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  1. After 3 games in, clearly results have not gone the way we wanted, so does that mean we sack the manager and go thru all the process again in finding someone else. ? Lets give the team time to gel and after 9 games if the team is still at the bottom and it looks like we are going to remain their, then is the time to act not now after just 3 games. We cant just keep binning managers and hoping that the next one thru the doors at Forthbank is going to be the one to lead us to Paradise. Our Board`s record on managerial appointments has not been to great in the past and who is to say they wont muck it up again. Lets give him time to turn things around even if we do lose on Saturday.
  2. Yes seen the speculation on Facebook, could we be that lucky or will our hopes be dashed, that is the question to be answered.
  3. On paper should be a Cove win here. Just hope for a decent performance and that we SCORE on Saturday. Don't expect much from this game and I would be most surprised if we got anything from it. Prediction Albion 1 Cove 2. ๐Ÿ™
  4. Well thatโ€™s a bit of a surprise after 3 games in, they get rid of their manager. Wonder who will fill the vacancy ? Could have implications for us if they get someone and he starts to turn things around at Glebe Park.We need to start getting our act together and soon if we want to avoid the 10th spot. Still plenty of time but we need to ensure we are not in the relegation dogfight at the bottom at the very least this season.
  5. I don't think any manager is going to come out and say that to be honest, clearly things have not gone according to plan and at the end of the day he knows that he is the man responsible for bringing some of these players to the Club and ultimately he carries the can for their failure to get results on the park. Far easier to get rid of the manager than to get another squad of players in. Remember he has to work with these players and coming out and saying they are Rubbish isn't going to help get things right on the park. The longer this lack of progress goes on, no goals, no points their has to be a tipping point when the Board says enough is enough. At the end of the day we all want to see the Club do well but at the moment KR knows that if results do not improve then he will get the bullet.
  6. Was at the game felt we started brightly and looked to be doing okay but we seemed to lose it in a spell and were very lucky not to go down 3-0 at one stage, they managed to hit the post twice and the bar once before we recovered and were a bit unfortunate to have a goal chalked off for offside. Didn't look offside to me but will have to see the highlights before making final decision on whether the linesman got it right. We also had one come off the bar as well. Second half and a couple of minutes into it we were 1-0 down. City controlled the game and I can only recall one half chance to us which their keeper saved no bother. Lack of fight and the ability to create anything in the 2nd half worried me. On form like this unless we can buck up our ideas then it looks like the only playoffs we will be fighting this year is the 10th spot playoff game with the winners from the Highland/Lowland League. Next week it will not get any better as we face Leaders Cove Rangers at home and on that sort of performance today the points will be going up the road to Aberdeen. Just hope KR can turn things around quickly and if he doesn't can see the pressure on the Board to get rid of him grow. Worrying times at Forthbank.
  7. Another 1- 0 defeat hope Brechin lost today as well. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
  8. 0-0 at halftime. Could have been 3-0 down but we got lucky. Goal chalked off for us for offside and header off the bar, still all to play for.
  9. Well we could be 3-0 down by Now. They have it the post twice and bar once.
  10. This Saturday we travel to Ainslie Park to face a City side looking for their 2nd win at home in the League. We on the other hand go into this game bottom of the League without a point and having not scored a goal. Hopefully after the win over East Fife we will go into this game with some confidence and get something from this game. Can`t afford to let a gap develop this early in the season between ourselves and those at the top. Team wise might be one or two changes to the side that faced East Fife, Blair Currie coming in for Cammy Binnie might be one change, we will be short in the centre of defence due to injuries and suspensions to various players and that could be a problem for us knowing Blair Henderson will be starting for City and we know how he loves to score against us. ! Just hope we can continue to show the same level of performance as on Tuesday night. Prediction City 1 Binos 1
  11. Well it could have been better, maybe not the tie anybody wanted but should be winnable I hope, take it tie will be played on Saturday 7th September as far as I am aware.
  12. Good result last night unexpected but its a confidence booster for Saturday when we face Edinburgh City in the League. Lets hope its the start of us getting back into contention for at least the playoffs this season and not the relegation playoffs I may add. ๐Ÿ˜€
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