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  1. Ach well, we may as well not bother turning up with all these clairvoyants about 🤷‍♂️ Jeez - I’m thinking you reap what you sow. The fickleness of fans is unbelievable at times. When do you actually start to believe in what you want to fight for? Or if it’s too hard, maybe we shouldn’t try? It’s not that we can’t improve or be overly optimistic, but it’s harder to motivate a team of people when you’re beaten before you begin. As well as handing an advantage to your rivals - if your own fans think that, what do your opposing fans think. We question the attitudes of players when they don’t perform. Perhaps holding the mirror up to our own attitudes is harder still? I’m accused of being a dreamer and an optimist so perhaps I should be more realistic about things? Perhaps begin to accept we’re beaten before we start? But then again, I don’t feel that’s an acceptable public attitude for the representative of a club. As a trust member, and a club board member, I suspect that attitude wouldn’t cut it to those it’s actually a privilege to serve.
  2. Cheer up, chaps. Great to see Kevin Nicoll getting some game time. He’ll be an influence. I’m also encouraged by the development of Cammy T. He’s becoming a consistent performer with a great energy to his game. I have a great deal of faith that the team will bond. We’re starting to see a starting 11 that can perform. The season hasn’t started yet and some are writing off our chances before a ball has been kicked in the league. We may as well blame the purple kit colour! I’m a believer that it takes time to build success. If it were that easy, every club would be doing the same things and getting the results they desire. Success requires hard work and commitment, and I’ve seen a difference in the players commitment levels and work rates on and off the pitch. Possibly contra to what may be perceived, they actually do care what fans think; furthermore, they also read what people think of them so please think before you criticise. Not one of them rocks up to put in a poor show. Some have better days than others, much like everyone does at work. Does that make you poor? Only a season can truly answer that, and I think we can start to make some judgements once the season is under way.
  3. In you pop....🔴⚪️🇵🇪 2C03BD14-6630-4538-97C4-BE5C71ADC4DA.MP4
  4. Here’s the YouTube link to how it was reported back in the day. Brings a smile to the face 🔴⚪️🇵🇪😃
  5. Love a brew out my 20-0 ceefax mug. 20/08/97 Scottish League Cup Goalscorers for Binos Andy Paterson John Gibson Steve McCormick (2) Tommy Tait Craig Taggart Goalscorers for Killie Jerome Vareille Paul Wright Hope this helps
  6. Waiting for the new squad to be photographed in Stirling Albion kit. Happening towards the end of this month, I’m told. Hope to load the pictures alongside sponsors soon after 👍
  7. Very proud of our team today. They never gave up and looked as sharp as their full time rivals today. I thought we look light years differently defensively from last season. Leaking goals shouldn’t be a problem. It was also great to hear renditions of Rave On from the stands, and the appreciation from the players at the end shows how important it is to them. All in all, good omens and a belief we can continue to build on this result.
  8. I was told there will be no supporters bar until the return of league action
  9. I hadn’t heard that Son of RaveOn was back in business. Great to see this up and running @gorilla Would you like me to ask the club Twitter account to post something on there too?
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