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  1. Don’t remember him being mentioned for our job by any of the supporters, however I would have been totally against that appointment before or even now after his appointment at Partick Thistle. I’ve said before, if you are going to go down the route of appointing an experienced manager at this level, you’re going to have to appoint someone with failure on their CV and that’s fine, I can accept that however there is a way to fail, at Wigan, Chesterfield and now Partick Thistle, he has failed and come across as an arrogant, self centred man at the same time. I’m not saying his is, but there are lots of quotes and reports to back this up, I point to his recent ‘A Night Of Football Expertise’ event that he spoke about on BBC Sportsound at the tail end of last season, when his team were rooted at the bottom of League 1. At this level when fan engagement is half the battle for a club, an appointment like Caldwell is not what you need, look at the disaster Scott Booth causes at Stenny or Brian Reid at Ayr, they come across as very similar characters.....I might be wrong about Caldwell, but it’s the impression I have had over the years. Anyway, a little off topic 😂
  2. With what I have seen so far this season and with what I witnessed on Saturday, McLean will need to wait to get back into the team. The back 4 were excellent against Elgin and, assuming everyone is ok, we should go with it again in this match. Kevin Nicol will be an interesting one. We did miss his physicality in the centre of the park during the second half last week, especially when they were putting us under the cosh, but up until Josh Peters went off, Jardine & Wilson were doing well there and neither deserve to be dropped. Annan is never an easy place to go, would be quite happy with a point, and would be delighted if we bagged all 3.
  3. George Stanger loaned out from Hamilton to East Kilbride for the season.
  4. From where I was, I couldn’t argue the header either way, but it looked a stonewall penalty from behind the Away Dugout. As you say mate, will be interesting to see it again but I could of swore it was a penalty.
  5. Before the game kicked off, I was telling anyone who would listen that I would take a win of any kind, as long as it was a win and i’m absolutely delighted tonight. There has been talk of KR having lost the dressing room, well that’s quite frankly pish, everyone that was on the park were working hard for him and their team mates. Despite it being very much a game of two halves and a game that Elgin would have been well worthy of a point, I think there were so many positives today that it was the first time this season where I have left a game ‘buzzing’. Josh Peters goal was superb and I thought with him and Bikey playing off Duffy, we looked dangerous and every time we broke forward, something looked like it was happening. Bikey was roasting David Wilson, the Elgin Right Back, and everything was going great. Duffy is an upgrade on Peaso for me, he worked hard again and created loads of space for others to run into, whilst retaining the ball. Danny Jardine was back in his more natural Centre Midfield position and was making things happen, and with Thomson and Wilson supporting him, it really worked, and we were playing some good stuff. Our problems came when Peters went off but in general I thought we were comfortable at Half Time and probably should have had at least 1 more goal to our name. The Second Half, we sat off them and that’s when the nerves came through. Our Centre Midfield was being totally over run, and we were really crying out for Kevin Nicol, but the back 4 come to their own and were as solid as a rock. McGregor got the sponsors Man of the Match, and although I could put a few other names forward to challenge his, I think his display definitely merited the praise that he would have received upon picking up his award. I’ve been critical of Banner at times, but he was also composed and the 2 of them battled for everything and kept the head, especially when Kane Hester was losing his. Sutherland & Hester are a good strike partnership at this level but I thought they were totally ineffective due to those 2 at the back. I’ve always preferred McGeachie at Right Back rather than in the Centre and again, he couldn’t be faulted and looked comfortable after returning there. I couldn’t believe KR brought James Creaney back to the club in the summer, but more games like that then me, along with others, will have to eat our words because I thought he played really well and Jordon Lowden will struggle to get back into the side, as will Paul McLean. Is this KR’s “I told you so” moment, no, he’ll have to win a few more games to prove the doubters wrong but it was a massive result for him and one that I am hopeful, will now see us turn the corner. We proved we were a good team today, yip let’s not get carried away, it wasn’t perfect, but compared to the games against Queens Park and Cove then we showed that we are indeed, on our way. Final word goes to Bikey, it was great to see him back “at home”. KR seemed to get frustrated with him as the Second Half wore on, but I think that had more to do with his Defensive positioning rather than what he was doing on the ball. During the First Half his team mates got him on the the ball loads and I thought he was excellent and the performance that he and Thomson put in in the wide positions, is something we have missed. Bikey is clearly not fit but I hope this is just the start of another successful chapter for the lad, he certainly had me excited again. Well done today Stirling, proud of you lads 👏🏻
  6. I think we are getting into ‘must win’ territory now for KR, the pressure is building on him and he needs to get off the mark. The signings of Duffy and now Bikey should be game changers for us, both obviously missed pre-season but hopefully they will get up to speed quickly, if they 2 click, along with a couple of our other attacking players, then I think we can turn this around. Elgin don’t seem to travel to Forthbank well, but Shane Sutherland seems to be on fire. Really hoping for everyone’s sake that they have another off day. Quietly confident we can get our season started this week 🙈
  7. It’s amazing what can be achieved by a Pete rant free board. IMHO, this is what a forum should be, constructive discussions about the club, not everyone is agreeing but it’s everyone is justifying their stance.
