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  1. As Darth says a win’s a win. Having seen the score 0-1 so many times this season 1-0 for us comes as a welcome relief. Today is a beautiful Sunday for sure and I am going to enjoy it. PS . While I am looking for consistent wins from now on I don’t really expect KR to deliver just yet.
  2. Twitter just advised that Elgin coach booked! Glad to hear it, wouldn’t want them hitching up the A9.
  3. Total shock that we are 1-0 up at half time. crossed legs for 2nd half.
  4. thank goodness it is a different team. If you let Elgin attack you they will create problems but their defence is suspect and players like Bikey should cause them problems.
  5. Lots of juicy stuff here. It makes me wonder who our elected representatives are meant to represent? They are certainly elected by a constituency but they vote for or against legislation that affects the whole country. Moreover they are GB MPs. So their boundaries of influence extend far beyond their constituency. So should they promote the predominate view in the constituency or the majority view in the country? Answers on used £5 notes please.
  6. perhaps the website is funded by the TUC?
  7. I don’t give a hang whose fault it is I just want it sorted!
  8. and you gave them all that good advice as well Darth? unbelievable!
  9. Apparently he is still around. Fair burst of speed but he didn’t have Bikey’s ball control
  10. Or those nasty European people over there have wrested the right of the British Political Elite to do whatever they want with the plebs and we are going to sort it out! Either way it’s not a pretty picture.
  11. Shows you how realistic your examples are. scenario 2 certainly has happened. A local councillor promoted acceptance of a supermarket application in the knowledge that cash would go to the common good. As I said scenario1 has also happened. politicians have always taken the view that to strengthen objectors powers or, make it easier to object would result in almost all development being frustrated.
  12. Interested in scenario 2. Councils own and manage Common Good land on behalf of the Community. There is normally no restrictions on selling it provided the proceeds are placed in a separate account and used for the benefit of the Community. Of course there may be other reasons for not selling. . Scenario 1 happens fairly regularly. Any case would go before a planning inspector who would ask himself “why does the Council want this reduced in size?” and “is the Council’s action proportionate?” Costs a lot and no guarantee of success.
  13. did we not sign the winner of the Powderhall sprint about 60 years ago. McNeil?
  14. you have to understand, these were high class old fechers!
  15. As I understand it the various treaties and agreements mean that governments will try to harmonise rates of tax (including VAT). How quickly they do this is up to them.GB still has children’s books, and clothes, not to mention new housing on Zero rates. Others have done it differently. In a global economy you are never truly independent. You depend on others as they depend on you.
  16. I can also understand why some question the right of Scots, Welsh, and Irish to vote on English matters when they can’t vote on Scottish, Welsh or Irish matters.
  17. Ah the songs of a misspent youth.
  18. That is a far more positive report than the number of sending offs and yellow cards would have you believe. Looking at the BBC stats the games in Div2 all involved 20-25 fouls. There is no suggestion that our game was any dirtier or foul strewn than others yet we ended up with 3 red cards. Sounds a bad case of lousirefitis.
  19. Apparently handball.Led to the penalty
  20. Any comments regarding team structure,?
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