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  1. A bit OTT. A scabby 1 goal more than they get will do me.
  2. I was reliably informed, before the game, that water/dampness got into the tannoy system and buggered it up.
  3. Yeah. If we could play for the majority of the game, like we showed the urgency in the last 10 minutes or so, then perhaps we wouldn't find ourselves at the arse end of the table. The Warriors were no better than us, maybe worse, but we were unable to command the game and seal a win. Next week won't be pretty either.
  4. Just read the draw. Helluva journeys for Auchinleck, Berwick and Gala F.R. My son is involved with the third team so he might be going to that game. Anyhow Strathspey may have been wanting to come to our place, to see the historic surroundings and spend a few bob in our Supporters lounge.
  5. Hopefully after we've done the winning, we can get stuck into the wining. (sorry I couldn't help myself. I know it was a typo)
  6. Ah ken whit you mean. I was pleased with the result until I found out about the missed penalty. I know we're only 5 points away from 4th place, but I'm not confident that this group of players could get us promoted. I hope I'm wrong but cannae see it.
  7. Bet you never thought that you would say that.
  8. I take it that either nobody went or they're keeping, what took place, a secret.
  9. I'd want bugger all to do with these 2 clubs and have no time for them. It's my opinion that Elgin have strikers, players who can score goals, and one especially. Of course I want my team to win, but I haven't seen anyone in our team to provide goals. What I would give to have Daz. Smith in our team, rather than sitting on Clyde's bench.
  10. They've already beaten soundly earlier in the league cup, and I won't be surprised if it occurs again tomorrow. There will have to be an enormous change in our playing style and a helluva lot of good luck. We'll see.
  11. 1. That's not for me to decide, that's what the board's for. I'm not up to date on who is available and who isn't. 2. Personally, with this group of players, neither Pep nor Klopp could get them to be a football team. 3. OK. 4. I believe that Bikey approached the club on his return to Scotland and believe that the Chairman encouraged KR, after testing his fitness and availability, to sign him up. That's my reading of the situation. I appreciate that both of us are concerned about the club's current position, but neither of us, or for that matter, all of the rest of us Binos supporters, are going to have say in what happens in the coming weeks. Let us hope that circumstances change and we might have a smile on our faces soon.
  12. If the club do sack KR, I hope they have somebody lined up to take his place, or at least somebody they would like to approach. Leaving the manager's position vacant for weeks and having to go through the interviewing procedure, could cause us to be a further 6 to 12 points behind the rest of the pack, and make it harder to catch up. Apart from Bikey, the rest of the summer's window players, were KR's signings weren't they?
  13. Are you confident KR will turn things round, then. From what I've seen of him, in the dug out recently, he's not as animated as he used to be and at times looked crestfallen. I think he's regretting taking on some of his summer signings.
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