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  1. We have better players than northern Ireland and wales although wales have the diving bale and Ramsay. We seem to be riven by a collective lack of self belief. We've never been great and have always had the ability to lose to pishy teams. But we used to have the ability to get the occasional result against the big boys. And that kind of fuelled the fans' hope. Now we've lost that too. Our really good players at the moment are also not in the spine of the team eg robertson and tierney. If we could unearth a striker and a decent centre half we might be able to be a bit more competitive
  2. Echo what others have said. Everyone gets a second chance and delighted it's worked out for the guy. And kudos to you too @Buster...
  3. I suspect the cup tie against strathspey is just as important. A win there and a decent tie in the next round eases the financial pressures. Might even allow some personnel changes in january. A defeat puts everybody under pressure. We saw what happened last year with LTHV ..
  4. The manager is hardly likely to come out and have a pop at the players in public. Hawke worked hard but was generally quite ineffective. You can't fault him for effort though. You can tell that Duffy has played at a higher level as he is much more aware of possibilities around him. Unfortunately, he is stricken with the same lack of confidence bug that everyone else has. He and others are maybe trying a bit too hard at times and lacking in composure. My personal choice would be Duffy and Peters to start up front with Heaver coming on for the last twenty minutes or so. I really like Heaver but I think at this stage he is better used as an impact sub. Can't help feeling he would have run riot against a knackered Brechin defence if he'd come on later in the game. Duffy and Peters looked to have a good understanding going in the Albion Rovers game - before the sendings off - and I think we might get some goals out of that partnership so I would be persevering with it. The keeper and defence are generally pretty solid - although I thought our defence was posted missing far too often on Saturday. Midfield is still a bit of a problem although Nicol - and to some extent Wilson - came onto a bit of a game in the second half. If we had everyone back fit, I would probably be looking at a midfield 4 of Nicol and Jardine/Wilson in the middle with Bikey wide right and Cammy Thomson on the left. Danny has gone off the boil in recent weeks and maybe needs a rest although I do think he is better playing through the middle rather than out wide. What is pretty clear to me is that there is easily enough talent in the squad to be up at the other end of the table. The guys just need to have a bit more self-belief and show a bit more composure in the final third.
  5. Quite an open and entertaining game today that was not bad to watch. First half was pretty even with both teams enjoying wee spells of dominance. McManus had a couple of free headers in the first half and it was no surprise when he eventually popped one in just after half time. We were flat for a bit after that but rallied really well We played some nice stuff and deservedly equalised when Paul McLean looped a header back over the keeper from the angle of the 6 yard box. The rest of the game was largely one way traffic as we pinned brechin back and looked for the winner. We missed a hatful of chances including a cammy Thomson shot that the keeper managed to tip onto the bar. As happens when you're down at the foot of the table we didn't get a single break of the ball as brechin defenders flung themselves in front of every ball that came into the box. Nothing ran for us all day. But this was a much better performance and we are not far off on that display. So chins up. We are due a break soon. Positives - kevin nicol got his timing right for most of the game and was excellent especially second half. Our passing was much better throughout the team. The difference in the team after the equaliser showed what we could be if we get it right. Negatives - the defence was poor first half, not helped by the sitting midfielders nicol and wilson offering little protection. That changed after half time. Onward and upward
  6. Couldn't make the game as I had family business to attend to in aberdeen so cant really make any valid comments. From the highlights we look to have had quite a few good chances and looked to be well on top in the latter part of the game. So the guys should take heart from that. Theres not a lot required to start turning these draws into wins. Young heaver looked good again. Might be best used as an impact player in the short term but must be in the managers thoughts as a starter Not as bad as I thought it was going to be but maybe ben was selective with his highlights...
  7. Yep. The main problem with the debate and with referenda in general is that complex problems get reduced to simplistic binary choices. And that brings out the worst in people.
