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  1. 360 minutes without losing a goal from open play. That's something. Bring on Annan...
  2. 'Facts or figures' you say Buster? Here are the stats from the last 20 years. I remember thinking, when attending the Trust meeting where the new Board was appointed, 'where are all the kids'. I seem to recall I looked like one of the youngest there - and I'm the wrong side of 40. (When I say 'kids', I mean folk younger than me.) Without a shadow of a doubt, there's more competition than ever before in the entertainment and recreation industry. If you don't carve yourself out as a hub of the local community, it's always going to be a challenge to continue to get people through the turnstyles. I was at the Etihad last weekend - what they are doing is amazing. Before the games they have the 'Kids Fanzone'. It takes place in basically a hanger carpeted by astroturf, that I assume is used for winter training. But you go in there from midday and there's so much for kids to do; from bouncey castles to 5-a-side to competitions to crafting to face paints. It really is phenomenal. Now, I know we don't have a 500th of the budget that club does, but my bigger point is that it's all about engagment. My other local team Chester has a 'Director of Fan Engagement'. When you go to their games, they have a penalty shoot-out competiton at half-time that a couple of fans take part in (the Mascot is the keeper). The winning fan gets a meal at a local restaraunt or similar style prize. As I've also mentioned before, the back of thier shirt says "Our City - Our Community - Our Club" We need to find ways to bring people into the club and keep them here. I do also appreciate that's easier said than done.
  3. Just got round to watching the highlights, as I've been at a conference in London this week. What a joy! By the looks of things we thoroughly dominated the game and on another day the score could have been significantly higher. Fantastic to hear the chants of 'Binos! Binos!" ring round Forthbank again. A wee personal message to Ben - these highlights are fantastic. You're doing an absolutely grand job. I'm wondering if the club would allow you to setup a Patreon account. I'd love to give you a wee contribution every month - and I'm sure a few of the other fellow Binos would too. Please keep up the amazing work.
  4. It's an absolute pleasure reading the forum tonight. Glad everyone's smiling again. The form table shows that things are definitely turning around. We should be under no illusion, next week will be a mammoth task. Our away form is still poor and in that regard we sit second bottom of the table - and we're facing the team who has the best form home and away. But, and yes there's always a but, we're riding a 7 match unbeaten run and haven't conceded a goal in the last 270 minutes of football. It's unlikely we'll get a result, but it's certainly not beyond the bounds of possibilities.
  5. Finally it all came together! Well done KR and the boys! I was at the Etihad this afternoon, but as I said to my Man City supporting son, there was only one score I cared about today. Mon the Binos!
  6. Because I don't think you can ever make a business decision on 'one game'. I think you have to look at periods and opponents. One defeat in six League games (if we were to lose on Saturday) is not the sort of form you should sack any manager over. The form table shows we are not the worst team at the moment. And that draw against Cowdenbeath should not be undervalued. Yes, we need to be winning against Albion Rovers (see my comments above about 7 points from the next 3 home games) - but freak results (thank you Steve Archibald) do happen. Trust me, I am not willing to tolerate someone whose management threatens the survival of our club - I'm just not certain that's the case.
  7. As I've said before, I was only at the first game of the season against Queen's Park. The way the defense played that day had me terrified of what could be in store. Then seeing a player run almost two thirds of the pitch and score made me mad. It was 1-0 but I felt it could have been 5. But it seems my fears were wrong. We have the second best defensive record in the league - second to only Cowdenbeath. I wasn't at the game on Tuesday, but a 0-0 draw against the most in-form team in the League with the best defensive record - that looks like a positive result on paper. We all wish were sitting on 20+ points, but the reality is we're struggling. I've said before that the next big review should happen 7th December after our home tie to Brechin. By then we'll have also played Albion Rovers and Annan at home. We should have taken at least 7 points from those three games. Anything we get from the away ties to Elgin and Cove Rangers should be seen as a bonus. Yes, we all wish we were battering teams week in and week out - but we're not. So much in football is down to luck and circumstance. If you want KR gone today, what makes you think his successor would achieve anything better? Remember there is a large cost implication to getting rid of any manager and recruiting a new one. We shouldn't be throwing any money away unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm certainly not saying KR is going to get us promotion, but we're on a 6 game (5 in the league) unbeaten run. That counts for something, no? Mon the Binos!
