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  1. Doubtful we’ll need a hosing TWS but we’re hosting both Semi Finals on Sunday 😉 Rangers v Glasgow City 12:00 p.m. Hibs v Motherwell 3:30 p.m.
  2. Point taken Craigy. By way of explanation, I’ve agreed a trade off with Active Stirling. Last season we had three regular users of Forthbank; ourselves, Stirling Uni and Motherwell Reserves, which meant that for a good number of weeks throughout the winter there were three games on the pitch - Saturday, midweek, Saturday. With Motherwell having been removed from the equation, finances had to be balanced. A smaller number of high profile UEFA/SFA/SWFA fixtures more than achieves that and is very likely to mean we don’t have additional fixtures between November and at least mid March, when the weather is at its worst and there’s no grass growth. Not ideal but finance has to play a part and I’m confident we’ll be in a much better place with the pitch this season than last. Stuart
  3. KR not registered as a player.
  4. Be waiting for you at Reception from 2:00 p.m. tomorrow Robert. 👍😁🇵🇪 I believe there was a message on the Website to this effect earlier this week but not 100% sure.
  5. Just a short message from me in support of Beautiful Sunday having been made aware that some former Rave On! members may be reluctant to sign up because of concerns re the motives of the Site Owner in filling the void left by unfortunate and unavoidable closure of Gorilla’s Forum. I can confirm that Beautiful Sunday’s owner is a good guy and his motives are entirely honourable! Please spread the word and fill yer boots! Stuart
  6. Just to add fuel to the fire the official wording for Paul’s booking is as follows... Paul McLean 44 Caution B1i Handles the ball deliberately (B1i is the Offence Code Identifier) Deliberate? 🤔😳
  7. Missed out on David Wallace as well. Welcome back Pete. 😉😁
  8. Hibs advised via a full Match Planning Exchange between our Safety Officer and his Hibs counterpart.
  9. Update Assuming Ben’s travel plans run to schedule, he will be back in time to film on Monday night. 🎥 🎬👍🇵🇪😁
  10. True but it will stand up to that test a helluva lot better if it’s in prime condition in July/August. Also, it’s not so much how a pitch looks, it’s what’s happening beneath the surface. Our Groundsman is confident the pitch will look fine for the Hibs game but his concern relates to the length of root. Ideally it would be around 9 inches but given the time since seeding, it was forecast to be nearer 4-5 inches at best. The issue that creates is obvious - studs dragging the grass out of the ground by the root. Fingers crossed the recent spell of good weather will have pushed the estimated growth up.
  11. Checked Ben’s holiday dates and he’s not back until Monday. Suspect Hibs will be first match covered by SATV.
  12. Not sure. Ben might still be on holiday but definitely back for the Hibs game, if not Hamilton Accies.
  13. Correct information - on all counts! Not advertised because of the Behind Closed Doors status.
  14. PS I’m not convinced @rrfcupdates was actually at the game. 😂
  15. I’d be embarrassed if we behaved in such a biased manner. Thanks to Ben and our Twitter Men, there’s no chance of that happening. You expect a bit of selective editing in favour of your team but there’s no excuse for leaving out Dylan’s “goal”. Those that were there will confirm it was a great build up, cross and finish. Never mind, the Boys done good! 👍🇵🇪
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