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  1. I'm the opposite. If I were a Brechin fan I'd be very worried indeed. They should have emptied Barry Smith at the end of last season rather than let him build this squad only to get rid of him so early in the season. I'm not sure that Wilson is the man to turn things around either. There has been pretty much no new manager bounce or change in fortunes. I think there maybe a point later in the season as to whether the club will have to stick or twist with him. Building squads in January is always a high risk approach as well as not being a very financial efficient, i.e., paying players off before bringing more players in presumably with higher wages. The scariest thing is that Stirling could easily be in the same situation as Brechin are right now if the Board had listened to some fans. Watch Brechin go on and win today now!!!
  2. Firstly, it shouldn’t just be down to the strikers to score goals. Secondly, the strikers are largely dependant on the service they are provided. Thirdly, if a team is struggling to score goals there is an obvious way to compensate for that.
  3. Remote analysis of football matches is always a tough gig to pull off.
  4. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of Banner when he has been selected at central defender. Bit I do understand how difficult it is for a young player to get minutes in that position when your mistakes are so obvious (and costly). That is the reason young central defenders sometimes start out at full-back before moving in central. It was obvious yesterday that Kyle was put in a role that he wasn’t prepared for (as confirmed above by TP). Kevin coached him well through the game in terms of positioning. The other players also helped him out by providing close support when needed. Stirling won neither because of or in spite of Banner playing CM. Nor was Banner the best performer in a Stirling shirt. However, considering the circumstances it was good that he got recognition with the MotM award. I agree with the post above about Banner’s distribution in possession, which is one of the reasons I’m not fussed on him at CD. But I think that it is something that could be developed over time. It essentially comes down to decision making and composure on the ball. Lastly, I though Banner was significantly more mobile in CM than Nicoll and he broke the play up well. If there are opportunities to give him more minutes in that position over the rest of the season it might be worth seeing if he is capable to do it more regularly. I also think that playing that kind of role will make him a better CD in the long run.
  5. It’s great to see that results are no longer dictating the narrative. Seems like some progress has been made off the pitch as well.
  6. I haven’t mentioned a single word about the time it takes to line up a shot. I already know that the majority of goals scored at all levels of football come from first time shots. Also, if you are in a position to be shooting with your bum, heel, hip etc then I would suggest that you are already in a high quality shooting position. If you think we should ‘forget about coaching manuals’ you should read about Rene Meulensteen literally coaching Ronaldo to do the things you have outlined above. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/real-madrid/10272433/The-secrets-behind-the-development-of-Real-Madrids-Cristiano-Ronaldo-revealed-by-Rene-Meulensteen.html That is one quick example of a player being coached to become a better finisher. If you do some of your own research you will find plenty more. My original points about shooting and scoring still stand.
  7. Stirling will probably have to match Cove in the middle of the park this time. In the last game, Cove’s midfield triangle of Scully, Fyvie and Masson playing in the hole bossed Nicoll and Docherty to the point that Docherty was hooked before half-time. Fyvie is the best player in this league by a country mile. He really should be playing at a much higher level. I was really impressed with Scully as well. While the Cove back four might not be the strongest defensively, they are all very comfortable on the ball and their build-up play from the back was excellent. I agree with the previous post that Stirling should look to make Cove play long from the goalkeeper and make the game scrappy when not in possession. I think someone like Heaver could cause them problems on the counter, but I would play him wide on the left rather than through the middle for this game.
  8. For clarity, my definition of contesting for the league is first place. As people are pointing out Stirling could still get a play-off place. I think I predicted 7th place at the start of the season. Stenny are the team that have done worse than I expected so far this season. Sacking their manager early hasn’t helped them either funnily enough.
  9. A team has never been relegated in August, September, October or November for that matter. At no point this season has the team been cut adrift at the bottom of the league. If it does, then it makes absolute sense to demand change and I’ll be right there beside you demanding it. Anyone who thought that this team should have been contesting for the League has unrealistic expectations. For KR to state this at the beginning of the season is the biggest mistake he has made so far.
  10. Pete’s opinion as recent as last Wednesday. He literally got banned from the forum for continuously going on about wanting the manager sacked. So his hypocrisy knows no bounds claiming that he didn’t want the manager sacked. No amount of shape shifting is going to change that as I can read perfectly fine. As for the 360, that’s exactly what he has done. A few decent results last season and he was on here telling us all ‘this is the one’. Pete shouldn’t be shot for anything and I haven’t read anything suggesting he should. However, he should think more before he posts. Flooding the forum with posts is rather off putting. I’m really not sure why you are bringing yourself into this situation at all to be honest.
  11. Sorry Pete, but that is simply not true. You have been the main protagonist for wanting the manager out from ridiculously early in the season. Plenty of people on here were telling you why the manager should be given more time. Now that’s showing signs of fruition your doing a 360. Trust me that if you speak less people will listen to you more. 👍🏼
  12. Certainly shows the fine margins between success and failure. I hope the manager, players and the board enjoy the rest of their weekend. A well deserved win.
  13. Yeah, financing such a position would be problematic unless you go for someone who is looking to break into that area, which would be a risk in itself. I’d imagine the club would welcome alternative suggestions how to change the current situations without having to sack the manager. I totally agree with your other point about remembering where we are. The club are more often than not only going to be able to attract rookies. If that is the case then they need to be afforded time to learn on the job.
  14. It’s interesting that overseeing how money is being spent is getting classified as ‘interfering’. Again, I can’t think of any other industry where it would be called this. The senior management I’m talking about would be a Director of Football whose main priority would be to oversee the recruitment and retention of players. This would involve setting up the scouting process (traditionally scouts are employed by the manager and paid by the club. When the manager leaves so do the scouts, but more importantly so does all of their work). The DoF would organise the talent ID process (select potential targets based on some sort of SWOT analysis), they would manage the player budget, negotiate contracts etc. This would not be done in isolation from the manager. As an example, the DoF might present the manager with a list of 5 or 6 potential strikers, who they believe would improve the squad and are within budget. The manger would rank maybe his top 3 then it would be up to the DoF to recruit from that list. This is pretty much the model that all clubs will be using in 10 years time, although many well run clubs are already using it. It’s interesting that one opinion is about trying to add a layer of quality control to an organisation while the other is about being able to attribute blame to an individual (who has no or limited management experience).
  15. If directors are unwilling (to interfere) or unable (lack of knowledge) to help the manager with player recruitment it seems harsh to hold it against him when it is generally of a poor standard. Keep in mind that the manager has only two transfer windows of experience doing this aspect of the job. Maybe he will improve over time, if people are willing to give him that time.
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