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  1. okay guys take it on board . but game we should have won.first 25 mins we where excellant danny was /on fire brechin scored first time they where in our box got back in front and to be honest penalty award was a joke triple salco with twist i was expecting ref to book player for diving to point to the spot was unbelievable . and clearly it stayed with the players rest off the game
  2. im not ranting pal . just frustrated that weve havent learned anything from earlier season mistakes . should never have lost that game . subs where a mystery why take two strikers off with pace they had and keep willis on , dom docherty clearly not kevs favourite only reason l i assume for david wilson who was honking should have kept heaver and bikey on and brought duffy on with 25 mins left and hooked willis . brechin had 4 players booked first half bcause they couldnt cope if wed scored with that chance that hit the bar wed have won 4 or 5 nil were well on top . but second half surrendered middle off the park brechin bascially went long ball and time and again we had no defence when pushing forward . so no its not me back slagging everybody right left and center .measured comments and defy anybody there today to disagree with anything ive said . pal i wasnt only one coming out the ground at the end saying manager has to go . we make 3 steps forward then 6 back all the good work off the last 9 games has gone up in smoke
  3. sorry guys . not posting in a rant am calm. but we need to bring this disastrious mangerial appointment to its conclusion . kr needs taking out and hung by the balls from the nearest floodllight pylon a car crash off a performance turned on its head by a dubious penalty . and let it affect us rest off the game . should have been 3-0 up after quarter off a hour let brechin back in the game . and second half no show . compounded by taking off heaver and bikey and keeping wilson and willis on talk about empty sleeves . for me seasons over all about ticking over to aviod bottom place were not going to the play offs with this squad unable to see out games.only turning up in patches in games . today was a chance to kick on and frankly to lose to a side who hadent won in five games and frankly were there for the taking . shows how bad we are . the underlying issues are there . a blind man can see it . better to appoint a manager now . whol get six months to asses where we are , the time for appointing rookie managers is over te penalties to not do anything are to severe to contemplate
  4. chance for us to close the gap on annan to 2 points on sat , elgin will be gutted a 95th goal to draw 2-2 at stenny and with anan gong there on sat and our game with brechin chance to at worst goes 5th seasons starting to brew nicely . shame about the poor start we had or it would have been game on for top spot
  5. morning guys dont know where teeth came from . meant eye . happy guy though . .kev was quite critical about aspects off performance second half . good to see he wants to see standards set . its really good . now . that the brechin match . is no longer a six pointer regards to bottom off the table issue , three points will see us go 12 clear . and didnt think id be saying that 2 months ago . as i said a few wees ago morton was mooros game that saved him went on a great run . kev beats elgin and we havent looked back even defeat at cove was to a debatable late penalty . although we have to be wary our home record against brechin is not great . although we did beat them 6-1 at forthbank . but they also gubbed us 5-1 at home . when ex binos star big chris scored 4 that day brechin though are in a bad spot . that season they went the whole campaign without winning a single game only geting 4 points in the championship seems to have hammered them to not recovering . maybe we could assit them jan . giving them max wright and lewis hawke who to me now are surplus to reqirment . freeing up aplace to bring someone in
  6. im happy to be full on humble pie tonight. didnt think kev could turn things round but happy hes proving me wrong , most positive thing i can say hes tbe first albion manager since allan moore to be in the teeth off a storm . and come out the othder side to start turning results around when results went wrong for mackie he was eaten up and cracked . present manger has shown bottol and steele to keep beieving in his ability and thats refreashing i aso believe its down to the members off the trust whove steered us into calm waters we no longer have charaltans at the club.who are like a basket with two faces for me the clubs in the best position its been in since peter handed the keys over in 2010 . im so pleased to be waxing lyrical its all i ever wanted
  7. as kevin said after beating annan i dont wont to talk about bottom were better than that , and so things are proving im wanting us to beat brechin next week with a view to top 4 not worried about bottom anymore lets not go there .
  8. best thing off all cove getting humped 6-1 at annan paul hartley has a chip on his shoulder size off the bass rock when he was arguing with the linesman threwout our loss at cove screaming for kevin nichol to get sent off bad day all round for the top two . maybe two many points behind now , but at the moment were not far off being the best side in league 2 just now
  9. no pal just revel in the feelgood feeling and let others have thei say suffice im happy 1 loss in 10 , big well done to everybody at the club for steering us threw a dreadful start and restoring pride for everyone at this great club
  10. GET iN THERE josh peters wins the match for stirling with a 93rd min goal so happy for once weve lost twice at ekgin to last min goals happy balls on the other foot for once onwards and upwards made my day
  11. brian cameron rattles the post for elgin have a feeling this is going to be typical off us at borough brigg gettng suckered with late goals for elgin
  12. damn 1=1 bronsky scores with a header from a free kick
  13. more problems for brechin go 2-1 down /against stenny . atvthe moment there sinking faster than the titanic have real issues
  14. cove getting thrashed 4-1 at galabank posters have said get at their defence and they can let in goals
  15. dont know if its a injury or not bikey off banner on elgin seem to be in the accendency second half still 1-0
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