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  1. Annan won 5-2 in the end both teams had a man sent off. Annan now up to 4th spot on 18 points, need to beat them on Saturday to keep in touch with 4th spot.
  2. I don’t think Kevin does anything else than ROBUST challenges. 😀
  3. Yes he had a good game yesterday bit fortunate not to pick up a red card, given some of the refs we have had, also his mistake late on almost cost us a goal. Agree he needs to calm down at times and not make some rash challenges but would rather have him in the team than not playing.
  4. Well we almost got a point here but a late penalty cost us, not much between the teams deserved something from this match.
  5. Agree its worrying that their appears to be a lack of young kids attending, even with the club offering free under 12`s admission with a paying Adult. That could be down to many things, like lack of awareness of the Club in the City, no presence in say the City Centre ie a Club Shop, Price of going to games is another factor. £14 for an adult imo is too much for League 2, The Old Firm, buses leave this City every Saturday for Ibrox and Parkhead, the lack of success on the park by the team does not help. Clearly its a worry as the kids are our future supporters but if they do not get into the habit of coming along to Forthbank on a Saturday then the Club faces a major problem in the coming years.
  6. I`d be very surprised if he is considered for any of the Edinburgh sides. Think they are both looking for a bigger name to manage them.
  7. Had the odd fleeting appearance in an Albion strip and 1 goal I believe.
  8. Think if we are able to get something from this game, then first of all we need to close them down and make sure Cove aren't able to get any space to start spraying the ball around. They have players if you give them space they will kill you and that should be our first priority to give them no time on the ball to hurt us. If we can do that then just maybe we might get something from this game. Fingers crossed we can build on our performance against Albion Rovers. Cove whist scoring plenty of goals DO concede a few, so hopefully any chances that come our way we TAKE. Prediction Cove 2 Binos 1 ☹️ Hope to be proved wrong.
  9. Good win for and to score 3 GOALS as well will give the team confidence, nice to see Darryl Duffy get his first League goal for us. Once we went in front then their was only one outcome an Albion win. Goals from McGregor and Heaver wrapped up the points for us. Onwards to Cove next week with a little bit of confidence could this be the spark to kickstart our season, certainly hope so. 😀
  10. A Director of Football fine but as previous posters have said unless the person does it on a voluntary basis then it’s going to cost the club money which could mean the player budget is cut. Somebody with a knowledge of the game to help the Manager would be nice if he had the contacts but again would such a person do it for free and at the level the Albion are at now.
  11. Hang on a second, you want to encourage people to come to Forthbank and I’m sure the Levein and McInally impersonators paid to get in ( I hope), not sure about the Brown impersonator maybe need to start an investigation here, sounds dodgy.
  12. I tend to agree that Directors interfering in football matters is not helpful. That is why the club employ a manager and should leave him to make the signings. If he gets it wrong then he has only himself to blame. Clearly in the case of KR before becoming manager of the Albion he was assistant at Annan so I would assume he would have had a decent understanding of the players available in this League. Clearly every manager makes signings that turn out to be duds, even the best of them do it.
  13. Yes don't see what Wilson brings to the team, Docherty should be given the chance to see if he can do better. Might provide the spark to get the win on Saturday.
  14. Next up at Forthbank are Albion Rovers 1 point above in the League. Vital game for both teams who need the points to stay clear of the bottom spot. Burning question for most Bino fans is can we score on Saturday. We have the worst scoring record in the League but fortunately for us the 2nd best defensive record. Only 5 goals in 10 games now and if we want to have any chance of getting off the bottom we need to start scoring. Hopefully we cam manage to achieve that on Saturday and get the 3 points. Prediction Binos 1 Albion Rovers 0 🙏
  15. Why the 7th of Dec ? , the fact is Saturdays game against Albion Rovers is a must win game imo. Failure to get the 3 points from this game and the Board will have to seriously consider the managers position. He has been given more money to spend after the summer and still we are struggling to score. Even KR in today’s Observer states his jobs on the line. I didn’t expect at the start of the season to be winning promotion but expected us to be at least challenging for a playoff spot and just now that looks a difficult task but not impossible if the team can start scoring goals and moving up the League. Regarding replacing KR again it depends on the circumstances but the longer we remain at the bottom then that is a possibility. We cannot afford to finish 10th in this League and face ambitious clubs like Kelty Hearts who on present form will beat us and that’s 75 years of League football by the Club down the drain to the Lowland League, where if the Club does not get back up quickly then we could fold. if that scenario were to happen that getting rid of KR could be the cheapest option if we were to survive as a League Club. Just hope he can turn things around but the longer this goes on unable to score and at the bottom then something has got to give.
