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  1. dylan bikey anyone . most exciting player i saw in a binos top in years if only lol anyway nice to hear the club board are doing all they can to get us clear off the mire were in waiting with bate breath
  2. sad to hear the news about another albion great jimmy fleming who was in the albion side that won the title in 1952 53 season . was part of the binos side that beat rangers 2-0 at annfield in 54 when willie woodburn got the first off his two red cards that season against stirling second one saw him banned sine died lifted 4 years later
  3. our problems been hire a nice guy whos popular where does that get you . i know theirs fans out there who hate me for harping back to moore . moore was at times not popular as manager. . but by god he could handle a dressing room kr would be spat out by crambie and nugget could never handle those guys . we need a manager back whos not afraid to go in a dressing room and boot arses sorry kr for me doesnt look like he could say boo to a goose and get a response . my take a heavy loss on sat . and its bye bye for me . im coming down to watch threw closed eyes would settle for getting horsed for 90 mins go up the park and score and ref blows for time up . i no doubts they will score on sat will it be enough though dont care just get a win any win
  4. i understand that mate . im going home losses mcdonald and mclarin were both punted after 4-0 defeats to the mentioned sides mclarin was toast by 3 25 3-0 down to elgin mcdonalds swan song was that stenny debacle when willie robertson nutted gary olliver right i front off the ref to get sent off . if its 3-0 or more sat. caretaker next week . kr is favourite right now to be nextt managerial casulty off this season in the sack race after barry smith
  5. would keep the trend up robert last two managers have been sacked after 4-0 home defeats elgin city mclarins swan song and a 4-0 cuffing from stenny was mcdonalds last act 4-0 sat and no post match interview . a 5 30 announcement. im not a betting man but would stake my money that kr will be toast sat night if its more than 3-0
  6. is it too soon to call this a must win or a point off any kind doing on sat . events at glebe park have shown now the panic that the threat off lowland league football is bringing to the table . in the current climate there is simply not margin for error . being honest and not making panic krs jacket has to be on a slack nail and im sure he knows it . i still believe in this squad theirs quality there with players with a proven track record darryl duffy is certainly one what we need is a system that is clear clean and concise to the players so they know what there meant to be doing . cove will bring all kinds of trouble on sat certainly in the precence off mitch migginson 50 goals plus last season found a home for himself and certainly a miles better player than he ever showed at alloa . paul hartley will be rightly chomping at the bit for the game on sat . and why wouldnt he be probably feels its the best time to play stirling a team in turmoil . and with a run off games after sat that wont get any easier i dont know as fans what team will turn up at the weekend will another 1-0 defeat buy him some further time to get it right or a horrendous 3 or 4 goal defeat convey to the board . that the managers time has come and gone whatever it aint gonna be pleasent on sat . and come 4 45 its going to be breath a little easier for now . or a manager being asked to come into the office for a word . i really believe one way or another things are going to change after sat . brechin have forced the issue into the forefront . and i for one dont believe the club board have not watched that with a little bit off panic prediction for sat stirling 1 cove 3
  7. feel sorry for barry smith the one man who stepped up to the plate when everything was falling apart at dundee drove the mini bus washed the kit . a real football person . feel hes been punted at brechin for non football related matters there struggling finance wise . and probably are in a worse state than we are they for me look a team that could drop threw the trapdoor . like cowdenbeath relegation after relegation catch up with you . most pundits did have brechin down to finish bottom
  8. my one wish is to see a return to the days when we had a team to get excited win lose or draw . the best off times where the moore years with the daft as a brush manager , and a dressing room full off caracters you couldnt help loving these guys crambie snoddy chris aitken stewart devine when players and fans bought into everything binos . one day guys . hope we have something to tell the grand kids about
  9. i apolgise buster for driving you crazy mate . il tone down my posts accordingly. just so frustrating to see another manager make a pigs ear off things . i honestly think this is a team that are top4 material darryl duffy and josh peters have proven how good they are . just need to find a system to suit them . im thinking off coming down at the weekend see if i can bring them luck . im in a fairly good place just now had a nice wee windfalll that will see me at least into 2022 . im planning at the moment to get sorted out . for a weekend break in aberdeen around the weekend off the cove game add to my bucket list that and st mirren game . will leave hamilton as the only one off the 44 grounds ive not been in the rest multiple visits. so sorry again buster . will only post now at weekends after games and promise no ranting i agree doesnt serve any purpose
