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  1. Or it could be Landry Zahana-Oni.
  2. It’s hard to put a hard and fast rule on it... for example if we slump to an utterly abject defeat on Saturday then that will be enough for me too. However if we play well and lose narrowly then manage a decent draw the next week then I’d stick with it. The whole thing is a bit more nuanced. Such a shame it’s come to this.
  3. I’d like the manager to complete the sentence: “I signed Lewis Hawke because...”. I am severely unimpressed with the league situation but even I wouldn’t sack him after 3 games. It’s hard to put an exact number on it but if we play the next 3 games and haven’t managed a win or even a decent couple of draws (!) then I think it would start to get silly to believe the man who ended last season so badly, and started this season (including league cup) so badly is somehow going to turn it all around. All he’s managed so far is making us even worse than we were before. It continually fecks me off that a club like Annan can lose arguably their 3 best players in the summer yet still get results way better than ours, with at least half our fanbase and presumably less than our playing budget. If we do punt KR, we could do a lot worse than trying to appoint the Annan manager in his place.
  4. Delighted with that result. Absolutely delighted. Even though it’s not the league it gives us hope.
  5. Would be nice to be pleasantly surprised with a good performance, even if we don’t win the tie. Can’t see it sadly. I would personally hope he plays his strongest team as we have chopped and changed a lot since pre season. If we had won our first 2 league games then sure have an experiment but we need to start getting some performances out of our best players firstly.
  6. Lewis “Goals” Hawke didn’t score? We didn’t score as a whole team? We’re bottom of the league? I’m absolutely shocked. Where’s that club official who called my attitude into question for expressing concern with our ability to score goals *before* the first two league games? Never mind I’m sure the next few league games against Edinburgh, Cove, Albion Rovers and Stenhousemuir will bear 12 points and everything will be fine.
  7. I think he probably is... but for the benefit of the team I think he would be better wide right than Cammy. What starting XI would you play?
  8. Ok let me phrase it another way: if we play with a holding midfielder *and* 2 strikers, who plays centre midfield? Right now we have Jardine, Wilson, Docherty... are we really dropping 2 of them to the bench?
  9. As we are struggling to create chances, might it be better to put Danny Jardine wide right to see if he can swing in a better cross than anyone else managed on Saturday? I would probably bench Cammy and bring in Dom Docherty to centre midfield alongside Wilson. Kevin Nichol is a conundrum. He was excellent in the first half last week but not in the 2nd. He also plays between defence and midfield. If we are going with 2 up front then I’m not sure we can play with such a defensive midfielder. Not sure what options we have wide left? If Cammy can play there then I’d prefer him to Willis — he barely got involved at all last weekend Hope McGregor is back for this one with Ross suspended.
  10. I’m not sure I buy the premise that the manager just needs to mould / tweak the team. I’m much more concerned with the standard of player we have and their ability to create and take chances. That’s why player recruitment is so vital. I think who the manager decides to sign is much more critical than tactics and coaching, especially as this level when his time to coach is limited. Agreed that end of the first quarter is good time to take stock. If we have less than 8 points after 9 games then he has to go.
  11. Feeling dejected and disappointed and mightily frustrated. Really hoped my predictions that we would struggle would be disproven but sadly we just don’t look inspired in the slightest. McLean and Willis — no thanks. The formation — no thanks. I think we had one decent chance the whole game. One up top and very limited support from the flanks. And the amount of times the defence just punted the ball straight to a QP defender was infuriating. Referee was just utterly diabolical of course. McGeachie I think was frustrated with the lack of foul given in the build up to his red card challenge. Read in the paper the manager thinks we should be aiming for the title. On that evidence we won’t threaten the top half of the table, never mind top spot. I’m just gutted right now. I really wanted to be wrong but we look so limited going forward. God help us if we lose at Cowdenbeath next weekend, with Cove and Edinburgh following them. We’ve been so poor for so long and I just want the feelgood factor to come back. But on today’s evidence it’s nowhere to be seen.
  12. The more I think about it, the more utterly bizarre it is for someone working at the club to brandish fans “fickle” for articulately expressing concerns, and for suggesting we hold a mirror up to our own attitude. I mean, over years we’ve all read 10 times worse criticism than what’s been on this thread. To be pedantic, perhaps *some* fans are fickle. But I’m not and many others aren’t either. It’s a sweeping generalisation and somewhat insulting. I don’t know who the man is — I 100% am grateful for everyone who puts in work behind the scenes, but I think he should copy the Phoenix’s dignified neutrality when it comes to posting on forums.
  13. Fans are on a fan-run forum having a constructive discussion about concerns with the team. We aren’t the ones actually playing the games. We all support the club and we all put money in. Whether I personally forecast us to finish 1st or 10th on here will have literally zero bearing on where the team finishes this season. On here — and I’m grateful to whoever set this forum up — we are allowed to have a sensible discussion about everything to do with SAFC, good or bad, preferably without our “attitude” being questioned.
  14. To be fair I’m looking more at the relative strength of Edinburgh and Cove’s squads rather than judging them purely by results. I expect them both to fight for the title. It would feel better if Lewis “Goals” Hawke had banged in a couple. Even in the friendlies. But I don’t think him, Peters or Wright have scored in 3 friendlies plus 4 competitive matches yet? And yes it’s early days but it you look at their scoring record, the 3 strikers mentioned above scored a *combined* total of 9 goals last season. It’s night and day from Smith and McDonald. Strikers who don’t score are like defenders who can’t defend. Luckily we have Mackin who knows the way to goal. I really, really hope I’m wrong of course. Just worried as things stand.
  15. Our 3rd and 4th league games are against Edinburgh and Cove, respectively. Both those teams are way ahead of us right now and there’s a very good chance we’ll lose both. That means we really need to get a win from either Queen’s Park or Cowdenbeath. Neither of which will be easy, especially as we can’t rely on David Wilson scoring 20 yard rockets for our goals every week. As ive said before, really conscious of being negative for the sake of it but I am very worried about this season, especially if the new strikers turn out to be as tepid as all the evidence suggests.
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