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  1. forgot National Trust look for volunteers too
  2. If you want to revert to a computer there is a wealth of information on the HES (Historic Environment Scotland ) web site. I visited Stirling Castle recently and the investment over the past few years is worth seeing. If you decide that you “really” have time on your hands HES are always looking for volunteers!!!
  3. It may be 2-2 at halftime but I tell you, Binos will prevail - I hope!
  4. If there is a game where everything is going to come together this should be it. I will be more adventurous - dangerous when you are a Bino. A score of 5-0 is certainly possible.
  5. Don’t care if they weren’t the most spectacular goals they were very necessary. It’s a long way North to travel back if you don’t get a result. As it is fans and players got a real boost. Accept your point Pete, Brechin look as if they are there for the taking but don’t let’s count our chickens. We have turned it round, given the right circumstances Brechin could do the same. Kevin had it right one game at a time.
  6. Always found that Elgin are a far better attacking team rather than a defending one. If you allow them to gain confidence they thrive. Frustrate them and they begin to Fray at the edges. We have the ability to block them defensively. Question is can we score more than them?
  7. Two certainties here. I have seen penalties awarded for far less innocuous tackles and, he certainly took Bikey out. Comes down to how much contact he made with the ball before he felled Bikey. The ball certainly changed direction so it’s a matter of judgement but, on balance, I would say it was far more of a penalty than the one which was given to Clyde.
  8. thats upmarket Kirkintilloch isn’t it?
  9. What? It’s Clyde, it’s only the Clyde We drew with the Hibees, just look back in pride and that was before Bikey was in our side the gap between us isn’t that wide. not my best but the sentiment is there!,,
  10. Judging from the highlights particularly of the Annan game the team was beginning to come together. That bodes well and, facing Clyde will allow us to judge just how far we have come. Id like to think it will be a close game. A good performance is the least i expect, a win would be great.
  11. Yup, enough of the negative waves! 😎
  12. 3 points, a goal difference of zero and, climbed to seventh in the league. Whatever else a good result. What led to Kevin being booked ?
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