  8. So that’ll be Parliament now shut, what next for Brexit? Another extension, this time until Jan 2020? A General Election or Leaving without a deal? I can’t help but think a General Election will eventually be held and Labour with form a coalition with Lib Dems/SNP on the manifesto of stopping Brexit and we’ll not leave now.
  9. Totally agree with @Bobs, finger pointing and blaming gets you nowhere, and by doing this, all that happens is people get entangled in all sorts of rants that ultimately you end up being caught up in a snakes wedding and nothing is achieved. What we need is big leadership to get the problem sorted, that has to come from KR and to a slightly lesser extent, Ross McGeachie, first and foremost. If they can’t address the problems, with the help of the Coaching Staff and the other players, then the board must step in. We’ve seen in the past that they are not afraid to do that, but they have to give KR time to rectify the problems first. I have absolutely nothing to back this up, other than a hunch after KR’s statement in the SO saying that the budget was now spent, only to go and sign another 2 players (Duffy & Bikey). I suspect the board have already had “the chat” with him and he knows he is in last chance saloon, and this is them giving him his chance to rectify things. I could be wrong, it’s only a hunch. Many of us looked at the squad in July and predicted an uninspiring season, at the same time KR said that we were pushing for the top, and the players he was bringing in were a big improvement in what had been shown the door and that these players also brought the desire to work hard for him as a manager but also the desire and hunger to be a part of this club. Where have we heard that before I wonder? KR has said that things need to change, and I put it in a post elsewhere, but it does and it needs to fast. We’ll not get out of this by simply working hard, everyone is working hard and we’ll not get out of this by pointing blame, that gets us nowhere. How do we get out of this, well that’s for KR and Martin Hardie to work out but one thing is for sure, we will have a better chance if we can keep all our players on the park and get our more attacking players on the ball in places that allow them to hurt the opposition. After the defeat to Cove, a lot of supporters were saying that the next 4 games were vital to the future of KR, he has now lost the first two, two games that were there for the win, and we now move onto a third and I think the pressure is intensifying on him. He has to get his team selection right, and like Steve Clarke at national level, he needs a huge performance but ultimately he needs a win, not a hard luck story.
  10. KR saying in the after match interview that the players who weren’t playing weren’t available due to injury or suspension and he pretty much had to go with what he went with.
  11. I was in the hoped, wished and prayed he could turn it around category but after today, i’m not sure. I know it’s a meaningless cup (one that I don’t hide that I will continue to boycott until the Colt teams are removed) however, when you are routed at the bottom of League 2, it’s not the time to change the squad to give people game time. Looking at the line up today, that’s exactly KR did, and in my opinion it back fired. We should be looking at building cohesion to take into the league, the time for giving competitive game time to fringe or returning players will come, but let’s start winning games first, buy yourself time and get a bit of belief amongst the place. As a result, there is more doubt than ever, I can’t believe we are in this position once again 😔
  12. We’re starting to get into the Michael Stewart biomechanics land now........but you’re right.
  13. I thought that @chuckitphilliben but having read this article, because the shot was going to be on target (i’m guessing from the footage on Twitter) then the Ref has seemed that as preventing a goal scoring opportunity and has used that to issue the red. Not saying I agree with it, but it looks like the ref was implementing the new laws. https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/how-does-the-new-handball-rule-work-football-rules-explained/baj7pi2kk191qyeu9ay8wlrn
  14. Sorry but i’ve just watched Nicoll’s sending off and that’s a straight Red for me and I would be shouting for it if it was the opposite way around. There is no doubt the intent is to win the ball, but he comes in with a straight leg and I just can’t see it any other way 🙈 https://mobile.twitter.com/colinwoodward/status/1167896074821877760?s=07
  15. I’m with you on that one mate 👍🏻
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