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  1. Can understand that Robert, would tend to agree with you.
  2. The team drew with Hibs and beat EastFife. Two good results. Yes there have been bad losses. Football is like that. You are entitled to your opinion that KR should go. I would rather travel in hope. If the team win we can both be happy. No need to apologise.
  3. Pete I’m sure that the guy is as disappointed as us the way results have gone. I’m equally sure he feels the pressure to give us a result on Saturday. Frustration I can understand but posts like this are not the best motivational tools to help him or the team. I don’t know what the result is going to be but, I hope it’s going to be a positive one. Let’s hold our horses before we consign KR to the bin.
  4. Minister friend of mine used to say “Blessed are they who don’t expect much for they shall not be disappointed “. On the other hand I’ve always found the Bino’s delivering when you least expect it. Let’s see.
  5. Stirling v the Binos at Annfield. Rangers goalie takes a goal kick from the edge of the box. Our centre, Westwater?, sticks a foot out, ball hits his boot and rebounds over the goalies head into the net. Sadly we lost the match 2-3.
  6. On that you will find that a good many fans agree.
  7. That sounds a good course of action. We all know you wear your heart on your sleeve and that the frustrations you feel are genuine. So far we have all shared the disappointments Pete. Let’s hope we can all enjoy success before long.
  8. There are always 2 sides to a story Darth. What is common sense to one person is always uncommon nonsense to another
  9. None of these each way bets. 2-1 the Binos.
  10. that would be a real boost
  11. I think the team should see and read the pent up fans enthusiasm from these posts. I’m sure too that the atmosphere at Forthbank lightened immeasurably after Tuesday. Even Pete has had a mood change! The game against Hibs and now East Fife show that the quality is there, we just have to reach that standard every week.
  12. well lets face it, the poor results were driving us all crackers!
  13. the result certainly takes the biscuit!
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