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  1. Seriously, what would sacking KR tonight achieve? For a start it would cause a financial hit which happens when you terminate a contract early. We're not a club that can afford to be spending absolutely anything more than we have to. Then it would undoubtedly unsettle the team, which could cause us our form to dip even further and thus compounding our current problems. Don't get me wrong, I'm not convinced that success is guaranteed under KR. But neither is it under any replacement. Of course, if we get pumped repeatedly by 3 or 4 goals in the next few games then that's an entirely different matter. But right now, let us not forget we haven't lost in the League since August and our form in the last 6 matches doesn't paint such a gloomy picture (but yes, it still isn't great versus where we want to be). Our next League game against Cowdenbeath will be a very good litmus test on where we actually are. The division's current most in-form team visiting Forthbank. Bring it on!
  2. Had you told us we would have scored 3, conceded 2 and taken 6 points - I think most of us would have said 'deal'. Like I disclaim, I haven't been to the games, so maybe you think this is all flattering to deceive.
  3. Listen, I haven't been to a game since the opening against Queen's Park because of where I live... But, we need to take a step back for a moment. Yes, it's been a shocking start to the season. However, there are some positives that should be noted. - Defensive Record. We've got the second best defensive record in the League having conceded only 9 goals. We've only conceded more than a single goal in 2 League games - and we haven't lost a game by a margin greater than a single goal. - 4 Games Unbeaten. A streak is a streak. Of course we'd all prefer if it was 4 wins, but it shows we have a team that, at the very least, can compete. Changing the manager this evening would be nothing more than disruptive based on the current form. So while I'm not suggesting everything is rosie, there are certainly some things to be hopeful about. We're 2 wins away from the play-off spots. It's important to keep that in mind. The next 6 League games will of course be very revealing. They include home fixtures against Albion Rovers, Annan and Brechin. We MUST win at least two of these. So I'd say 5pm on the 7th December following the Brechin game is the time to review the current situation and ask whether or not more drastic action needs to be taken. It would give us enough time to get someone else in place, in time for the transfer window opening (not that we have any cash to spend). But I'm really hoping all of this will be academic and we'll all be singing Kevin's praises while looking forward to a Merry Christmas!
  4. Football management is such a lottery. While the manager is very very important, their success depends on so many variables it's often hard to predict season-to-season, let alone club-to-club. Now, I've said this before, but our most successful managers of recent times were Brogan, Drinkell and Moore. All of them novices on taking up the position; all of them successful with us; all of them unsuccessful elsewhere. While Stewart and Scott weren't short of experience and success, yet brought neither to our Binos. My instinct (and ignorant mind) tells me we need more experienced footballing minds around the club in order to move forward - while not necessarily requiring an experienced manager.
  5. So here are some stats... It's been over a year since we lost to Annan. Our last six meetings have featured 3 or more goals in each match. You have to go all the way back to September 2013 to find a game in which we haven't scored against them. Finally here's quite a positive article about us from The National yesterday. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/17906255.stirling-albion-39-s-dylan-bikey-seen-cult-hero-amongst-fans/ Mon the Binos!
  6. Points on the board. A clean sheet. The record breaking start-to-the-season losing streak is over... No longer bottom of the table. Well done to the manager and the team! Keep it up! Mon the Binos!
  7. I've taken some time off the forum recently. Some very good and constructive points being raised here. Bravo folks, bravo.
  8. Whatever we think about today's game, let's be absolutely clear... The next four league matches are against teams which make up the five places above us with Albion Rovers. The time for excises has to end across these fixtures. It doesn't sound like a lost cause yet for Kevin. Mon the Binos!
  9. This doesn't sound like the sort of performance after which we call for the manager's head?
  10. We were 1-0 up before losing 2 players and a penalty with what sounds like soft decisions. Trying to pull something positive out of it...
  11. This according to my app. Not at the game.
  12. We must get points on the board today and we must score. Rovers have the worst defence in the league - but they have a team capable of scoring; second only to Cove. It's a winnable game for sure, but the stakes are high and the dangers are there. Our defence needs to be organised and tight. We need the drive, passion and hunger that seemed to be on display in the latter stages last Saturday. It's a new club record if we lose. I'm sure we're all nervous and hopeful in equal measure. Mon the Binos!
  13. Highlights are out... https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=tlvnCB9tPws
  14. I've got plenty to say, but on this occasion I'm going to say the only positive things I can find... The big disclaimer is that I've only managed to the Queen's Park game because I live in Englandshire these days. But anyways... We're creating more shots. Here are the stats from all the league games. On paper at least we appearing to be improving. And the four teams we've played so far, make up the top five . On paper, Albion Rovers have by far the worst defence, but they also have the second best scoring record. We've got a shout right? A good shout.
