey are fit who better. Hawke looked poor, Duffy looks devoid of confidence and Wright is one of the poorest players Iv ever seen at our level!
  4. Substantial change in odds today. We were 2/1 last night, now 5/4, that’s a lot of punters backing us!!
  5. Had we scored 7 or 8 I don’t think they could complained. Currie mad a wonder save after about 70 minutes and from the resulting corner they had two penalty calls. That aside it was a canter. Heaver the class player in our team, saddle without Peters, our other 3 forward options look to be fighting it out as to who can be poorest. At least Duffy got into the areas to kiss his chances, Hawke offered nowt and Wright is Wright!! job done and into the hat which given some of the other results shouldn’t be overlooked. Disappointing to not have a game next week. Apologies to those around me who I tried to tell the Cowdenbeath Broxburn replay would be midweek. I thought if it wasn’t over a certain distance it was a midweek replay! Think il take my home town team in their replay against Formartine next week
  6. I think the chairman answers your questions in the first reply to this topic. The money lost by not allowing Motherwell reserves to play had to be recovered somehow and this was it. Cowdenbeath drawing with Broxburn has done us a wee bit of a favour, unless the league make us play that a week Wednesday
  7. It’s not the 2 games, it’s the 6 in the next 10 days with the 3 Scotland 17s games next week!
  8. Not the weather you’d want ahead of the first of these games. Non league grounds unplayable all over the country. Ours will be fine today, but got to pray for some dry weather over the next few days or we could be playing on a tattle field for the rest of the season!
  9. Any sort of win will do. The better the performance & the more goals the better, but this is a team who need to win. Can’t recall the last time we beat a non league team comfortably at Forthbank?! As much as I have felt we have done ok in recent games anything other than a win tomorrow and I’d be surprised to see Rutkiewicz in the dugout again!
  10. I may have imagined this but I was sure he almost signed for us on loan around the time one of our managers were sacked! Great post Buster. I know there are people who find the idea of a convicted criminal playing for their team difficult & id probably have asked questions had we been Livi, but this is young man who has been lucky to have a second chance but has grabbed it with both hands.
  11. Match winning save. Looks even better than the brilliant stop it looked at the time. In fact based on that no idea how he kept that out. Local lad as well. Previously with Falkirk & Stenny
  12. I can only imagine Rutkiewicz saw something in Hawke. Maybe in training he see’s that but other than a wee flash for 20 mins against stenny im not not seeing it. As the manager he will try and keep his confidence up and is gona come out and slaughter him but like Wright on what I have seen he just isn’t good enough.Its not his fault the manager picks him, but I felt he offered nothing yesterday & being on Duffy made a massive difference because he moved about! Sadly with Peters (who I don’t see much in either but at least he scores) & Mackin unfit KR’s hands are a wee bit tied! Would hope Duffy will never be benched ahead of him again but maybe he’l find Something and prove us all wrong
  13. I see we are one of the venues for Scotland 17s games at the end of the month, including the Tuesday Friday before Cowdenbeath & Monday after. Great that our wee ground is recognised and suitable for these events but this could destroy the pitch for the season. Can you imagine what 3 games in 4 days would have done to it this weekend?!
  14. Having watched far more of us this season than any other for last 15 years I am a little unsure of what to do. Like Iv said before this is not a team who aren’t responding to the manager, arguably he is changing things for the better during games but he also picks the starting 11 and has signed every player at his disposal. We have a solid back line, Currie is not being asked to make many saves each week but the glaring problem is at the other end . As mentioned Duffy & bikey were signed to bolster our attacking options yet he picks Hawke (I know bikey was injured). I thought he was awful today and is one of quite a few poor signings. Not sure what Wilson offers & what Docherty has done to not get in ahead of him. I want to remain positive and see signs we aren’t far away but until we start scoring goals we will remain at the wrong end of the table. On another note was it just me or was the ref good today? Guess Brechin fans might disagree, I just felt he allowed Nicol to tackle and win challenges that a lot of other refs penalise him for. He isn’t an angel but I think at times his reputation goes before him. Today the ref seemed to be happy to allow him to challenge at times quite robustly. As the game went on I felt he controlled it & other than McManus was the best player on the park.
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