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  1. We have players with some good skill, fitness and desire. If they were consistent they wouldn't be with us but playing with a better team in a higher division. I thought KRs point about needing to raise the bar if you want to progress in the game though was a good one. Our problem is not consistency from week to week but actually being able to put in a performance over 90 minutes. Too often we are good for one half - or 15 minutes as was the case on saturday.
  2. Players played badly and the manager got his tactics wrong. Its one game and we know they are better than that. Let's see a reaction next week against the spiders
  3. The players didn't play well and we know they are capable of better. We've seen that over the last few weeks. Its one game. Personally, I would have brought banner on in the second half to sit in front of the defence or gone 3 at the back. But it's the manager's call. I'm sure he will learn from it and I'm sure the players know they have underperformed. Perspective.
  4. Bizarre afternoon. We got off to a flier with heaver nipping in to score a smart goal early on. Bikey was ripping the brechin defence and it looked like a matter of how many we would score and how many red cards brechin would pick up. Then we fell out of the game a bit but didn't look in trouble until Currie inexplicably let a shot from the left corner of the six yard box slip through his grasp. A dodgy penalty followed and from nowhere brechin were 2-1 up. We got back into it when a brechin defender failed to clear a bikey cross and mackin smacked the ball in from about 10 yards. Second half a different team turned up. We were utterly woeful as brechin overran the midfield. It was crying out for another body in the middle but we persevered with 442. Brechin went ahead when paul mcmanus flicked in from a corner and we then entered a phase of us having a fair bit of possession but being unable to do much with it. Game was won when the brechin keeper booted a ball up the park. McGregor was going to head it away but Currie shouted to him to leave it, misjudged the flight of the ball and watched it bounce over his head and into the net The brechin keeper made a couple of good saves after that but we never looked like getting back into it. Very unusual for the defence to be so poor and uncharacteristic of Currie to make two costly mistakes but let's hope it was just a bad day and move on. I think that's the first time I've witnessed a live comedy goal of that kind - keeper completely makes an arse of it and ball bounces over him - so the afternoon wasnt entirely wasted. Worrying that we cant seem to put a decent 90 minutes together especially as we actually played some nice stuff in the first half. We also need a plan b imo. I thought a switch to 352 might have been worth a shot when our midfield were falling out of the game.
  5. It's more important that KR builds a team capable of getting promoted and staying up than winning the league. If it takes another season in this division then so be it - as long as we see genuine progress I'm sure people will be happy. The team is coming together quite well after a poor start. We have a good mix of experience and youth, we've got guys like Danny Jardine and Cammy Thomson who have unbelievable levels of fitness and stamina and a really solid keeper and back four. We're also not relying on loan players which I think is quite a shrewd move on KR's part. It's about all of us holding our nerve and not getting too carried away if we hit a spell of bad (or good) results. I've said before that we are maybe a creative midfielder or striker away from being a decent team. If Josh Peters can get back in the groove and build on his cameo performance from Saturday - and avoid injury - then maybe that's one of those problems solved too.
  6. I just go with what @Offside tells me
  7. Why biased against us though? Seems more likely that Mr Wilson is simply not very competent. I do think though that he took a bit of a scunner to us/KR/Bikey/Forthbank or whatever on the day for some reason and that meant we didn't get much leeway on the 50/50s. Seemed to be an angry wee fella who was less than enamoured at getting a gig with us. Maybe his mum was from Stirling and starved him of affection when he was a kid.
  8. Watched the highlights just now and can see why the ref gave no pen for the bikey challenge. It looked like a clear penalty from the replay - once I'd watched it a couple of times - but the ref doesnt have that luxury so I'll put it down to genuine mistake or genuine difference of opinion. The award after goodwillies clear dive though is inexplicable as is the glee which the referee displays in booking some of our players for protesting. That, along with a range of other bizarre decisions, demonstrates a very poor performance on the day from an angry wee man. No wonder fans and managers get riled up.
  9. KR is adamant in his interview that he was polite to the referee. No swearing and no raised voices. He was waving his arms about though. As he does. And apparently that merits a booking. No claims of bias from me but I was genuinely befuddled by some of the decisions made. Yet again it is lack of consistency and it only takes a few of those to go against you to start questioning the refs partiality As I said above the guy yesterday was pretty much symptomatic of the awful standard of refereeing we get at our level. Agree with you re heaver. Might have been different if he'd scored we seem to have been saying that all season. If we could start taking some of those chances we'd be quite competitive in this league
  10. Martin was booked during the game but KR was booked right at the beginning of the second half when the teams were coming out. Ref didn't like KR gesticulating.
  11. Not sure I'm wholly in conspiracy theory territory but as Darth says there were some very strange decisions given against us yesterday. And KR being booked for waving his arms about just adds to the strangeness. It was all very odd. I just assume that we were yet again subject to the incompetence/inexperience/inconsistency that riddles our level of football But leaving all that aside, theres a lot to be positive about. Defence again looked pretty good and that goal from DLS was the first we've conceded in open play since brechin away in october iirc. The effort and energy was tremendous yet again We just lack a goal threat so if we can somehow deal with that...
  12. Hard one to take as we were the better team for the majority of the game being undone by a smart DLS finish towards the end of the first half and a goodwillie dive to win a pen just before the final whistle Yet again we were on the end of some very odd refereeing decisions Looked a clear pen when bikey was fouled in the box in the first half. Ref was meticulous in making sure throws were taken from the right place with one single exception. The one that led to the DLS goal Goodwillie pen looked a clear dive to me but I was in hospitality today so maybe not best placed to judge If heaver had scored the good chance he had in the first half it might have been different. But again lack of goals cost us But we looked no worse than clyde and are a decent goalscorer away from being a good team So lots of positives but feeling decidedly robbed tonight Hospitality was excellent and thoroughly recommended
  13. Good interview from KR. He's got his mojo back and is sounding much more self assured. Amazing what a few results can do for everyone's confidence He will have learned an enormous amount over that first terrible quarter of the season and it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Onward and upwards
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