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  1. Seen that Frazer Wright is at BSC Glasgow doing a coaching role
  2. Bikey starts and Creaney starts on his returns
  3. Scott Glover to score a hat-trick for them and binos win 4-3
  4. Fully agree. KR said in his post match interview that neither were reds, for me that one it(not sure about other). Also what happens with a manager red card. Are they given a touchline ban?
  5. International clearance granted. Albion Rovers dont know what's going to hit them
  6. If it's not bikey or Morrison it will be Willie Robertson
  7. How has Naismith got in but not Griffiths. Also still not convinced by McBurnie.
  8. Is Shankland worth a call up. For me I dont see why not.
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