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  1. Well personally I would give him until the game at Paisley against St. Mirren Colts. If we can't get anything from tomorrows game, against Albion Rovers next, then against The Buddies youngsters, then I would say that we had a problem.
  2. We'll see, and it depends on whose idea of "an exciting striker" is.
  3. I would love this to happen too, DB, but I can't see after the matches I've seen so far. When they go a goal down they play worse and haven't got a Scoobie what to do to get on equal terms. The manager is getting pissed off with it and says so after matches e.g "There was nothing in that display for us" or "we played well for 15 minutes or so but couldn't get a goal back", or some remark like these. Either the players are not doing what the manager wants and doing their own thing, or they're very poor players and aren't up for it. Displays like what we've been watching can't go on week after week until we've no chance of getting a top 4 place. KR seems to be a nice enough guy, but?
  4. Stirling Albion Nil -0 Cove Rangers 3, maybe 4 or 5. Depends on how many things we do wrong, that frustrate the manager.
  5. Maybe we don't want to be pointless and goalless in two leagues.
  6. Corporal Jones ! My grandsons and I have just watched two episodes of Dads Army. Just an aside. Ray, at the start of the season you were one of the first on this forum who was 'worried' that this was going to be another season of misery, and that we weren't going to do well, especially without a decent striker. When then, if we fail again on Saturday, do we get rid of KR because of this horrific start. We can't go on for say, 10 - 12 games because by that time we could be 15 to 20 points adrift of the rest of the table and absolutely nae change of getting back into contention for the top four. We've done this before especially with McLaren and MacKay. We haven't just played 3 games. We were very poor in the League Cup, apart from the games against Hibs (which appears to be a false dawn. We won at Methil, yes, but were the Fifers players minds on todays game against Rangers. Only they'll know that. As it stands I don't see any sign or hope of this set of players getting much better. I hope I'm wrong. Anyway here's a 'dare' for KR and the team. I said earlier that the team would finish 8th in the league. I dare the team to prove me wrong. If we finish in the first seven places, next season I'll pay full bunk for a season ticket rather than the Auld Codger's price.
  7. Yep. KR. keeps giving us the same old excuses that McDonald, McClaren and latterly MacKay gave us. I've had enough of these excuses. If they came out with "This group of players are not what I hoped from, and I've made a big mistake", then probably I would respect that.
  8. Looks like, that when we go a goal behind, we're not capable of fighting for an equaliser, never mind a winner. I'm beginning to think that this bunch of players that KR signed early in the transfer window. were punted by their former teams as they were no bloody use to them, hence their availability so early. If we can't have a "team" of players representing Stirling Albion, who are not trying or not good enough, then they don't deserve us, as loyal supporters for many years, following them around the country, spending lots of money to see them fail week in, week out. I know it's early in the league season but I haven't seen anything that makes me think they are capable of turning the poor form, around. KR. has to get them playing for the sake of the club and the supporters. Players coaches and managers can easily bugger off, at the end of the season, and find somewhere else to extend their careers, but if we finish up bottom of the league, with possible demotion to the Lowland League, its the loyal fans that will suffer, while they can get Stirling Albion out of their system somewhere else. Earlier this season the forum had a poll for our finishing position, in the league, and I put 8th. Boy, if we do finish 8th, I'd be very relieved. I know that in recent seasons we've been concerned about finishing bottom, and around this time last season KR. came to our rescue and dug us out of a similar position, well Kevin now is the time to prove "your magic" last season wasn't a fluke, and you can do it again.
  9. Yeah you're right to say that it was great to watch. Could have been about 6 - 2 to us, but I'll settle for 2 - 0. Duffy's goal was similar to Jordan White's goal for us, in the same net, 5 years ago. Great result, on a fine night, for what sounds like a good crowd of Binos fans. Let's hope that this form continues.
  10. I'll bring you in a packet, if you like. Do you want the Red or Blue type wrapper, for the Cove Rangers game?
  11. Well, as players often say, "what happens in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room, so we're no' likely to find out.
  12. I think the club's recent post says that Banner can play, and Ross can't. The rules on sendings off are no' as simple as they used to be or I'm maybe just too auld to understand them. I' m confident however that McGregor will make a difference when he's fit again.
  13. On Tuesday we get a break from league duty, ( the one Stirling Albion Nil play in), and take part in the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer thingy cup, (that title takes the biscuit.) Anyway that gives KR a chance to try out 5 or 6 of those other 15 players he took on this summer. I expect Binnie to play in goal, so that should be "fun". I won't be going as they won't be any free handouts of my favourite biscuit, (as well as Kit Kats, Wagon Wheels, Blue Ribands, etc,). I expect another defeat, but at least there are no points to lose.
  14. Pete. You were supposed to be taking a relaxing brekk, REMEMBER.
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