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  1. Here you go. Make up your mind from this videoplayback_Trim.mp4
  2. Think someone posted on fb that he was from Lenzie.
  3. Update on the lad stretchered off - Annan boss confirmed after the game that he was unconscious on the pitch for around 2/3 minutes.
  4. Forgot he even played with us
  5. As i say dodgy equipment and the club are looking into a solution for this.
  6. I just went with what the press box said and looked like McGregor claimed it.
  7. Off the pitch question... How did the tanoy sound today? We are working with a dodgy mixer that can be unreliable.
  8. So its another Saturday break for us but onto tuesday when we host Cowden. Don't know what to expect from this match. hopefully a win. also to note - notice that Mike Roncone is the ref.
  9. Good to hear. Never nice seeing the stretcher getting called on so quick.
  10. After being walking over the pitch after the game today I would think that if it doesn't rain horrendously it should be able to hold up well.
  11. I really don't care about the result as long as we win and are in the draw for the 3rd round on Sunday. Saying that though i would be expecting a comfortable win here but we are stirling and we don't do things easy!
  12. France 98? So 22 years come the start of euro 2020
  13. Also see on sunday that it is hosing Hibs v Motherwell ladies
  14. First quarter finished 1 win. Last season we had 2 and MacKay left. Is KR touching on sacking territory now?
  15. Surely not, smith could never kick a ball that straight
  16. Chris smith in goal for annan today. Darren Barr also starts for them.
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