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  1. 4 red cards for players in 5 games. Plus the manager losing the plot and being sent to the stand. The SPFL will be banging on our door soon.
  2. A case of hitting one's wicket. Couldn't get your leg over?
  3. Mr Turnbull is shown as one of five members of the Executive team on the official website. Perhaps he has a grand plan to prevent us being "run out" of League 2 at season end?
  4. The chairman has been party to the last three appointments. The cricket-loving member is Mr Turnbull.
  5. It is all very well folk on here and on the Supporters Club Facebook page calling for the manager’s head now, or threatening to do so if results don’t come. He would have to be replaced by someone to take on the role. So who makes the decision as to who gets appointed? The Board presumably. But the Board does not consist of anyone who has extensive and technical experience of what is required to be a reasonably successful football coach. Indeed, one Board member has confessed that he knows f*ck all about football and that his leanings are towards cricket. God knows what he brings to the party. The Board have an abysmal record in the matter of appointment of reasonably successful managers, not least the chairman who has presided over the last three failures. What is to say that he won’t be party to a fourth? As long as the current Board members are left to make such important decisions – almost certainly doomed to failure – we might just as well stick with Kevin in the hope that he can turn things around, however long it takes.
  6. The last 18 games have yielded - one win, 5 draws, and 12 defeats. Convert that into points (8), extrapolate for a whole season of 36 games and we have 16 points. Less than what Berwick Rangers had at the end of the season (19). The win? That was 1-0 at home to the hapless Rangers. This really does put things in perspective IMHO.
  7. I take it that the fan and you are referring to the Club Executive Board rather than the Trust Board?. They are two different entities. You have often confused the two in the past.
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