  16. Don’t think it’s being a wee bit harsh to say that the team should be doing better. Clearly the biggest problem we have is scoring goals. if we had scored a couple more in games say like Annan then we would not be joint bottom with Brechin. Expected a lot more from this team at the start of the season and quite frankly KR has failed to deliver so far. Saturday will be a big game for us win and we continue to move a couple of places up the League, fail to score again and I would imagine that the Board will need to reconsider his position. We cannot afford to be dragged into the relegation playoffs this season. The manager signs the players and quite frankly some his signings re strikers have failed to deliver. Even with Duffy and Bikey signed up we have failed to turn chances into goals and at the end of the day RESULTS are what matters and on that issue the manager has to be held accountable. Don’t want to have to sack another manager but we simply have to turn this around and SOON.
  17. Same old story created chances but could not score and that is worrying. Got a point tonight but it should have been 3. Really hope we can get the ball in the net on Saturday and get the win. If we don’t get the points then surely the Board must be worried. We cannot go on not scoring and dropping points something has to change. SOON !
  18. Don't know if it will be our Cappielow moment pete 123 but the next 2 home games are vital to us, win both get the 6 points and we move of the bottom of the table and kickstart our season. Fail to get at least 4 points from these 2 home games and the pressure will only mount as the next game after 2 home games is away to Cove.
  19. Both League 2 clubs knocked out of the Cup by 3-0 scorelines, not a good day for League 2. Hopefully we can make it more misery for Cowdenbeath when we take them on at Forthbank on Tuesday night.
  20. Well hopefully Broxburn do us a favour on Saturday and dish out a kicking to Cowdenbeath to make it easier for us to get the win. Need to get the points and if we do we might get off the bottom and start moving us this League. This game and the Albion Rovers game on Saturday could prove vital to us if we win them both. They could just be the spring board to give the side some confidence and see us start to string a run of games together when we start to pick up points. re the ref did he not take charge of the Elgin game we won.? Prediction Binos 2 Cowdenbeath 0
  21. Well at least it’s at home and who knows we might be able to get the better of this lot. Expect decent enough crowd for the game both stands open. Return of Darren Smith to Forthbank, wonder if he fancies his chances of scoring against us. Just hope we can get a bit of form going before this game and who knows we might just get past them to hopefully a money spinning tie in the next round. 🙏 j
  22. Well we got the job done but it should have been more, good 1st half with Sean Heaver unlucky not to get a hatrick. 2nd half was disappointing to say the least spurned a couple of good chances and we were fortunate not to concede late on and then perhaps Strathspey were unfortunate not to get a penalty soon after but the main thing is we are thru to the next round and I wonder if the draw tomorrow will be kind to us. Just hope the Strathspey player stretchered off was not badly injured.
  23. Forgot about those 3 Scotland games, beggars the question of why have 3 games within a week on the same grass pitch. ? Surely Active Stirling would have known that to play so many games within a short period of time could have an impact on the grass pitch. Don’t they understand that or don’t they care about the main users of the pitch ourselves and the Uni.
  24. If that is the case then why do Highland League Clubs need to playoff with the Lowland League winners to get promoted to the SPFL then. Why not give automatic promotion to the winners of the Highland/Lowland League then ? The problem is that at the bottom of the SPFL their is no true pyramid system. Indeed the Highland League has no relegation system and no feeder Leader League below it, unlike the Lowland League.
  25. Forecast for tomorrow is decent so hopefully it survives the 2 games played on it. Not a lot the Club can do in this situation, as the Uni has ground sharing rights with us at Forthbank.
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