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  1. My Great Uncle and Aunt are both buried in Logie Turtle. John will be in good company. It’s a lovely spot.
  2. Thought provoking story Buster. well worth the read.
  3. Frustration I can understand. The team are not performing to its potential. What I can’t understand Are calls for KR’s removal when the team starts picking up points.
  4. Problem is that there are only about 5-10 out of the 600 odd I would ever vote for.
  5. Or sadly, that of Bino supporters over the last few lean years “ Blessed are they who do not expect much for they shall not be disappointed “ We will all be glad to see the back of that particular saying!
  6. Darthy have you never heard of the politicians prayer? “Oh Lord, tell me where my people will go so that I may lead them”
  7. As Darth says a win’s a win. Having seen the score 0-1 so many times this season 1-0 for us comes as a welcome relief. Today is a beautiful Sunday for sure and I am going to enjoy it. PS . While I am looking for consistent wins from now on I don’t really expect KR to deliver just yet.
  8. Twitter just advised that Elgin coach booked! Glad to hear it, wouldn’t want them hitching up the A9.
  9. Total shock that we are 1-0 up at half time. crossed legs for 2nd half.
  10. thank goodness it is a different team. If you let Elgin attack you they will create problems but their defence is suspect and players like Bikey should cause them problems.
  11. Lots of juicy stuff here. It makes me wonder who our elected representatives are meant to represent? They are certainly elected by a constituency but they vote for or against legislation that affects the whole country. Moreover they are GB MPs. So their boundaries of influence extend far beyond their constituency. So should they promote the predominate view in the constituency or the majority view in the country? Answers on used £5 notes please.
  12. perhaps the website is funded by the TUC?
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