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  1. Looking at the highlights we had some good chances in that first half. Danny should have scored - good save from Antell - and nicholl was unlucky with the header that came back off the bar. And while it's impossible from the camera angle to see if the disallowed goal should have stood it certainly looked good from where I was sitting. Might have been a different story had one of those gone in/counted. I guess that's football. Things dont go for you when you're off the boil
  2. Sore one to take today. First half was full of incident with Edinburgh hitting the woodwork 3 times and spurning a few chances. Henderson was especially profligate. But we hung in there and grew into the game, hitting the bar and having a thumping header ruled out for offside. It didn't look offside to me. The conditions were terrible with a strong wind and a bouncy pitch making the ball difficult to control. Lost count of the number of times a simple pass skidded away out of play. But it was the same fir both teams and in the second half when the wind got stronger and changed direction Edinburgh adapted better. Our cause was not helped by McLean going off injured at half time. Looked like he overstretched trying to get to a ball that bounced away off what passes for a pitch at ainslie park. KR sent on Wilson and moved nicholl to makeshift centre half replacing mclean who had looked ok in that role up to his injury. The loss of nicholl from midfield meant that Edinburgh gained control with Harris (number 33) looking especially dangerous. He got behind the full backs umpteen times. After we lost control in the middle we resorted to lumping it up the park. The wind and the hard pitch did the rest. We could easily have nicked a point but a bit of bad luck especially with the enforced change meant another 1-0 defeat. Positives - we played some nice stuff in the first half when Nicholls presence allowed Danny jardine to run riot. Sadly it was to be short lived Negatives - we never looked like scoring once the goal went in and I don't know why we insisted on the long ball in the latter stages in those conditions. Narrow defeats can be turned around so let's hope the strikers can come into a bit of form soon.
  3. Pretty sure our assistant manager was in charge of st Mirren kids before he came to us...
  4. Did Daryl Duffy look any good? Any sign he could maybe provide the goals we need? Shouldn't be that hard to convert narrow defeats into wins if we can actually score
  5. We are also 4 points off the top of the league with 34 games to go. That's another perspective. A pishy start and KR needs to get some points on the board to steady the nerves and buy a wee bit of breathing space. Couldn't make it today so can't comment on how we played. Any positives from anyone who was there?
  6. Great stuff. Striker desperately needed. Striker signed.
  7. Nullifying the first half threat. Subs on with ten minutes to go. For 14 years
  8. I've said many times before that you need to be really really good or just lucky at this level. I personally think the recruitment has been pretty good although I have questioned the lack of a proven goalscorer and the apparent reliance on strikers who have failed elsewhere. Maybe Mackin is that goalscorer but hes not going to be able to do much with the tactics set out today. That's what I mean by tweaking things. Maybe mackin and eg Peters or Hawke up front would be more effective. He'll get it right or lose his job. I think it will be the former but it's a hard old business being a football manager.
  9. You are right, of course, but I wrote off the betfred cup games as they were clearly used as preseason friendlies. Doesn't excuse the piss poor performance today though.
  10. Chill @Buster - first game of the season. We were pish today and theres little to be optimistic about on that showing. But, and it's a big but, this is a brand new team with plenty of players who know what it takes to win this league. Question is - can KR mould them into an effective team? KR will know fine that if he is to have a career as a football manager he cant afford to mess things up at Stirling Albion. Sometimes it just takes a couple of tweaks to get things right so let's exercise a bit of patience. There will be plenty of time to dust off the torches and pitchforks if things haven't improved by the end of quarter 1. Still 35 games to go.
  11. That's the spirit. Tight game in which neither team looked like scoring until kevin nichol gave the ball away in the centre circle and everyone stood and watched david galt run through the middle of the defence and score. Cant fault the effort but there was nothing up top that troubled the two QP centre backs. We didn't get out wide often enough and when we did the crossing was dreadful. At this early stage it looks like goals are going to be hard to come by although we look better defensively so we might find a few games like this until the team gels properly. I was concerned when I saw Kyle banners name on the team sheet after his performance against arbroath but I shouldn't have been. He was one of our better players on a poor day. Pass marks to him at least. Referee was dreadful even for this low level bringing a measure of incompetence that wouldn't be out of place at the women's world cup or in a game of subbuteo in the roncone household. Mr Scott maybe wants to consider taking up an alternative hobby because he's really not very good at refereeing football matches. His incompetence does not detract from the fact that we were poor today and showed nothing to make anyone feel optimistic about the forthcoming campaign. Good crowd of 700 let down badly by that performance.
  12. I think our squad looks pretty good. There are a few players in there who have been in teams that got promoted out of this league. The striker position is currently a concern though - I agree with you on that one. If mackin can get his weight under control - he looks better than he did at the end of last season - and improve his mobility then he should score a good amount. The worry is who will help out if hes not scoring. On the evidence so far theres nobody that inspires confidence but let's see where we are in October
  13. Edinburgh city are currently bottom of a group behind albion rovers and east kilbride. Cove are currently bottom of their group too although its a lot tougher. In fact all of the league 2 sides have generally ended up where expected - bottom of their groups I wouldn't read anything into it at the moment. We'll have a better idea of where we are after the first quarter.
  14. Good idea. We should all try to do that
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