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  1. Wasn’t there but happy enough with a point and a 2nd consecutive clean sheet. Builds on the result from last week.
  2. Yeah I was more just checking he hadn’t resigned or something. Hopefully not, would be a bad way to end things after a game like that.
  3. Usually the club Twitter has a statement from the manager after each game. But nothing tonight. It’s all gone a bit quiet.
  4. Josh Peters now has 3 goals I think? That’s pretty promising. Hopefully between him, Duffy and Bikey we will have enough of a goal threat to climb the table. Mackin may find his opportunities rare now. And Hawke could end up released at this rate.
  5. Sounds like we at least battled well and 2-1 could have been a lot worse result given we played the entire second half with 9 men. More suspensions to come. When will this misery end? Already looking forward to Pete’s rant(s) this evening.
  6. So. Almost certainly 5 defeats in a row. And that’s in the bottom tier. Some achievement.
  7. I think that post absolutely nails it. We’ve been signing average or poor players for years now and it was clear before the league started that many fans were alarmed by the quality of what had been brought in.
  8. Supposedly Rovers unlucky to lose yesterday. But still, we fear no one in this league apparently. On evidence so far you’d expect us to lose again, and that should really be that for KR, though I suspect the board would give him the chance to lose 6 in a row before acting. Would be great if we scored the first goal in this one but I’d be surprised. We look lost at the moment.
  9. I see your point here and I think they’ll stick with him a bit longer. I personally wish they’d appoint someone who has some experience of being a good league manager at part-time level. (Note this is different from simply “experience”.) If KR is sacked, then find someone who has shown ability managing a part time team and appoint them. Someone who has a history of signing half decent players (KR’s biggest failing IMO). It doesn’t guarantee success obviously, but it’s a good start. No more rookies — the problem with rookies is they have no *evidence* of how good they are, so it all comes down to how well the club board thinks they come across at an interview. And if the super-optimistic board member I debated with on the season predictions thread is involved in the decision making process, I would question how good their judgment is on footballing matters. That said, the chairman’s statement was pretty clear that they won’t be sacking anyone anytime soon. I really really hope KR turns it around because everyone is furious right now and it’s all got a bit poisonous.
  10. Perhaps now you can see why hardly anyone shared your pre-season optimism.
  11. Aye it does help slightly when he at least sound like he’s acknowledging the issues. It’s frustrating when managers put so much spin on things that it sounds like they were watching a different game.
  12. Stop putting the boot into the club board Pete. It’s ridiculous. They don’t sign the players and set out the team.
  13. Before the season KR said we were going for the title. 4 defeats on the trot after a stinking League Cup campaign and we are rock bottom. I’d like him to offer his explanation for what’s gone wrong so far and why we should keep faith. Because he raised our expectations and a lot of people are very angry. You hear the board saying they’ll give him time etc, but they must see things that we don’t behind the scenes. All we see is what’s on the park and it’s spectacularly short of where we were supposed to be. Is anyone else utterly embarrassed to be a Bino just now?
  14. Or it could be Landry Zahana-Oni.
  15. It’s hard to put a hard and fast rule on it... for example if we slump to an utterly abject defeat on Saturday then that will be enough for me too. However if we play well and lose narrowly then manage a decent draw the next week then I’d stick with it. The whole thing is a bit more nuanced. Such a shame it’s come to this.
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