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  1. Cheap wages Pete. It’s unbelievable to get your head around that a semi-professional team has shirt fillers, but this squad is full of them. The manager can only spend the budget he is given (Stuart Brown has already stated that bringing more money is an issue) and also has to decide how many players he needs to get through the season.
  2. No, it’s more fun watching you stamping your feet like a petulant child who isn’t getting what they want! I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again. If the club sack KR who do they get in that is guaranteed to do a better job with the squad that they will inherit? If you can’t answer that question then it’s not KR that’s the main problem. By the way I don’t rate KR as a manger either, but I’m not prepared to shit the bed yet based on the current situation. I don’t think changing the driver is going to make this car any better. The parts will still be the same. In response to your earlier comment about the board backing KR with the budget. The signings of Duffy and Bikey seem reactive to the situation. I’d guess both will be at the top end of the squad pay scale or certainly on more money than Peters and Hawke. So, if that money had been available since the start of the season why was it not spent then? As has been pointed out already, it is probably still cheaper for the board to find extra cash for those two players than to have to pay off yet another management team and start the cycle over again.
  3. Elgin City, Queens Park, Albion Rovers and Brechin City have all only won 2 games. Mackay had 3-0 loses to Clyde and Albion Rovers and 3-1 to Edinburgh City in the first quarter last season. Its still far to early to be pressing the panic button. Challenging for the title was never a reality this season and KRs biggest mistake was publicly starting that it was. At best this squad would be competing for 4th. More likely it will be challenging of mid-table mediocrity along with the rest of the teams highlighted above. Rightly or wrongly KR trusts these players. Any new manager brought in during the season would be looking to empty as many of them as possible out in January. Then the rest the following summer. The turnover this summer was 18 players out and 17 players in I think. That in itself is another reason the team is where it is at this point in time.
  4. KR is not the problem, it’s the structure of the club. You could sack KR tonight and we will be having the exact same conversation at this time next season. Stuart Brown has also stated how finance is an issue. Unless the playing budget can be increased you are going to still be attracting the same quality of player.
  5. The team are not really much worse off than before this game was played. Still not lost a game by +2 goals. 27 games still to play and 81 points up for grabs.
  6. The team looked like it wanted to start 4-3-3, but shifted to a 4-diamond-2 very quickly with Bikey behind the forwards. It then changed to a flat 4-4-2 (Bikey wide) before finally going 4-3-3 then finishing 4-2-4. I’m not sure how many of these changes were manager led and how many were players doing it themselves though.
  7. People might want to start taking an interest in Queens Park results. They could go bottom some point soon.
  8. Hopefully in a much happier place than when he was constantly posting on here. The whole mood of this forum is better for him not posting in my opinion.
  9. I doubt KR will be to concerned about trying to appease you. You don’t seem like the target demographic to measure anything by.
  10. That’s the spirt! There are a couple of clubs in Glasgow who might fulfil your needs a bit more! 👍🏽
  11. To be fair three out of the last four Stirling ‘managers’ had no management experience. That seems to be on the desirable opposed to the essentials list. Management is skill that is not developed through playing football either. My concern about Drinkell is that he hasn’t managed at this level for 19 years. The game and training methods have changed significantly over that period of time. More importantly, Drinkell seems to be in the same demographic as the rest of the board members, 60ish and male. My thoughts are that the board needs younger members with fresh ideas and alternative opinions getting brought to the table. This is known as the wisdom of crowds theory, which suggests you are more likely to arrive at the best options if you listen to a diverse group of people (with the exception of Pete and a few others). Lastly, I know we are discussing semantics here, but a DoF would or should not be in sole charge of selecting a manager. Also, one of the main drivers for developing a position such as a DoF would be to hopefully reduce the number of managers being employed by the club in the first place.
  12. I’m glad that they have finally accepted this. It has been constantly reiterated to them since I started showing an interest in Albion back in 2011. However, to accept this point and not to act upon it almost seems like negligence from the board. This would obviously be an issue, but the board surely need to complete some sort of feasibility report on how this idea could progress forward. It could be as simple as advertising it as a voluntary opportunity and see what kind of response comes back. The club don’t have to commit to employing anyone. If no one fits the bill then you consider a paid position. To be honest, I think it should be a paid post. Essentially we are both talking about a Director of Football role here. This role differs from club to club and it would be a task in itself the club coming up with a job description specific to Stirling Albion. I am sure there are a number of people performing this role in elite professional football who could provide the club help and guidance with this if they wished to do so. I’ll take your Kevin Drinkell example and raise you Ross Wilson-type candidate. Anyone who is unfamiliar with Ross should do a little bit of research on his background and CV. Short version is that he has a Masters in Sports Management from Stirling Uni. He started off at Falkirk FC where he grew in to the role of DoF. Since then he moved to England to do similar roles with Watford, Huddersfield and Southampton. I think he is still in his mid 30s He has no professional football playing background and nor does he need it. Stirling would obviously be looking for the Falkirk version of Ross. A young ambitious guy or lady who is looking to progress in the game. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34202470 As for taking cash away from the playing budget, my response would be how much of that budget is getting wasted every half-season emptying the squad and bringing in new players? How much is getting wasted paying off managers with ~6 months left on their contract? The board always seem very good at providing something extra when the chips are down e.g., Bikey or to give the new guy a chance with his own players. Does this money come out of the rainy day pot that was discussed a few years back? If so, has anyone else noticed it has been raining a hell of a lot lately. The DoF role isn’t a quick or short-term fix, so another alternative to try and help KR might be to bring in an experienced head as an Assistant Manager. My brain is fried for the night, so I am struggling to come up with an example for this one at the moment. Anyway, as I’ve said previously the structure and organisation of the club has to change and the cycle needs to stop. As Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.”
  13. I’m not sure how many defeats in a row I’d give him to be honest. I think I’d be more guided by the immediate teams above. I’d also would be more concerned if the defeats were more than single goals. What I do know is that the club desperately need to try and break the cycle of sacking managers in October/November. You are absolutely right about trying to be better than one more team in the league, but that ties in with my point about breaking that sacking cycle. We have all been watching the exact same film with a different set of cast for some time now. I also believe that there could be a number of alternative strategies that the club should be trying before sacking yet another manager. The board really need to be reviewing why this situation keeps occurring and what they can put in place to change the structure or organisation of the club. To hang it all on the manager is simply not good enough.
  14. Likewise it not for you to decide when KR should be sacked. I still can’t understand why someone who thinks this team will finish 8th is championing for the manager to get sacked. So, if neither of those elite managers could get a tune out of these players why not just let KR get on with it and we can see what happens further down the line? I believe that Brechin have played their hand far to early (or late as Smith shouldn’t have been renewed after last season). I’m not particularly concerned about Wilson going in as Manager and I don’t think their squad is any better than Stirling’s. Five games into the League season is to early to be panicking.
  15. 1. Who would you go for to replace KR? 2. How confident are you that they could do any better? 3. I am agreeing with you that these players are KR signings. You haven’t read my post properly. 4. Why are you not classifying Bikey as a KR signing?
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