  15. Perhaps... But it's not too soon to call it a 'must score' game. If we don't score, it'll be 450 minutes in the League without one. The highlights have seemed to show a few more positives since the opening game of the season. Loads of folk, myself included, have talked about the team needing to 'gel'. Let's hope this is the weekend it finally happens.
  16. Smith's Record according to Wikipedia is 33 games - 6 wins, 6 draws and 21 loses - 18.18% win percentage. KR's according to Wiki is 34 games - 11 wins, 9 draws and 14 loses - 32.35% win percentage. I suppose if anyone wants to find a marker, it's the 5th October away to Brechin. By around 4:45pm we'll have played all the teams in the league once and will truly know how terrifying our season could be; or not.
  17. My halcyon days are the Brogan years dovetailing into the Drinkell era. Perhaps it would be better described as the Mark McGeown decade. A solid ten years of excitement and memories I shared alongside my late Grandpa. Maybe the game has changed so much we'll never see a return to these glorious times at Forthbank. I really hope we do. Living in Cheshire these days, I live for the SATV highlights. Seeing the Binos in the flesh is a rarity these days for me; so when I do I want to see the players chasing every ball and trying to carve out a win. It's why I was so gutted at the performance I saw against Queen's Park - there just seemed to be a lack of hunger together with what I perceived as a lack on urgency in the dugout. Mon the Binos! Let's hope this season turns around.
  18. From the SPFL website: THE DRAW FOR THE THIRD ROUND OF THE TUNNOCK'S CARAMEL WAFER CUP WILL BE MADE THIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, AT 12.30PM... It will be broadcast live on the SPFL YouTube Channel, with ties to be played on the weekend of September 7/8.
  19. Great result! Looking forward to the highlights.
  20. Poor guy! I don't care how shit a ref he is, no one deserves that. Who'd be a ref?! Thankless task. Highlights are out. Haven't watch it all yet. The goal is every bit as shocking as I remembered. Galt powers forward from inside their half UNCHALLENGED all the way to our box before slotting it home. Don't think I've ever seen such a goal at Forthbank. The sending off by the book is a sending off. He lunged recklessly and high which could have injured the player and even himself. I don't believe there was any malice in it, just very poor timing. All a bit needless.
  21. Am I the fool? Was he watching the same game as me? I won't harshly criticise players for errors or expect a standard above their level. What I do expect to see at games is movement, organisation and most of all hunger. I saw very little hunger yesterday and this was the most disappointing thing for me. Queen's Park had three clear cut chances which I remember thinking, 'That should have been a goal... Phew!' We didn't have one. This is really worrying.
  22. Kudos for setting up the new Forum! I needed to vent today after today's performance and I was panicked when I found RaveOn had disappeared. I'm glad I found the outlet. 🙂 Mon the Binos!
  23. So first off on a positive note, today was a big day for me as I took my seven year old, eldest son to his first ever football match. Lucky for him he supports Manchester City and we live less than an hour from the Etihad. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! What's going on Binos! I'm sorry ChuckItPhiliben but I will fault the effort. There seemed no sense of urgency or desire today on the pitch. No one was really chasing or looking for the ball. This for me was epitomised when, just by where we were sitting a throw-in for the Binos was taking place, and I shouted 'Who wants it Stirling?' And no-one was really moving or looking for the ball. I heckled, 'No one wants it! Look hungry Stirling!' For me there was far too much punting, volleying and heading the ball about in the air. Maybe I've just forgotten the standard of the Scottish 4th tier, but when we did play the ball on the ground we actually did it well. Very worryingly, the defence looked at sixes and sevens when Queens Park did actually attack. They just had no shape to them. It was more their poor finishing and lack of quality that didn't see us punished further. To be fair, it should have been 4-0 and we'd have nothing to complain about with that scoreline. The goal was just awful on our part. It'll be interesting to see the video of it to just see how poor we were. Did we even had a shot on target or test their keeper even once? I do have to say though that Jordan Lowdon was actually the exception in all of this. He controlled his wing and fired forward some decent crosses. Yes, the referee wasn't great - but the officials didn't cause us to lose today. I personally lost it totally when our Captain dived stupidly into the challenge. Again, I'm sure the video will show whether it was really a red - but it was certainly a yellow and was certainly reckless. Not Captain-like behaviour. Kevin should be coming down on his team like a ton of bricks for this performance - yet he only made a single sub. I hate being a doom merchant and I really want us to turn things around. Maybe the team is just going to take its time to gell. I remember another Kevin's first full season in charge and he took a bit of time to get things sorted. Let's hope that happens here too. Mon the Binos!
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