  8. I thought we had seen the last of Irons. Not a popular figure iirc
  9. I'd recommend Shoshana Zuboff's book - the Age of Surveillance Capitalism - to anyone who can be bothered to read it. Good critique of how FANG companies are moving from knowledge to power. They're gathered a ton of stuff about us and they know a ton of stuff about us and now they're happily selling that information to others who are using that knowledge to instruct and modify us. They hide behind the lie that technology makes this inevitable. Technology is just the means - it's capitalist behaviour that is driving it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Age-Surveillance-Capitalism-Future-Frontier/dp/1781256845/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1AW3QX303F2JE&keywords=shoshana+zuboff+the+age+of+surveillance+capitalism&qid=1569401476&s=gateway&sprefix=shoshana%2Caps%2C170&sr=8-1 I think we agree that it's corporate greed that currently drives the world. We can probably also agree that social media systems have subjugated half the population of the world to a degree that they are now dependent. When I look at how nations or federations of nations big enough to take on the FANG companies are responding to this I see a tug of war between the US (don't give a monkeys about personal data as long as someone makes a buck out of it) and the EU (call them to account while making a buck out of it). I am ignoring China and N Korea as they have just built their own state equivalents of surveillance capitalism and hidden them behind some firewalls. If I add in climate change - where again there is a significant disparity - I conclude that I am better throwing my lot in with the corporate sleazebags of the EU because at least they are trying to legislate against the puppet masters. It's one of the primary reasons I believe Britain (or Scotland if Britain isn't interested) should be part of the EU. The greater risk to our 'sovereignty' - in my opinion - comes from global companies and I would much rather that we were in there as part of the big army fighting against it. This doesn't detract from the wider arguments about traditional (national) sovereignty and the view that many have (and with which I partly concur) that the EU is pushing its pooled sovereignty model too far, too quickly. It would be a bit poor to get shafted by the former (bigger issue) by taking your eye off the ball while trying to deal with the latter (smaller issue). That's my dilemma
  10. Some brexit party person on the telly was saying that a poll predicted that swathes of labour leave voters would be prepared to vote tory as a one off thing to deliver brexit if farage 'instructed them to do so' This is the pish we have to deal with in a post-truth world. Say it on tv. Repeat it on twitter and fb and get a whole load of people to echo it on to their followers, aided and abetted by the surveillance capitalists and arch liar Clegg Before we know it, there will be swathes of labour voters putting their cross in the tory box If we learn one single thing from this omnishambles it should be the requirement to regain control of our own data. We wont though and we only have ourselves to blame
  11. Can't see it happening. I suspect those who could bring about such a motion will prefer Johnson to plough on, get a deal from the EU and bring it back to parliament so it can fail. Then we will get a no confidence vote and an election. Then some possibilities - labour gets in, second referendum and a narrow leave vote. Unfortunately for the leavers, a clause in the referendum makes it null and void unless there is at least 60% in favour of one choice. We stay in. Civil unrest. Pigs spotted flying over Westminster - tories get in with help from the farage clown college. Existing legislation is repealed, we leave with no deal and the tax dodgers light cigars with 50 euro notes. I'm sure there are other possible outcomes but I suspect the latter.
  12. Watching the highlights of the labour party conference. Emily thornberry being touted as the next leader. Jesus H Christ. The labour party must have some kind of death wish.
  13. I guess it's not just labour. And maybe not just politicians although they are a good example of the world we live in where people lack even an ounce of personal integrity and the concept of shame has disappeared
  14. As an ex labour party member and activist I cant tell you how disappointed I am at seeing a once great party reduced to what it is today. I gave up on labour as soon as it became clear that Blair was simply a male version of Thatcher. But the current state of affairs is now an embarrassment. If they win the election, they'll send a man who wants to remain to negotiate a deal to leave. Then they'll have a referendum where they will campaign against that deal. Unless they don't. Corbyn's inability to differentiate between principles- which I'm sure he believes in and many of us would share - and the pragmatism required to get elected is staggering. He really should read Les Mains Sales
  15. Good draw. Would have preferred an away trip to somewhere exotic but a winnable tie at home is a bonus. Was pretty sure we were looking at an away tie at annan or Elgin as the draw progressed so happy with that. The coffers could do with a wee cup run
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