  10. hawke has been to say the least a brutal signing certainly one off the managers worst . signed i believe on the fact they played together at morton i dont know whats went wrong with mackin looks overweight and totally out off shape . peters and duffy for me will score goals with the correct service i agree darth lose to cove , albion rovers and stenny . then it certainly is game over and were back searching for the next man prepared to dip his toes . in shark infested water
  11. dont have a answer wish to hell i did . do we not pay managers enough . dont know. what i do know . is sirling albion are a club that too me are still a attractive fit to someone with ambition its tragic to watch the club wither away like a unwanted season . time to maybe bite the bullet and put the club on the market to a potential owner . and dont give me guff about someone not being intrested .this is a football club crying out to be rescued
  12. you have to believe onetime . yoiul get it right . there is a trend that managers come in have a brief period off success and looks like they may be the right fit . comes a time when it falls apart thats scott . mcdonald . mclarin . mackay now kr . i dont get it .is it their shortcomings or something more to the fact they just dont have it . it frustrates the hell out off me watching alloa have success after success in picking managers that all make a impact and go on to better themself. jim goodwin the latest . why oh why did we not approach paul hartley when he was out there . no we go for the cheap option per usual and like when wiley coyote when chasing road runner . he constantly ends up falling off the cliff face . like a earlier post , feels like were reliving the same day time after time groundhog day gets worse with each passing year
  13. our current managerial position and state the club is in . is solely the responsibility off the board off the club . who continually get taken in by flim flam smooth talkers who promise they are the chosen one . and we are taken in like saps . allan moore for me right now is the only guy out there that could arrest the slide were in . best manager the clubs had in 30 years has the stats to prove it . only thing would he come back to work with the board just now . thats the issue. . if the truth be told . we dont have any club board member . with any real football acumen its a lot harder to deliver . in the flesh that playing on your playstation . with our current board there going to drive fans away as we continue to downsize to the level off the shire . get used guys to seeing 8th place as our place in the grand scheme off things . club for me doesnt have the money or ambition to get any further . my solution and only one that makes sense is put the club out to tender . and get proper football men in running the club . which is something we dont have
  14. for christ sake . get kr out the door now . that post match interview is the biggest lot off waste off time woffle ive ever listened too hes living in denial off the damage hes inflicting . its almost a f...ck you to the fans . that line im not intrested in what anyone has to say this week just wont the cove game to start . aye right . jonny harvey mark 2 . and we know where berwick are now . sorry guys . i wont be back till the car crash off a manager is gone from forthbank another useless rookie . were like a puppy farm picking up waives and strays hoping once we might pull; out a wee gem . sorry doesnt work we got lucky with allan moore and peters money to back him since then nothing but crap beautifal sunday not
  15. best and most sensible post on here , spot on robert these players and manager take us threw the trapdoor to obscurity and what the hell do they care . walk out the door and not give us a second glance and thought if relegation comes . as usual the fans that invest the time money and effort are left to rue the day . relegation even three games in is looking a distinct possibility . weve played 11 competitive games this season in all formats and won once . thats shocking . weve been on a downward trajectory since we lost 3-2 at elgin . and im afraid at the moment theirs nothing to suggest that kr and martin have the ability to pull us out off this slippery slope. me . id sack the management team before any further damage is inflicted on the sagging club we are .when we used to go threw to bainsford we used to laugh at the comments spot the shire supporters . boots firmly on the other foot now . time for colin rowley , to step up to the plate . i know for a fact hel be hurting if anybody can help pull us out off a slide . hes the man id trust most . others afraid im not so sure off darth has critcised me for having a pop in the past about people in charge . will time for them . in our hour off need . to step up to the plate and show what they can do . its easy to throw away cheap lines . not so easy to produce
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