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  1. today sees the most pointless international ever staged at hampden . i hope the fans give it the thumbs down and players run out in a empty stadium im sure the diehards will be there . but day alll wrong timing all wrong and the idiots in their ivory tower will continue to push pens and count paper clips till someone with a modicum off sense and not a freeloader . have lots off them ?.comes along to change things maybe before i kick the bucket . will i see a team that has a bit off pride in the jersey sadily thats lacking
  2. hope we dont qualify by the back door . shambolic from start to finish . we live in the 21st century . but sfa stuck in the 1950s does steve clarke actually have a input on who plays or is the usual suspects off orange order and dodgy handshakes in charge . theirs no point in qualifying for a major tournament to get shown up i didnt watch it last night nor will i again . point is though i have grave doubts about these players we pick .i actually believe being picked foryour country now is a inconveince to these so called higly paid players . there not intrested if they get injured they dont get a penny from the beaks .game on sunday will probably attract the lowest crowd in history id rekon about 6 000 theyl need to fill a awful lot off seats with cardboard cut outs and use sound effects to mask out the apathy . lesser hampden anyone?
  3. a gentleman whol be forever remembered as someone who loved the club . regardless off times fans might have disagreed with him. particulary during our horrible season off 1981 when his brother alex managed us only managing 19 goals in the whole season . but he was there for the club when needed and put in a power off work behind the scences for scottish football to try and make things better for the game in general . hel be missed by family and friends and all the fans off the club thoughts with john and family and alex at this sad time R I P 😔
  4. fodden had a shocker . we played like big time charlies after darren smith scored in 3 mins thought we where on easy street . by the 68th min we where 5-1 down two late goals only papered over the cracks to be honest we could have got it back to 5-5 by the finish but would have been a travisty
  5. one thing to be ;positive . in 2004 in october we where 13 points adrift at the foot off division 2 with 3 points from 11 games . and allan moore facing the chop . and looked no way back given a tuesday night trip to morton at time up a 2-1 win totally unexpected . proppeled us on a 11 game run which saw us pick up 10 win and a draw for 30 points we finished 5th . best result off the run but didnt rub their noses in it as we should have was beating Alloa at the wrek . 4-2 but considering after 52 mins we led 4-0 amid cheers off binos fans singing we want 7 sadily taking our foot off their throats didnt materilise . anyway proof we can turn things around . mind you that team takes some beating . king paddy . stuart devine chris aitken steven bell paul hay paul nugent happy days
  6. hate to post a negative slant on k r post match comments. but really lewis hawke. was the manager watching the same game we where . i get it deserved his start after his decent shift last week against stenny . but yesterday should have been hooked at half time his only contribuation was being a nuisance and there to make up the numbers . for me hes been a awful signing along with max wright its all right to have a big squad but not to be paying to carry passengers or shirt fillers as has been posted . anyway onwards and upwards
  7. intresting point i red this morning . relegation for either off yesterdays teams would be a disaster. as is being shown at berwick rangers . whos fan owned club today are looking to sell the club back into private ownership .as things havent worked out . near the bottom off the lowland league and in dire straits finance wise . stirling are not there yet .and dont anticipate they will but troubling seeing the effect off dropping out off the spfl brings to a club
  8. manager picks the side yes .today its the players missing the chances . and cant say there not creating them .as i said earlier only fault today was hawke who looks a complete haddy apart from last week . manager made the changes last week to change things got a draw . today was picking what was avalible but a bit tied when peters bikey and mackin are not avalible due to injury and whats happened to daniel prodan rogers the invisible man .will we ever see him kick a ball in earnest my biggest question mark .is what has max wright done to deserve a second chance . is kev feeling sorry for him and making him a charity case .not being critical just a observation does anyone agree with this
  9. was lovely to be back on the supporters bus today. among friends and the newer more calm pete . agrees that to bin the manager now would be a mistake i never thought id here myself say that but there you go . i honestly dont believe were far from turning this situation around .thee was nothing in the opening half between the sides . we got off to the worst possible start conceding 90 secs into the second half when mcmanus was given the the freedom off glebe park to head the opener . for 15 mins or so we where a bit punch drunk . and being honest standing where i was kr did look defleted and had the look off someone who suspected his time might be up . as there was little response . but thankfully paul mcleans header which looked to be going over dropping in the far corner threw us a lifeline . and from then till the final whistle should have gone on and won the game . in injury time the keepers produced a miracle to palm a cammy thompson shot which was going in no question on to the crossbar so 90 mins its finished 1-1 . and in truth for majority like last week we where the better team the longer the match went on . its not as if the players are not trying . support for kr from the players is there no question only fault i can find with the side today was the selection off lewis hawke who had a shocker . and contributed next to nothing . case off what looked like old pals act from the manager from their previous time at morton . dominick docherty surely would have been a better option must be thinking just now what have i got to do to get a game . my man off the match today kevin nichol did all that was asked off him and did little wrong . im certainly not comfortable with our current situation but see cause to think were not far from dragging ourself clear off this mire where in just now . il wait till we have a full squad to pick from then if it doesnt get better then that situation might have to be looked at till then im happy to let things continue as they are till their cause not to
  10. i think patience is the key . edinburgh city are the perfect example . they had a awful start when they first came into the league . think it was 11 games before they picked up their win , then they had a good run which saw them finish mid table . i was a nervous bunny for a hour yesterday we didnt play stood off . but when heaver came on we started to assert ourself and probably could and should have nicked it . . brechin will be squeeky bum time can we win the game yes . i honestly think were not a million miles away . there are worse teams in the league probably any from 7. cove are running away with it money and a proven manager edinburgh willprobbly finish 2nd cowdenbeath shock candidates so far given their previous seasons struggle .the rest and i lump us in the mix . average teams capable on a good day off gong on a run pray it starts sat
  11. was a no brainer today cammy thompson showed in the last half hour with young heaver that he should have been on from the start . and i feel were not playing to dylan bikeys best assist give him a free reign to run at defenders and use his pace . im surprised nobody mentioned today at the awful ref and linesman who afforded no protection to dylan he was kicked and knocked about threw out the match. i still feel we have a team who maybe just need one game to click into place and wel give some team a doing maybe sat as good a place as any too start
  12. am in a much better place and determined . not to upset posters buy going on rants .as to today a turgid 90 mins thankfully altered by a inspired idea off putting two attacking wide men on and pushing bikey from inefective midfield to get up the park . i cant fault players for effort . but the dearth off quality is there to see darryl duffy looks lost and no surprise he was hooked . next week is massive for me and major question marks will be there if we fail to win the crazy situation is we have three teams running away and the rest are taking points off each other hence were bottom though only 4 points off a play off place verdict is still open on the manager .would the board have had a call to make had we lost . we dont know . a point has bought him probably a bit off time with three home games to come . but for the majority today was really poor with plenty off effort but little quality and we look a million miles away from promotion candidates
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