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  1. The past 4 managers provide enough of a sample to indicate that it doesn’t work to simply give the job to a young inexperienced manager and leave him to it. Each has started by sparking the performance of the inherited team but been unable to turnaround later slides in form. It isn’t clear why, but poor recruitment has not helped and that’s one area where having an older football person in some kind of role would surely be useful, if only as a sounding board (“I intend to replace Peaso and DLS with X, Y and Z” “Um, really? Not known to be prolific - talk me through how you see that working?”), whether as a Director of Football or a less formal éminence grise. Yes, it would carry expense, but any worse than the repeated payoffs and the league position risk that this club has been carrying for several seasons?
  2. What silence here! Anyway, probably a deserved outcome for persevering in a much improved second half display.
  3. Yes, totally agree. There’s always going to be moments on any forum when people post reactively without proper consideration - that's life - but to be doing it repeatedly day in day out is something else. It is not good for the poster (people learn to discount and will ignore any post where you do have something valuable to say) and it is certainly not good for the other forum users, tending to drive people away. This reminds me of nights long ago, listening to John Peel’s “Stenhousemuir 2 Cowdenbeath 2” show on Radio Luxembourg medium wave, with the music content constantly sliding under the noise of burps, distortion and louder signals. It did the music no good, it was tiring, and eventually you just stopped listening.
  4. One of many irritations about yesterday is that the first home league game is a shop window: there’s always casual fans who come more in hope than expectation. That game is the manager’s chance to write the narrative, to display something exciting that peopel can get behind, so that the team aren’t playing in front of a half-empty home stand until next August. But if you go with one guy on his own upfront for most of that game – and fail to create chances to trouble their keeper – what does that really say about judgment in recruitment and formation?
  5. I’ve kept hoping that an experienced striker would be added to the underwhelming replacements for the upfront losses, but it ain’t happening. By comparison, Mackay’s recruitment into last season has been derided on the forums but adding Mark Stewart to Peaso and DLS looked promising, and if all of these had been fit to play, the outcome should have been better. Even the League One season, where the commonplace is that Greig Macdonald’s mistake was to keep his promoted team, he brought in Doris, Moult and G Smith. These show how things can fail to work out, but at least the intent was clear. Like others, I don’t see where more than occasional league goals will come from and can’t see past bottom half for this season. I just hope the Berwick situation is avoided.
  6. Agreed, though the tanking from Falkirk a couple of years ago did give an early indication that the new signings Noble and McNeil were problematic at left and right defence, weaknesses which were confirmed a couple of weeks later at Stennie.
  7. It certainly looks a lot better than it did that time Brechin made sure that our game could go ahead by getting a local farmer to clear the snow and he took most of the grass surface with it.
  8. Though Cowden's near-thing was already there to focus minds a year ago? Not that it did Berwick any good, I still don't understand the dozy complacency through which they failed to make urgent changes at the mid-season. Or maybe just more use of the Juniors as a loan proving ground for young players?
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