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  1. Enjoyed my trip up north yesterday. Felt it was an excellent defensive performance but we still managed to create a couple of very decent chances. Wasn't great to concede such a late goal but Cove had the bulk of possession and have two players in Fyvie and Glass who are easily Championship players. Kev could easily have been sent off for two bookable offences but thought he was excellent. We really need Bikey and Peters fit. Those two along with Duffy and Heaver will score and create enough chances to get us up the table. Was interesting speaking to a couple of Cove fans. They said we were the best side who have visited their ground and were glad someone was giving them a proper game.
  2. A narrow 2-1 defeat isn't the worst result against a team like Cove but the performance wasn't good enough. The manager admitted it in his post-match interview. You cannot afford to stand off players like Glass or Fyvie and that proved to be the case - their midfield dominated. I felt like Cove treated the game like a training exercise. Hartley's HT team talk must have lasted 5 minutes max before the Cove players came back out, chatted amongst themselves before some exercises. They definitely took their foot off the gas in the second half and I feel we could have lost by a bigger margin. One positive is the signing of Duffy. You can tell he has played at a higher level previously and he will be an asset for us moving forward. I do feel once Jordan McGregor is back, we will look stronger at the back. Having him out injured along with McGeachie's suspension and playing players out of position really doesn't help the manager. Onwards and upwards. Hoping we can secure the signing of Bikey or someone on loan that can give the fans some excitement. It's a rubbish feeling to lose every week.
  3. Game changer. Thanking you.
  4. How do you block someone?
  5. Have to agree Pete. I really expected the manager to come out and say we fear Cove and he expected a tanking tomorrow. Saying he fears nobody and is looking forward to tomorrow is simply inexcusable.
  6. Agree with a lot of comments. Yesterday was concerning. I do agree with the manager that the effort was there but sadly the quality wasn't. We have no/little width. The centre of defence is concerning with McGregor out injured and McGeachie suspended for next week. Along with the lack of width, the centre of the park was a concern. We obviously can't rely on Wilson to score screamers every game. Jardine drifts in and out games. Felt Nicoll was solid. He did give the ball away for the goal but also made 4-5 timely interceptions that could have resulted in Queens Park getting a shot away. Felt Banner should have closed down Galt for their winner but he was solid on the whole. Mackin desperately needs some support. Plus points - I don't think we will concede as many as last season if all our players are fully fit. Currie is also a brilliant shot stopper and Nicoll is a solid defensive midfielder. Mistakes will happen otherwise they wouldn't be playing at this level. Hopefully we can get in 1-2 loan players - a decent winger in the Morrison mould would be good and a striker. It can be done, especially with Morrison and the likes of Scott Banks being a huge success with Clyde last season. It is hard in getting folk/neutrals along to games. A mate said to me yesterday that it's hard justifying the £14 for what's being served. You just need to sell it and say the opposition will be decent.
  7. I'm not sure I agree with this statement. If we win, it doesn't necessarily mean we will finish in the top half of the table. If we get beat, it doesn't necessarily mean we will have a poor season. We have a lot of new players in the squad and it's about bedding them in and giving them minutes. Whilst I wasn't overly pleased with the starting 11 last night, I can see why a lot of changes were made. Players simply need minutes in their legs at this stage of the season to build up fitness. Last night the defending was absolutely shocking but also a good learning curve. Don't think Binnie could have done much for any of the goals but need to see the highlights. Trusdale (sp?) was brilliant when came on against Hibs but Linn had him in his back pocket. But the whole defence could have done a lot better. The midfield didn't offer much protection but as others have pointed out, we did pass the ball around fairly well and at 3-1, missed a few chances to bring us back into the game. Hopefully Nichol will be fit for Saturday. I do believe he will be a crucial player for us.
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