  8. Guys, guys, guys! Are you not being a wee bit harsh? We just drew with a team who won their last 6 League games and had scored in each of their last 8. (Ok, ok, they got pumped in the cup replay...) We haven't lost in the League since the 31st August and are no longer bottom of the table. Yes, we are lacking in the goal scoring department, but things are improving, no?
  9. Seriously, what would sacking KR tonight achieve? For a start it would cause a financial hit which happens when you terminate a contract early. We're not a club that can afford to be spending absolutely anything more than we have to. Then it would undoubtedly unsettle the team, which could cause us our form to dip even further and thus compounding our current problems. Don't get me wrong, I'm not convinced that success is guaranteed under KR. But neither is it under any replacement. Of course, if we get pumped repeatedly by 3 or 4 goals in the next few games then that's an entirely different matter. But right now, let us not forget we haven't lost in the League since August and our form in the last 6 matches doesn't paint such a gloomy picture (but yes, it still isn't great versus where we want to be). Our next League game against Cowdenbeath will be a very good litmus test on where we actually are. The division's current most in-form team visiting Forthbank. Bring it on!
  10. Had you told us we would have scored 3, conceded 2 and taken 6 points - I think most of us would have said 'deal'. Like I disclaim, I haven't been to the games, so maybe you think this is all flattering to deceive.
  11. Listen, I haven't been to a game since the opening against Queen's Park because of where I live... But, we need to take a step back for a moment. Yes, it's been a shocking start to the season. However, there are some positives that should be noted. - Defensive Record. We've got the second best defensive record in the League having conceded only 9 goals. We've only conceded more than a single goal in 2 League games - and we haven't lost a game by a margin greater than a single goal. - 4 Games Unbeaten. A streak is a streak. Of course we'd all prefer if it was 4 wins, but it shows we have a team that, at the very least, can compete. Changing the manager this evening would be nothing more than disruptive based on the current form. So while I'm not suggesting everything is rosie, there are certainly some things to be hopeful about. We're 2 wins away from the play-off spots. It's important to keep that in mind. The next 6 League games will of course be very revealing. They include home fixtures against Albion Rovers, Annan and Brechin. We MUST win at least two of these. So I'd say 5pm on the 7th December following the Brechin game is the time to review the current situation and ask whether or not more drastic action needs to be taken. It would give us enough time to get someone else in place, in time for the transfer window opening (not that we have any cash to spend). But I'm really hoping all of this will be academic and we'll all be singing Kevin's praises while looking forward to a Merry Christmas!
  12. Football management is such a lottery. While the manager is very very important, their success depends on so many variables it's often hard to predict season-to-season, let alone club-to-club. Now, I've said this before, but our most successful managers of recent times were Brogan, Drinkell and Moore. All of them novices on taking up the position; all of them successful with us; all of them unsuccessful elsewhere. While Stewart and Scott weren't short of experience and success, yet brought neither to our Binos. My instinct (and ignorant mind) tells me we need more experienced footballing minds around the club in order to move forward - while not necessarily requiring an experienced manager.
  13. So here are some stats... It's been over a year since we lost to Annan. Our last six meetings have featured 3 or more goals in each match. You have to go all the way back to September 2013 to find a game in which we haven't scored against them. Finally here's quite a positive article about us from The National yesterday. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/17906255.stirling-albion-39-s-dylan-bikey-seen-cult-hero-amongst-fans/ Mon the Binos!
  14. Points on the board. A clean sheet. The record breaking start-to-the-season losing streak is over... No longer bottom of the table. Well done to the manager and the team! Keep it up! Mon the Binos!
  15. I've taken some time off the forum recently. Some very good and constructive points being raised here. Bravo folks, bravo.
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