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  1. Looking forward to this game.It will be my first Binos game since the playoff matches against Peterhead 18 months ago.Hopefully a good game and would be great to see a win here and head into the draw for the next round.
  2. A good 3 points.Looks like we ground out a result against a side who are sitting in a position in the league where we would rather be.
  3. I agree with much of what has been said before,close down Coves midfield and we we can get something from this game.
  4. I agree to an extent,but taking time to line up a shot is sometimes an opportunity lost as it gives the opposition time to read what your going to do,especially goalkeepers. Good strikers in and around the box have their own rules.Quick thinking and the element of surprise is what counts.Big toe,heel,hip,bum,chest,head,deflections etc.,are all ways of boosting your goal tally.When it comes to scoring goals in and around the box,then forget about coaching manuals as anything legal counts.A wee bit of flair and individualism goes a long way.
  5. Very pleasing result today and shows that with a bit of confidence we can score goals.We do have the best defensive record in the league after today's results and IMO is a sign of a decent team.
  6. As has been mentioned before,Alan Moore had the same problem at one time, playing decent enough football outfield but no goals to show for it.Pretty much coaching manual stuff and trying to pass the ball into the net. He got the players to be more ruthless around the 18 yard box,looking for loose balls deflections etc.,instead of waiting on the ball coming to their feet or head.It paid off then and went on to have a good season. Cove have been fairly free scoring so far but appear to be not so good defensively. I'm going to buck the pessimistic trend on here and go for a Beenos win on Saturday.3 points on Saturday and we will be only 4 points of the league favourites with 32 games to go. We've been'0' too many times this season,let's get back to being the Binos.
  7. Nah , I think your dreaming about us having a clean sheet.I think we wil win 8-7.
  8. Goals appear to be easy to come by for the opposition.We've had 10 years of poor defending,which is why are an average second division club and it doesn't look like it's going to improve any time soon.
  9. Oh dear,back to normal.Nae defence.
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