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Beautiful Sunday
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St Mirren Colts v The Binos

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16 hours ago, The Gray Man said:

To be fair three out of the last four Stirling ‘managers’ had no management experience. That seems to be on the desirable opposed to the essentials list. Management is skill that is not developed through playing football either.

My concern about Drinkell is that he hasn’t managed at this level for 19 years. The game and training methods have changed significantly over that period of time. More importantly, Drinkell seems to be in the same demographic as the rest of the board members, 60ish and male. My thoughts are that the board needs younger members with fresh ideas and alternative opinions getting brought to the table. This is known as the wisdom of crowds theory, which suggests you are more likely to arrive at the best options if you listen to a diverse group of people (with the exception of Pete and a few others).

Lastly, I know we are discussing semantics here, but a DoF would or should not be in sole charge of selecting a manager. Also, one of the main drivers for developing a position such as a DoF would be to hopefully reduce the number of managers being employed by the club in the first place. 


I used Drinkell as an example, not an ideal. I didn't say the DOF should have sole responsibility for selecting a manager, but for clarity I am suggesting that their experience would be something the board could call on when making a decision over managerial appointments.

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9 hours ago, miketheheadlesschicken said:

The only possible reason for having Drinkell at the club is if we have a puggie that needs propping up.

Think of the positive headlines.

Stirling Albion  volunteer initiative saves former manager from puggie addiction. :classic_rolleyes:

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